Booblyc TD survival – Realm Tower Defense Strategy

Author: Booblyc TD

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Booblyc TD survival – Realm Tower Defense Strategy – Defend the kingdom! Become the legendary empire warrior and castle defender!

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File size: 86M
Update time: April 30, 2021
Current version: 1.0.639
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Booblyc TD
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ashfaq Antu

Nice game

Hellarry Aquino

Please back Cloudsave

vakho gabelia

it is fun game, but the bug that prevents me from saving progress is awful. have to redo everything. It stops savings after you beat Frontier Camp. the only way to save progress is to ignore Frontier Camp.

Kris Gnagey

Lots of fun. Enjoy the references, Avi.

Alexander Neville

The quests has stopped working. So it kind of sucks that I'm not able to do any more quests.

rowie beriña

Good Game Highly Recommended

Monsieur Pouletto

Very good game but no more cloud support :( Would have given 5 stars but I have uninstalled the game and when I comeback there is no more play connect button I lost lots of progressand and had tons of end game cards.

Gene Gowdy

I like the game a lot! The spiders are hard as hex to kill with not much reward for doing so. Hard stage, but challenging. I recommend this game. Edit. Game has stopped. Cant play.

mobile games aura

It's good fun but my main issue is that the game restarts all what I already did like levels gems even flirting ads making me consern on playing the game again and that I have to play the levels again and again and all that for the game to restart again please fix this

sajie adan

New map please

Paulo Ramirez


Legend Xu

very good

Phillip Cerbantez

Amazing game love the characters

Zakary Theriault

Was really enjoying the game until I made a crystal purchase and bought 2 heroes and played for hours only to not only lose all progress, but my crystals I bought along with the heroes. I hadn't even closed the app out.. hours later and reverted back to before I even logged in initially for the day.. awesome.

Vicky Katumber


King Shan

This game is really good all the graphics are everything is perfect


Where is the last upgrade from 23 april, and from 30 april? I downloaded, instaled but nothing new in the game... I downloaded and 30 april update and still nothing new... Where is the new chapter promised? Update 21 Jun 2021: Still nothing new in the game... Update 21.05.2022: Still nothing new... ;( When will be new chapters?

Travis Nunnelly

Good until the update now it's impossible to beat.....

Ashish Kumar


Erwin Najera

I rate 5 stars because its fun and enjoy while you playing it. And you need the mind set how to pass every stage. Higher the level its more difficult and hard. By the way i suggest have a more adds to watch for helping people who cant afford to purchase some stuffs. Please more adds.

Стоил Трайков

Tedious at the begining, but gets more addicting as you go on. Update: At the end it gets boring, when you have beaten all the levels. Also make it so that there are items from every rarity in the shop and you can buy them directly, not like a gamble... Update: since today you cannot even accelerate the progress of card improvement.Not a good sign ...

ElishaMiraJanno Yap

Too complicated to play. Beautiful plots & graphics. But hard to upgrades & different to secure cards/upgrades. TIRED of upgrading.

Abdullah Al-Mamun


Anton Seravkin

Moderate game. Very close to IH theme but ads destroying everything. Controls need updating. Really very difficult to pick and move warriors in a mass battle. Good luck.


It was the first time that I had been in the trouble of seeing the time I had to put on solving a game of towers

Bibek Yogal

Good tower defense game with fun story line and game play

Heather Potter

This game is too hard this is why I'm giving it one star can you please make this game just a bit easier

LetMeGetThose ASAP


Jimberth Mallari

I like the game but limited attempt is boring and the monsters refuse to fight the heroes they keep going

Corey mosley

Really love the game guys. Especially the almost personal character dialogue and the more relaxed nature. And of course gameplay is great as well. Really hope you guys make more games and add more to this one in future updates.

Jacob Goolsby


Frazer Cannadine

This is a great TD game, with loads of options and upgrade paths. Lots of various 'towers' that you can upgrade using cards that you win by playing the game. I finished the game and there is no pay wall. If you login each day and watch a few ads, you can get everything you need to finish the game. I enjoyed it so much that ended up buying some gems as I wanted to give a few £ back to the studio. If you like TD, you cannot go wrong with this title 👍

dragon blaze

Cool game but gets boring quiclky


Either needs too much time or too much money for something that shoves 5 min of ads in your face daily

A Google user

Love it. This and the incursion games are the best.

