Boom Karts – Multiplayer Kart Racing

Author: Fingersoft

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Boom Karts – Multiplayer Kart Racing – Drift, boost, win! Real time online multiplayer kart racing at your fingertips!

Detailed info

File size: 175M
Update time: August 18, 2021
Current version: 1.6.2
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Fingersoft
Price: Free
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Customer review


Please fix these bugs 🙏🏻🙏🏻🥴. When mobile data is on it says to be in online and also to exit the game instead of displaying the box ok try again is diaplaying. Bug bug guyss😑

Pawan Yadav

nice game

Lucid Apex

Nice game

Arnav Lamba

good game ever


Worst if you guys are playing this game please play beach Buggy 😂

Ibrahim Arab

nice game

Maxson Geitera

Great game keep it up.

Eacstasy karma


Ben Sidebotham

This game has really gone down hill. Its very glitchy. It feels that a lot of the races are fixed and it is also full of hackers that use speed hacks that make it impossible to keep up with or even win a race. The developers have really let this game go to the dogs unfortunately.


Top game!


Super racing in my feeling bro super creation bro. It is tamil name : THALA VARA MARI

Hardik Parmar

Every time game not working, Asking schedule maintenance.


Op game 🔥 Add more maps And add relay race mode

Leocadia Fernandes

It's a good game for timepass , nothing much complicated .

Cyrax Ninja 40

Mario Kart I love it

Robert Ramirez

Fun Racing but Glitches like crazy. Why do other Racers seem like they are jumping forward a lot. It looks fake and is becoming annoying...loses the fun in the game.

Biniyam Adamu

it is funnnnn

Divyannsh Grover

Awesome game 👍👍👍👍👍🎉🎉🎉👍🎉🎉opp

Baldev Singh

Tatti game

Taufeequa Khan


Yousef Tbaily

Add more maps and gamemodes

Muhammad Alias

Is this a skateboarding game

Kesava Kesava

Very nice game

MRpro Leader

This game sucks so many bugs Do not download this game

Quincy Shepherd


Suyash Barad

This game is really very nice for both multiplayer and single player

Eran Menashri

this is actually much more fun than I expected:)

Bavu Yadav


Hethesh U

Sorry 💓💓💓💓

Kenneth Paugh

The game is much better now, love it

Rusty Reynolds

awesome game really loving and it's fun to play even for a a older man is 60 years old it's relaxing and it's fun with the kids

Dragoș Cătălin

I'm not changing my rating until you make a some way to report cheaters. I love this game, but I hate it when I see someone with a low level car and huge speed. And also you should add a way to add someone as a friend after the race is finished

Faridun Boymanov

Amazing game to play with friends or on your own

G.pugazh Sparrow

Chest unlocking is very worst.outfits and dress not found in any chest🙄🙄🙄

Shwetank Ajay

only bots no real player, uninstalling?

Arsal Yousef

This game is violence

raj kumar

This game was so epic but there is one problem I I thought that the game was multiplayer my friend send me a request but we can't make a room

John Calvo


Saravanan Srivant


Bharathi llb


Jason Clark

I always see reviews where people complain that the AI Karts keep hitting them with weapons and are too fast, so they constantly finish last. Well, whilst I am sympathetic as it was happening to me as well. I found that if you persevere and stick at it until you get better karts then you will start to win more races. I now have a formula kart, and although I do still have races where I get hit 3 or 4 times in a matter of seconds and end up right at the back, I am winning a lot more.

Jhenel Opena

Pangit iglot haha

Kaliganapathy Kaliganapathy

Please give 100000 subscribers to the channel Mr.sanlok vlogs . I rated 5 stars and I tell to my friends

Jairo Olivera

Can't update


Nice 👍 game

R. Ayush XII B

Rubbish in the name of racing



Brang Sut Tawng Badip


Albert Cooper


Chris Sims

never known a game have maintenance so much

Kasrs Aghaee


Reema Sengar

Very excellent game


Intha waste game na life loo adale

Hager Magdy

I love this game

یحیی بلوچی


Mo As

رائع ❤️

1247 Jeel Chauhan


phillip catron sr.

Nothing i have lags when i connect to server.. but this game always has trouble with internet kicking me off dearing races not leting me open chest.. can you please fix your server so it connects to wifi. i dont have any other apps that has trouble like this i can watch u tube all day with no trouble droping wifi or freezing up only this game does this

Arthnes Oscares

This Game is really fun 😊😊😊

Prabhpreet Bhatia

Fun to play

Kelvin Khoo

More reward

clint cathey

Fun game would highly recommend especially for a game you can play without paying for

Mehdi Soleimani

Very bad. During 2 weeks, why should I update ??

Abhishek Kadam


sivakami .s

Super game fantastic game 👏👏👏

Ricardo Almeida

Great game, but since last update cannot connect to league races. Please fix.

Jimmy Dipietro

Great racing different every time it's a blast

Vinod kumar

Nice game to play .


Too much glitch experience in recent times. I think I have to become developer for this game. Can i apply for it??

Prabha Valavala


Jessie Norman

Nice game

Nathan Leach

Games a fix how can you cross the line visually before someone then it puts them in front of you. And too many cheats customer support one of the worste I have seen of any game


yes it's definitely hot

Mostafa Gomaa


Huzaifa Faisal

This game is like good one problem is the game say that my version is old but my version is new this problem you solve so game is good

Cc C

good. game

Wai Yan

i like

Amanpreet Singh

Nice game but need some more maps and weapons.

Sivanesh Sivanesh


Pranaw Lalitha


Varampetran Raja

Very entertaining and stress relief

Amandeep Singh

Addicted game you will love it.

Salita Ubnare

Such a nice game

Pimp My Business

Fingersoft never disappoints. The game is almost like Mario Kart, and the drift-style gameplay is fun.

Call Me And

Good game but why cheater can playing??? Nick" Mood egypt " for sample cheater player

Frank Bradford

passes time

Hemant Kunwar

Great for fun

Shlok Pawar

amazing game

Jasmin Kheyt

The training si so longgg

Itachi Uchiha

the tutorial is too long

John patrick Bernadas

Daming practice

Wild Son 04

Hello team , first of all I want to say Thanks 1) best game 2) multiplayer with friends also boats for complete Number of player 3) number 1 game But 1 feature we need : screen rotation wheel controler . Please try to give us screen rotation control like asphalt or bb racing games 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Jawahar Collins

The game is good but when we entering a race if we give cancel or if we dint enter the race the cups reduced pls fix this bug



Wesley Ducker

I love it

Akash _7

Excellent game...🤞

Reynald Dulzura


Neil Weldrick



This game is sucks theres a cheater but they dont have reports

Prithvi Abish