Bomb Man Legend

Author: Emily Studio Inc

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Bomb Man Legend – Bomber Legend is a very exciting classic strategy game created by Blue Up for you. An innovative development of the classic bomb game, this game promises to bring you a lot of fun and interesting.
Bomb Man Legend Move through the levels and place different bombs to blow up your opponents.
You should collect more gold so you can use it to buy power supplies.
You die when you collide with an enemy or run out of time or when you are near a bomb explosion.
To complete each level, you must strategically place the bomb to kill all the enemies and destroy the obstacles to find the key.
The control method is almost the same as in the classic bomb game.
In other game bombers, the bomb will still explode even if you control the bomb explosion, but you can press it to detonate the bomb before the given time. You will become a superhero, a super bomber as you explore all the levels.
Some enemies have special abilities, they can chase you if you stand near them, especially bosses can release a bomb to destroy you.
Bomber Legend A very exciting strategy game for your smartphone.
• The time of each card is 4 minutes. You have to eliminate all the monsters in the game and find a way out to escape.
• 24 predefined maps and many downloadable maps.
• Challenge yourself with self-designed map and random map
• Beautiful graphics, engaging gameplay, guide the hero through many game levels from easy to hard.
• Various game elements help you progress through the game levels.
• Five levels of monsters with different abilities that prevent you from completing the level.
Have fun with Bomb Man

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File size: 61 MB
Update time: 2022-04-27T04:04:46.000Z
Current version: 0.121
Require Android: 4.4
Developer: Emily Studio Inc
Price: $Free
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