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Discover the mysteries of the Animal City and use your magical merging power to bring this island back to life!

Once upon a time, there was a peaceful and prosperous city populated with all kinds of delightful animals. The enchanting Animal City flourished for centuries until contamination plunged the city into ruin… Now all beings must work together to heal the land and break the curse. But first of all, one hero must stand out! Come and become the one true hero, save the animal residents from extinction, and rebuild Animal City with the help of fantastic merging power!

• Merge & Upgrade •
-MERGE ANYTHING! Your divine power will upgrade the same items into better and more powerful items so that you can save the city.
-But the merge is not that simple, it is also a bit strategic! Make reasonable use of the merger skills to awaken more residents of Zootown!

• Exploration & Puzzles •
-Water dry land with precious purified water, discover more fantastical creatures, gather them and see what happens!
-With the exploration of new areas and getting to know more interesting roles in the city, what kind of stories do urban residents hide?
-Extra Global Adventure Plots! When you need more resources, go to explore around the Zootastic World, it will contribute to your city construction!

• Construction & Design •
-Expand the population of residents, increase the prosperity of the city, build warm huts for the residents, when they have enough rest will follow your instructions!
-Through your extraordinary ability to MERGE ANYTHING, constantly upgrade to create unique buildings and decorations, more than 11 different regional merge tiles, with near unlimited customizations, and create your own fantasy island~

• Collection & Management •
-A lot of mysterious creatures are waiting to be discovered, collect and sort them, and win fabulous rewards from the master collector!
-Get to know more residents, persuade them to follow you, manage them, and shape a civilized city!
-Collect beautiful decorations and high-tech buildings, build a prosperous metropolis, and make your city flourish~

This is a perfect merge and build casual game! Only you can’t think of it, there is no magical world of merge that it can’t do~
Are you ready to build the home of your dreams? The action to save the animal city is urgent!
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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 2, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: HK GX GAMES
Price: Free
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Customer review

Tracy Sotos

It's a fun game but constantly crashes. It needs some updates and bug fixes.

Joe Walters

I like the game, the appearance and the concept of the game but the energy for the residents needs to be longer. Progress is very slow because three clicks and then they go to rest for 15-19 minutes, not good.

Jennie Songer-Eaton

Too cute!

MizLin Nordahn

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Love this game! Fixed my issue!!! Got it 👍 done!! And YES a 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating!!!

Victoria Gamble

It's very cute so far. I love the characters designs.

Debbie Hastings

This is a very addictive game. Love it

Veronica Flanagan

Enjoyable game 5 star plus

David Farris


Christopher Andon

Awesome game

Laura Warner

Make my phone run very slow and I can't even play it

Viv Ley

Really unhappy with the new update. I can't gather anything and they're permanently resting! Will uninstall if this isn't resolved soon

Carole Schneeberger

My favorite game...period

Nick Fancovic


Kayla Fliehman

Love the game!


Actually a really fun and balanced merge game. Would love to see the AI improved in events (prefer gathering ice balls over useless things) and ability to turn off auto gathering in main area but other than that it's perfect.

Christie Limbaugh


Abby Perrin

was really enjoying the game until yhe latest update and now the game seems to be frozen can't merge move open or claim anything 🤔

Marta Geeslin

Great game very addictive and entertaining!!

Elise Gaudioso

I love the game itself. The only reason why I'm not giving five stars is because the game is glitching constantly plus the new updates aren't loading!

samantha Heta

Like the game but it glitches out every time and I have to log back in. Watching the videos can have your phone logging back in too. I like the game but I can't be bothered waiting waiting waiting ohhh now we're on the move 🤦🏻‍♀️

Shanna Jenkinson

I love it

Kathy Macks

Fun way to relax

Andrea Haugh

I am very surprised by this game in the best way. So many things to do! Rewards are great and it is easy to understand tasks.

Kerriann Cusack

Absolutely love this game. The characters, the graphics are fantastic

Donald Bichovsky

Love this game!!

Leanne Jennings

Love this game

Lee Broska

I'm really loving this game. Great graphics. Lots to do. Heaps of rewards. My only suggestion at this point would be a tap and move option. Keep up the great work

Jaded Gypsy Soul


Leona Kelly

Love this game so much fun

Nix Linney

A really good game, somethings could do with tweaking, but the overall premise is a little different to other games like it, which keeps it interesting



Wendy Wall

Really enjoying the game. Daily tasks are achievable and you can play for ages. Only downside is we can't sell or delete items we don't want. I have a heap of larger chests that I will never open taking up space. Just seen another review where it says to use the shovel in top right hand side of screen. Thank you will be adjusting my rating to 5 stars.

Lianne Jones

It's a fun game. Not much room to keep up with everything you can do.

Rebecca Demars

Cute, fun, and I can't stop playing! All the other games I play are pushed to 5he side since I found this one 😃 I'm excited about this new update- as my only complaint is that similar items aren't dropped near each other like other games. I love that I can get quite a few gems every day! Thank you for a great game!!

debra nelson

Good fun ♡

Pokey Jones

the game keeps locking up and when you watch a video you dont get your gift it also keeps kicking off it seems like a good game once the issue is fixed i could change my rating

Kelly Spenton

Love these games

Joshua Adams

This is a very addicting game I love it

Darlene K

I love this game . There are some cute animals in it. I was thinking " if you could add a Auto gather button in this game , it would help us to keep our land clean ! The animals work on their own and them make our land a mess. So please work on that. Thank you.

Nicole Steele

Really addictive game!

