Boom Rockets 3D

Author: Rollic Games

1,000,000+ install


Boom Rockets 3D – Glide and Blast like Thunder!

Detailed info

File size: 142M
Update time: August 27, 2021
Current version: 1.2.5
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Rollic Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Tutor Talibsao

Masaya and maganida

Chan Wesley

Good game but lvl 39 is blank I don't know if this is lazy devs or working on lvl 39 or I think this game is abanond so yeah.If your new to this game enjoy what you have! Also I found in 2021 5/2 has this bug

Kairon Zander Enrique Maravilla

? Did

life boys 0 71

So terrible soon as you get to level 38 your game just doesn't like you play do not play I could give half a star I would

Ryzen Jaquilmac

Nice game though


I like the game good concept but once u get to level 39 the game goes blank and you can't play anymore

Steve Silinskas

I guess it only has 38 missions?

Mallorie Henker

Worst game ever I Uninstalled the game and then alaways after Level 39 its just the ocean WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!

Debbie A

J k 1 1 27

Christina Clark

not to bad

Sumita Roy

Vary nice

Mr. Beast

Well. Good game. But I suggested that you need to add more maps and some rockets and also. Make the rockets fast or smth. Just good game. Nice community there!

Troy H

After level 6 it's just repeats and at level 39 it glitches and doesn't let you play and way too many ads

Nathan Jacques Fagan


Ravi Kumar

Add big effective nuclear missiles with big cities with horrible sound

Alan Hamblin

Played OK then glitched gave up trying to get it to work, just about to uninstall don't waste your time on this rubbish

Donna Close

Tyytt;John and I are working on the same for our last two weeks as well as the other one 1⃣ the other one 1⃣ the other one 1⃣

Syed Ali Kazim

A good game. So much fun and thrill. The best part is its smooth control. 🌹

Pranav Raj Sota

I liked the game. But at level 39, all the fun was ruined. I can't play it anymore, it's stuck at a point where only the water is visible and shop.

GivenKurt Alvarez


Violeta MC

Is good game but is im suck in 39 can you fix it

Marvin Carr

I don't like this game because it freezes and I have to go out of the game and reopen it in order to keep playing the game . that sucks 😞

Nicholas Nicosia

its okay

Zach Noah Padilla

Level 39 Didnt Came Up With Restarting But Its Broken. Thats Why the developer Made Bugs And Keep Them.

Pandurang Patil

worst game, only adds


After reaching level 39 it's stuck in same place , so it's sucxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

cris celestial0y06


Niki Rowan

Fun game but the ads get annoying sometimes but still a fun game

Nathan Jon

i like to shoot the rocket its so fun

Brad Nasibal


Chrome Man

It's an alright game. And when WiFi is off its a good game to pass the time. Until level 39, where either you've beaten the game or there aren't any levels past 39.

Norizan Wahab


Cesar Borres

definetly good play this game im not being sarcastic im telling the truth and if you think im lying go to heaven (or hell) if i was ever sarcastic i would die please this game made me cope my depression and axiety 5 out of 5 ngl its very good that one star i put is not 5 it there should be a 10out of 10 option i will rate it one star trust me its amazing its amazing i made me happy for once im definetly not being sarcastic play this very gbad game i mean good please do not please download this..

Orhan Zupcevic

good 😊😊

Charlotte Simmonds

the best game ever

Sangeeta kaiwart

बहुत सुंदर है है ना ही कोई भी स्कूल नहीं जा सकते हैं और उनका में है और है कि बहुत सारे

George Bosworth

good satisfaction

Kumar Kumar


G s

Tooo Many Freaking Adds

Demon Slayer

Got to level 39 won't let me play anymore 2days on this game actually 0 stars

Rob Ahlgrim

Fun game at first, though very repetitive, but level 39 is just blank. No progress beyond that level.

