Block’em All

Author: Rollic Games

1,000,000+ install


Block’em All – You shall not pass!

Detailed info

File size: 112M
Update time: September 10, 2021
Current version: 1.66
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Rollic Games
Price: Free
-4 votes

Customer review

CJ Glenn

I love this game

Vianca Garcia

To many ads

Triniece Judge

this is a really good game i found a infinite gem glicth so fix that please

Scott Lansbury

Bbbbhhhfh st fog lights and a few days ago and have a good time to do it pocket the first 6

Tdjt Geese

its lags to much

Kijhreem Elliott


PJ Sideris

it's lagging but it's fun

Ja'Maya Pie

It's a very good game don't get me wrong but it's a little laggy so if you could fix that for me that would be great.

Joseph Citizen


Param Dave

Spider-Man Spider-Man Spider-Man

Marie Imrie

It's poo

Judith Grant

I would recommend this game but it glitches ALOT but other than that this game is awesome

Dream Sports

I love this game there is a lot of ads but I just go on airplane mode

Juan & Martha Zuniga

It ok not that much

Wahida Kouser


Isla Crow

This is an amazing game which I think is really funny and enjoyable. I would rate it five stars if there were not as many ads because there are way too many. Other than that it is really good and I recommend it.

Visious & Midas

This game sucks it won't even let me play it keeps kicking me out.

Camia Walker

Get blocked kid

Kason collins


The i Coaching Network


Miss Mays

I can em all

Ginger Doughten


Bryan Lopes

I like it but adds no

luke lucero

this is a fun game and you can just turn off your wifi for no ads and well im giving this 4 stars because of how hars it is to dunk other that that it is fun

Benjamin Manly EST man in town


Lenin McEachnie

it's so good cuz like it's like really it's like real blocking

Dashielle kyler luna

Cool game

Lora Clark

je yes set fd

Keshun Jones


Tameka Walker

How to block people and how to jump

A Pruymboom

best game ever

random account

The only problem with this game is that it lags way to much if this doesn't fix I'm going to tell all my friends to delete this game all 15 of them 16 including me

Darius Bombay


cam middleton

So fun

Justin Alfaro

It keeps logging me out I do not like it

Shayla Elschner

Not bad but repetitive

Lorenzo Heath

This is a good game except for the ads

green boi

You cam fly way to easy make it harder make a cool down or something I can fly

Tyler Moore

Not a good game glitches all the time and it's just add after add its just a game hat makes you watch adds every 15 seconds

Johnnie Davis

real hard to play

Jaylen Corey

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Andrea Bianca Gonzales

Ads galore! Hard to enjoy the game!

clerenz bayrola



great game so funny

Oscar Oldfield

Nice 6 AMmghggyyyy

Deanthony Dampeer

Every single level there was an ad.It never let me play with an ad. I would give the game a 0 but it won't let and also it keeps on lagging it even didn't let me move I don't like this game

Tetheo Games

Its to easy like it gets repetitive just jump up on the air and you won and the adds are so of brand every two levels ads appear

caroline waithera

I love the blocking but not the game itself


it's super cool and fun I love this!

Keiron Knight

I love it

Jennie Pesce


Kaloyan Valchev

Really want 😕 😫 😩 😪 🤔 😐 😕 😫 and

April Trujillo

Hi I'm Brian

Aiden Lynch


Whitney Hicks


lildrip George

dat games hard 🔥🔥🔥

Joshua Tate

Could be better without ads and lag

J Ayala

its so ridicolous with the ragdool physics:) ...

J. Jones

won't let me download it

Ellijah Hartley


Jaxen Avery

It sucks

Jaxton Jones

The scheme is the light you cannot try it because if you try to block them they just shoot us soon as you get on the ground

lol reaction

Goo lotr reference in the desc

Paul Stafford

Class game and fun to play when bored!!!!

Amaya Johnson

I would have gave this a zero but thats not an option. First there is so much ads. Every time you get to the next level it's always and ad and there off brand ads and most of the ads there are they can't even work.

Josh Beams


Jonathan Pate


Julian Howard

Bro I love this game by heart

Lewis Tuttle

Dude it's SOO LAGGY bro the developer should maybe try to make it so that people can play it. I have played one level and one: it will kick me out or Two: it will just not load Garbage game!! Get a hold of yourself!!!!!

Kristina Pollock

jemma ray pollock jmjm

Jamarcus Davis


Joedangles A


Sumathi Ikshvaku

best game in the eternity

Melissa Kirk


Emmitt Gee

good game

Julio C.

Super enertaning

Malachi Turnage

really nice really relaxing 😎 heading the 🏀

Dennis Brian


Laura Wears



I hate it it doesn't work

irma Tresna

keren banget

Elijah Chester

This game would be so much better if it didn't glitch so much.this game sucks.

Hawa Amadou

This game has alot of bad reviews so I think the person who made it should just read test and add a low graphics button on setting if it's not already done also I haven't played this game yet but to see the best rated is 3 stars doesn't impress me also I watched the ads to see that the game looks very fun but I'm not sure if it's fr or if it don't judge a book by its cover like there's already some small changes that I would like to add bone breaking, scream, and maybe bad words? (My opinions)..


Way to many adds the developer put a ad after every level

Patricia kwarteng

I like this game is so awesome and amazing like I ever Sean

Raquel Benitez

Latest alarms with a smash die pad

Aaron Coleman

I don't like it

Trey Reeder

awesome 👌

Muad Mahmood

I hate the game it is so annoying

CeoOF Oil


Kasandra Range



When you are trying to dunk, you can barely even jump wich makes it almost impossible to beat. After 1 or 2 levels you will get an add and it is so annoying just like let me play the game. All in all, Absolutely TERRIBLE.

Riley O’brien


Naveed Animashaun


Gordon Voge

AMAZING ads though

Jaaziel Palmer

Point garde

A Google user

I was in the game but then a black screen just appeared on my phone and then I had to reset my phone that's why I only gave it a two ⭐

Quenton Barron

Eh laggy but fun

Dat Fishstick

I wear a mask with a smile for hours at a time stare at the ceiling while I hold back what's on my mind👹👹👹I MISS THE RAGE👹👹👹 👹👹👹I MISS THE RAGE👹👹👹 👹👹👹I MISS THE RAGE👹👹👹

David Delgado

It's so lagging it's kicked me out 3 times it didn't let jump because of the lag but it's kinda cool