Leslie Wiles

I love the graphics, the tutorial is much easier to deal with and I love that we can choose a name other than our own

Jessyca Mactaggart

Love your game

Leanne Carey

Love it

lisa staggs

Fun quirky cute game.

Elsie Lallamant

Very relaxing an fun to play keep up the excellent work .

PandaMama W

Love the quick merge opportunities but the time limit for adventures is too short

Toffe Lal

Love the game

Robbin Brooks

I hate it its now fun theirs no help no step by step instructions tell you what merge

Christina Lareau

Enchanting game and so much fun to play.

Ginger Nowack

Only downfall, I'd like to be able to switch from my phone to my tabletbut theres no waybto link game to email

Beth W

Love this game! Totally addicted. And developers are always there when you have a problem :)

Cassie Holloway

It takes alot of storage space & starts lagging if I dont clear the cache...(Not to fond of the lack of energy to do the side adventures & the fact you cant control the merging in this area), this game has great potenial & cute graphics. Unfortunately if the lagging continues & it continues to eat up my battery I will have to uninstall 😔

Wei Yan

Have to watch a few time flying video to get one of the item

Louise Holder

Over all a good game

Its a Secret

Poor, constantly glitches. Had to keep repeating play, then on the current task I dropped from 3 days left to 13hrs!! Not impressed

Cheyenne Chadney

This game is a lot of fun. Very well designed in my opinion.

Jennifer Lambright

It's a good game and I love it

Misty Ward

Love the game. Getting things I need is so easy

Crystal Sanchez Miss Mary Jane rose

Love love the game it so fun

Renee Adams

Love it!!!!!

Eli Valentin

Fun merge game. Premium currency comes frequently enough for casual play.

fiona moffitt

I love it's very relaxing game

Sarah Louis

Good game

Donghae 28

Normal merge game nothing special, also need money to advance, nothing is free in the gaming world

Dee Hochmuth

This is a good game really enjoying playing love the characters good job 😊

Conni Averett

Love this game, I have so many objects to collect which makes more interesting.

Carmen Vogel


Trevor Turnbow


Bec Clarke

Excellent love this game

Becky Loucks-Morris

So far so good. I'm really enjoying it. It's really cute and alotta fun.

Sakhalin Finnie

Interesting and comforting

jessica morgan

I really enjoy this game, at first it seems similar to other merging games I've played; but Boom Merge has a very uniqueness about it. I don't ever get board & the twist keeps me coming back for more! Literally I play it more everyday 😁

Debby Anthony

I love this game. The characters are cute. I wasn't sure how to would play when I downloaded it but the tutorial is very helpful. I would recommend this game for fun and relaxation.

Ana Lopes

Love this game !!

Robert Douglas

Wonderful Game

Lex Cobardo

Game is great though it needs polishing and improvements for some of its features. So glad it can be played offline too and is very generous. Looking forward!

Jamee Phillips

Easy to play, good instructions and beautiful graphics. I haven't come across an ad yet and I'm up to level 4. 5 stars

Zedra Dolly Waucaush

This game is well put together and I have not had to spend a dime to continue game play. Highly recommend.

Dena Clason

Love this game, always something to do and when on a fixed income you don't have to spend much to have fun.. Highly recommend/

Thally Graves

Love it

Mark Wright

Not very far in and I already get stuck in a finish guide loop that I can't get out of without restarting app. Otherwise a serviceable game.

Marjo Gobres


Laura K-E

I LOVE this game! Super cute and I really like merging the gachas. I like how there isn't much wait time to build things. But the area gets crowded pretty easily.

Sarah Strover

Super cute!

Hallie King

Almost gave it 1 🌟, but I like the game in general. I won't even watch any videos, EVERY TIME I watch one it jumps to my home page, sometimes the video only runs for 3 seconds. Then you have to reenter the game with all the buy this..... . Now I'm playing the doctor side game. Was doing other stuff, came back to the doctor game and lost a lot of progress. Had 5 whatever you get from finishing up the slots, now it's down to 2,lost all the merges I had made,and the energy off the dead lands.

Kathy Jones

If you could fix the lagging and freezing up. And constantly keeps closing on me. Other than that it's ok plz fix getting ready to uninstall can't even play anymore freezes up and keeps closing down f5239af8d9a3f4e4dd2e109c58adf4 plz help fix my problems.

Cameron Sibbald

I was enjoying this, but everytime I watch an ad to get anything, it takes me back to the same ad screen... Free gifts, those extra merge items... Means I can't complete today's tasks and just wasted my time.

Jennifer Napoleon

Great game

Shamiake Worthington

Love how smooth it runs great new merge

James Hoinkes

Fun and adorable

Beth Vinson

Fun game

candy ang

Very interesting game. Will never get tired of playing it. The animation of the residents are so cute. 😍

Jamie turrell

I install this game and it won't let me


I spend hours playing this game I love 💕 it

Daphne Mitchell

Easy access to the game

dana scates

I really like this game but my one complaint about would be that there is no sell or delete option on the slot machines and treasure chests and I currently have so many of them that I don't have a lot of room to move my building around. I would really like to see a fix for this as almost all merge games have this option. If you fixed this issue I would most definitely give you 5 stars. Thanks

Cassandra Powell

Love the game but it freezes all the time

April Preston

Can't save progress didn't receive rewards it said I should have gotten lags so badly it crashes my phone not enough currency for gatcha system and everything spits out something all the time so it's hard to manage even when characters are sleeping

Renee Kugler


kyaw zin

ok.. do it