Tatarao Sodabattula


Mg Mg

แต่ว่าเออฉันไม่รู้จะพูดไงแล้วอ่ะคือเกมนี้มันเล่นสนุกมากแถมดูโฆษณาเอาตังค์ 500 บาทได้อีกมันเจ๋งเป้งมากฉันไม่เคยเล่นเกมนี้มาก่อนเลยเกมนี้แหละที่ฉันต้องการเอาเลยฉันจะโหลดมาแล้วเตรียมพร้อมนะตอนนี้ฉันพร้อมที่จะโหลดอะไรฮัลโหลแต่ว่าฉันจะนับ 1-31 2 แล้วก็ 3 OK โหลดได้เลย

Andrea Bianca Gonzales

Ads are endless! You end up hating the game!

Rohaiza Shamsudden

door ROOM you have

Luis Eacobar

It nice but when I reached level 39 it just showed the ocean then I wanted but nothing happened.

staypuftmarshmellowman gaming

Please fix this level 39 is just a sea and the shop this is a great game that just needs a little patching please fix this please

tim irwin

Not put price on the 15000 cash for real word money fix that for a better understanding

FixedTheFox _

Decent game, around level 39 the game glitches tho and I wasn't able to Play, had to re-download, lost all my stuff

Advait Hindustani gamer

i love this game

Danny Howell

WTH is up with mission 39? It's blank no targets at all. Just the ocean.

Ethan Jakob Padrique

This is cool I love this game (love)

Raouf Kyezr Tay


Desmond Gomes

Good game but on level 39 I can't find any targets and I cannot see my my rocket

Ryan Madison

This game is boring. Played 5 minutes and it's not hard at all and is extremely repetitive

Lalthazawnga Hmar

the game is great but im stuck on level 39 its not hard but i cant see the ship and the rocket i donlowd it again but its not working plz fix this

Gangsta Leene

It's gimmicky at Best, could be better in the sense of Animation and Creativity. Fun for a few turns, Art is Cool, Easy to Play, slightly Challenging AD infested.....boooo

Ritesh Tiwari

This game is stuck I can't detect any thing in map and I only see ocean

Megan Sward

i love this game so much

Bhavesh Darji

Mission 37. Problem solution pleace

rakeshraj dongre


Scott and Chase's stuff

At level 39 it won't do acting all it is is a sea

Yoryi Almonte


janet chu

In level 39 it shows the ocean

martino kurniawan

This so fun

Daniel Hyche

Room Bockets D3

scorpion mk

Game is good lvl 39 is weird please Fix it.

Surakh Gurusajjakun

,goods game

Ernest Savcenko

Trash too many bugs and glitches don't play this game is Trash

Ucop Yusoff86

the best

Панас Немирний

Не скачивайте на 39 том уровне она зависает если перезагрузить не чиво не изменитса

Mama and the crazy 8


Jon Ferguson

this game is awesome and lots of fun. sure the ads are a killer but the bonus stuff you get makes it worth the trouble.

Karl Richard Adams

Obviously I'm not alone. Hit level 39, and nothing but empty water. Guess that is as far as the game goes. So no point in keeping it. Uninstalling.

Oly Rombi

Please fix the thing that after a bunch of level the game has a white screen :(

Alice Badu

I Love the game

Sonu Sah

Fully bad GAme not experience well

Mohamed Rafiq


unstopable gaming

Worst game ever don't download

Govind Kumar


Rick washere

Terrible can't get bonuses for watching movies

Lance Henrick Tarrago

The game is nice but some thing happened when I reach mission 39 and I can't play the game If fix I'm make it 5 stars

Nimrod Hurtado


RobloxBacon Gaming

Demoman TF2

Keandrei Dela cruz

The game is nice

Deaven the Robot

The game just kept crashing and lagging and the movement was jerky therefore, I cannot recommend this game.

geraldo rdefretes

best game

Aidil Dasuki


Timothy Rowley

it's fun, game but a lot of ad's..


No way to turn of vibration

Sharky Estess

too many stupid adds

William Tetreault

worth a try good game but could be more realistic but nice game

anthony davis

great game

abimanyu respati

Aku suka boom rocket 3d

Jason Traver

so good. easy controls and simple play for a rounded good time.

Cruz Ramirez

I like it better than I do so that's a good story and it's not the best kid but I just don't like it so yeah

Pakeerathy Pradeep

I like the game but on level 39 it is not working

Random person


Roman Cook

it's a very fun game until you hit level 39 then the game freezes and it does not allow you to play

Hasan Hussain