Block Warriors

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Block Warriors – Merge the identical Block warriors to summon an even stronger warriors!

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Customer review

M Luqman

is this a real time tactics game

Shiela may Hizole

This is good

Aeron Josh Lebrilla

I enjoy it the game is good and playable on my device I always win

Jelish Gurung

This game is very good good please play this game and the other side of the country

Fritz Eunice Mañalac- 4Otiong

Skirt form box JDM LGBT MCC HDTV CSC blank RV magic xlz can cc HDB JCB

saira AbduLLAh

Op epic game

Farhan Ahmed

Very nice game I love this game

John michael Amahan


Yrroh Haell

So good

Dhwanit Hinduja

Wow it's so cool game play


Fun game🦈🐋🦈🐋🦈🐋

Vineeta Verma

I love this game

micale shank

This is like minecraft dungeons good

Pratibha Maurya


Lalit kumar Chauhan

Game op st game on the Pro st game.

Vivaan Indora

Very good game without net it can work easily no la no hang graphics are also too good and I am enjoying this game if U r reading this pls download the game it's very good

Israt Ferdous

op game

Abdul raheem Abdul raheem

please I gift all Characters

Deven Edward

Very good

Aileen Domingo

I win the game

Jamari Richardson

i love it becuse its bed wars but not but its relly fun and wen you wach youtube bed wras its coll

Hadeel Qasim

حلخ ف٨ة٤بغىف٠ى

عبد الرحمن محمد حسن محمد

The animation is cool

Lordmil TV

Cool game is so cool cool this is so cool

Jhansi George


Jawad William

I love this game 😍

Kushal Chattha

It's like minecraft

Sri Divya


Syed Jamali

This game so best

Justin Boroff

It's a grat game

EJ Mae Delos Santos


Hannun Raya

This Game is EZ

Kiehl Andreas

This game is good and i can SPAMMING

pihu happy gamer YouTube channel show

Do not scary games

To you Yoyi


Ethel Paglinawan


giorgi huang


Shalini Mishra

Reallllyy good game i wnjoy it very much i am so happy please makke more game like this

michael ko

I have the game and I started play its really good you can type your friends code and do campaign and Arena and I got a legendary hero its really cool I started playing more often when I got the legendary hero. This also has rankings inside the game I beat brown and silver rank .

Mukhtar Ibrahim

No the Time is Not Good

Sheraz Majdoub

I hate it

Jadhav Jadhav

Worst game ever please gonts play it just a helpless game

Zinnath Bibi

This is best game 👍 please download

Ceasar Touahir

This fought my attention in like 1 sec I'm like speachless

Iman Masihi Nezhad


roman slemani


Pradee Kumar

I like the game very much but it has a problem there is no another way to get diamond,, special chest and diamond . I think you update and gave 2 diamond on win a level thanks


This combination of minecraft and stick wars legacy is epic

Côlōr sans undertale


shodow foxy

i love it

Yashwant Champi

Bug fixed

Dilveen 77


Spaghetti lol

It's really cool and the design is not bad i love this game

Mohamed Mostafa


May Del Rosario

10/10 i like it 😁😁

Fiona Hanrahan

BGPRO1234 partygoers

Alert Dawns #&

Great game the only I want is more memes

Mason Enlow

I dont know how to explan it. Like it has alot of good graphics and stuff like that and if have good hreos u will pass the levels fast.

Renalyn Evallar

pls fix the glitch

Tachou Perne

Super cule

Mohammad Nasir Uddin

So good game you made

Tonie Johnson

This game is amazing you should totally download it cuz you can get awesome characters and you have to fight people and you have to defeat their house before they defeat yours

Joshua Waugh

I really love it

zach gignac


Sebastian Robson

Great game thanks

KB Stck

Nice game

Suraj YouTube channel

Cool game same Minecraft

Jenny Schwartz

God gam 5.1.2 srr

Hadjie Ecabeza



Why is it like Minecraft but it is OP!!!

Kamini Dabee

This is a nice game

Brenda Hilden

Play all the time.

Mark s

There's this glitch that doesn't let you spawn warriors.when i was about to win my warriors died. I was going to put more warriors up to protect my house but I couldn't spawn them! And I lost!

shadow shark

When I first played it was amazing

T Gratitude

I like much

Emmanuel Edwin

REALLY well made the graphics are fine yeah just an all on great game.

Rainbow Master Vidz

I just looooooovvvvvve war

Nicky Lanka

Super duper game I love the fighting minecraft vibe and the upgrades 5 stars

Thad Firemonkey

You can get cool block warriors

Kerk Moreno

It's good

Hellen Mcdonagh

Wow this game is amazing 😍👌😍👌😍👌🙌I hope there's more games like 🤩🤩😍🥰😊

Kuntum Anurag


Skg Skg


Tamuna Sachaneli

Its amazing

recelie dacanay

I like this game thank you so much

XianMark gamechannel

A battle against all so good minecraft games

Deng ying YU

Dis is the best game ever

Gita Pradipkumar


Jonathan Alviter

So good

Hezyl Lucob


Augusto Dalupan

fun to play

Mary Grace Evangelio


Denee Talamantez

It's a fun game addicted and if don't have wifi it will load fast I recommend it

Zane Ochoa

this game is really fun

Samantha Stirrup

This game is one of the best mobile games I've played ever it just hypes me up when i play it thanks so much for creating the game

andrew aaa


William Ressler


Rafi Pudin


neko Sasha

Cool game

Bintang Adhyasta