Head Ogre

Loved the game, and bought stuff and had progressed very very far into the game.... downloaded the newest update and my old game is gone! Wrote to the developer and have not heard back. I spent money, I suggest you do not because you might end up like me.

Prtina Milos


Md Aklakh

Very good game 🎮

Elizabeth Sarpong

This game is a scam, i purchased an item and never received it and they are ignorging all my emails. And you cannot contact support through the game it just tell you that the file is not supported. Im very dissapointed in this app to be honest

Ukkaaha Khan


Niel Gencianeo

Overall just an OK game. It is not fun to get stuck and hit a paywall really early into the game. I think stage 7 is where I got stuck, you need higher level cards for defense and/or 2 heroes to pass this, can't grind from previous levels to atleast upgrade the hero or get more cards to lvl up your cards.

Ramy Benk

Love is .... To give this game 5 stars and share it with freinds (; ✓ Edited: When is the update ? We need an update to this game by adding heroes... levels and Thank you for this game 😊

Fouad Fouad

if you hate ads download hack

Hawk Halo

I 💓 this game 🎮

Myles Scott

This game does take time to progress after a certain point if you don't want to spend money, but it is very possible to progress for free if you keep at. These reviews from people seem terribly lazy, either be patient or pay money it's not that hard. Also to people about the ads that don't work... They do just watch the add then click the >> in the too right hand corner, wait 3 sec and an x will appear to close the ad, again be patient it's not that hard people!


Need more frequent updates

gayathri ravikiran

This just seems a bit downgraded from incursion i think you can do better than this I believe in you and for God's sake why did you ruin Targa and red also pls bring back doomhammer/warhammer

Scott McKeen

Ads ruin this, terrible

Keep Gaming

Alway crash like stupid wast my time

Shyful Islambhuyan

Dottore paediatric Prince

Duc Tai

Problem with ads Most of ads don't have 'x' button to close the ad. after the timer ended, it automately kick player to the app installation page. Very bad playing experience.

eric Mejia

Really good game .. Hope you guys come out with a 2 one .. Same thing..

Pepe Peepee

This game has the worst controls I've seen in my entire life, the entire game is an adfest or a cash grab.

Zhe Vince

good game design but fully pay to win. f2p players cant even win the first few normal stages. uninstalled.

jking soul

Again, your ads have become busted, and now the game is slowly following suit, as it kept where i was last. Please fix the ads so people like me can actually get their rewards, and aren't stuck in an infinite loop of being forced to exit the game and getting nothing.


It's a fantastic game with a great story. Which is a shame because it's fully pay to win. I don't mind watching ads I don't mind paying smaller amounts of money. But pay to win games like this one require you to keep paying stupid exorbitant amounts of money to progress. That isn't what gaming should be about

Michael Hinkle

Fun. Addictive gameplay!

Hussein Alakash

Deserves a 5 star rating except for Upgrading cards takes forever

Gabriel Andriankotoniaina

Nice game, a lot of lag, some level cannot be passed! Improving some cards take days! So unless you have nothing to do you must pay! 😔


Fake game dont download says offline game but if you play the game it requires internet connection.scam game


It saiz thay that you can play this game offline anywhere anytime but, why does it needs internet connection to log in

Dan Smith

The banter between units is pretty great and they cuss which is funny as hell.

john iwuajoku

Why does costaune has to cost so freaking much

Lokman Hakim

Best game and include the new defender for the games

jacob jacob

The game is very good. The only problem is that I got the "panda" card but I can't use it at all in the items section it is not even showing in the items section while it is showing that I got it in the cards section.

alex cat

Gameplay wise is pretty good, like the defense mechanic, but every tower spawning one hero which if they die the tower is useless, ok difficulty but the hero leveling relies on completing levels to advance heroes, which if you can't beat a level you have to farm for a new one, why don't you try KR's hero mechanic where the hero resets every mission but they level up faster, also targeting is extremely off touch when alot of stuff is going on, try the flag for moving tower minions.

Chong Kwee Yan

Interface is not really user friendly for smartphones.. maybe better for tablets

Leo B. Echano Jr.

Great game

adzim noor


Shivam Gupta

Game does not runs past the Loading Screen. It gets stuck on the loading screen.

Matthew Martin

Awesome game. Ad driven but not intrusive.

Balaje Viswanathan

The best TD game I have ever experienced. Excellent development of levels, fantastic environments, great level of expressions from characters and importantly, you can clear all the levels if you are involved. Also, you can pay for having some fun which is truly worth than watching any Hollywood movies. Hats off !! I've cleared all the levels and waiting for more :).

Mastouri Achref

I'm enjoying the game so far I like how ads aren't necessary to finish the game they just make your progress faster (i still watch them though) The story is so good and I like the focus on details (especially the changes in the map throughout the story) I'm rating 4 stars because of 1 problem which happens in the middle of the level the screen freezes for 5 seconds everytime i press on the "next wave" botton (it still freezes even without pressing the botton)i hope that you fix this issue

Travis .Fin

Absolute trash game.

Chase Upchurch

Honestly challenging, not hard lined as a pay2win, enough content to keep you busy for more than a month, its a very solid TD.

Derek H

Can't play offline

Sean Doffe


Eoin Mangan

The 30 day pass autorenews with no means of cancelling the subscription

Herson Buenafe

I rate it 2star, kindly fix bug the app automatically force close

Yohan Ismail

Certainly one of the better tower defense games. You can get all of the heroes if you're patient enough, without spending any money 😁

Jerellian Stormheart

Best TD

Franky Vun

Sometimes cannot watch ads. I want the flirt ads bonus and improvement ads time reduction.

Jose Marty (Narclax)

Waiting for new levels. Hope we get an update soon!

Chan Sandhu

No more levels is end.more levels come 's or not plz tell me.

Link vs Ganon

What is this with games like this? This game barely gives me anything to win and most of the time, I lose! This is obviously just another game on the play store where I gotta pay to play! I barely have any money in life and there's nothing I can do! I can't stand pay to play games! I should be able to enjoy a game for once!


I don't usually rate games this low, unless something is seriously wrong. I'm this case, I'm giving this low rating due to the fact you just can't progress past a certain point without paying for heroes, or other bonuses. So far, no mention of receiving even a second, weaker hero. That might make me update the rating

Customer Care

Very nice and interesting game. Graphics is good and this game is very addictive.

Max C

Really great game. I loved Incursion & this is mostly better 👍 Great fun to play - and all aspects of the game from smooth graphics to levelling up and skills/equipments are well integrated & professional. Few things to fix: - go back to 3 units per tower - more precise points for moving units - more rewards per mission as will take long long time to level up - too many ads & waiting for refresh. Brill game though & I would 5 star if above issues get sorted. Thanks for the good time playing! 😎

Marius Duna

The most unique and advanced tower defence game. My kids love it.

Kasuri Hub

Very nice game app Booblyc TD survival. Good graphics and design.

Expert Hacker

Amazing and superb game 🥰Defend the kingdom! Become the legendary empire warrior and castle defender!


amazing graphics. is there a score board in the game. i really recommend it.

Tech V

One of the best tower defense games I have ever play: magnificent scene, effective sounds, and creative characters. Thanks.

harry Mwatoki

This is a great game, love the creativity put into the different towers & levels. Very good graphics and controls.Loved it

Kavya Dhurv

Amazing game. Very interesting and addictive gameplay. Good user interface and great graphics. I highly recommend it

Larrita Carter


pankti patel

Best tower defense game I ever played. Easy to play but challenging too at same time. I enjoy playing it.

Rahul S

Nice game. Really loved to play this game. Good interface, nice graphics.

Jomary Balberona

The worst thing about this game is the champion upgrade system. They can only upgrade on how many stars you earn per level once. So if you have a new champion and play a game you already defeated, you cannot upgrade the new champion's experience which makes the game hard since you need a decent champion to defeat new levels which you cannot defeat without upgrading your champions

Andrii Malanchuk

Poor customer support. Game requires you watching too many ads in order to be strong. Some small bugs present as well