Block Strike

Author: Rexet Studio

10M+ install


Block Strike is a first-person multiplayer 3D shooter withblocky graphics and fun competitive gameplay.

Play an addictive online first-person shooter action game with friends and other players online! Gather your team with your friends, create clans, and win together in dynamic battles of this PvP shooter – BS.
Buy modern weapons, upgrade them, change the look of your weapon, as well as your character!

🕹️ MODES 🕹️

The game has more than 24 various game modes in this PvP FPS, of which we can highlight:

– Team Deathmatch
– Bomb
– Death Run
– Tower Battle
– Escort
– TNT Run
– Hunger Games
– Zombie Survival (Zombie Escape)
– Bunny Hop (BHop)
– Surf
And please check the new Christmas mode – Prop Hunt Mode (Hide and seek game). Where you need to hide from the hunters, or you can become a hunter and find who is an object imposter.

And the special mode of player 456: Stop and Run game. If you are already tired of being on the top of battlefield scoreboard this amazing squid game mode could be very fun.

⛰ MAPS ⛰

More than 70 different maps with dynamic battles every day!
From small cards for a small group of friends to huge cards on which you have to work hard to win in-game brawl.

Spacial map for the squid game challenge where you need to tum and sop just in time. Keep an eye on the red light – green light. Try to win this war 456 times. Doll Roll is seeking for you – it’s a real Survival Game for only one winner. It’s could look better than Candy Challange.


More than 40 types of guns to your liking. Try them all on the arena in PvP team battles of BS game.


Change the look of your weapon with skins, and don’t forget to stick a sticker.
All this you can get from the cases both for free and for in-game currency, which you can get for the battles fought. Create your own unique weapon skin that even your friends will envy.

Install free and play today fast PvP fight in this one of the best Online action games!
The BS is a mobile game that is in the vein of everyone’s favourite CS with a PvP team battle but with cubes graphics and amazing pixel guns!

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Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 12, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Rexet Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Benedict Allin

Big update i rate 5 star thanks for making this cool game developer. You deserve it.



Yossef Essouaidi

Nice buy gold knife

Im so sad

it will be good

Delta Gaming

For me the only problem is that it keeps kicking me from the game I've tried many different ways but sometimes it keeps happening please fix it so that's why I'm giving it 4 stars instead

Dannielle Wolfe

Good game love every kill u get u get money and xp for cool game 1/10 for me would be 1000000000/10

Shazard_jsj Mohammed

Lmao cool game:))

Maks Super


Yousif Ibrahim

The marketplace is so much high price at old version is cheap prices so rexet studio maket like old version please and downgrade the prices

jonny madelo

I would rather play this game with infinite battery more then having infinite money I've been playing for 2 years and I'm level 89 there's no way I'm gonna change this rating it's the perfect app to be with my life

Angelica Joufinta

I love this game so much I got a free gold from rexet,and there were less hacker bcas there were update.

Editha Sanvictores

Not fun

Ishan Ahlawat

Like cs go

OkLeTroll AndRekt

Hi uhmm im been playing this game for a whole year and i have an issue is that whenever i join block strike it just says "unfortunately block strike has stopped" please fix this, thank you


App is great, the sensitivity bug is fixed, i like it

Eduardo Estrella

I really like this game but can you take out the AFK feature because l don't like it when I'm playing and standing still but I'm still there so please please take this out

Naz Ibbe

Everything is always expensive so it sucks lame game

Soheil Aslami

All was good if your game searching for account so you need to have account and click on your account when the game starts it show a list of your account names this is your problem if you don't know 🙂😉

Nathan James Lachica

Nathan James D.Lachica

8-bit grey fox

Hello rexet studio i so disappointed about this game because it won't let me in pls fix this problem

Mr Secret

This game is great❤️🎊🔥

Tasbiha Fatima

Amazing game but online!♡


Nice game and all but it would be nice if you could reduce the price of the items and more ways In which you can get bs gold thank you.

ultra ziad x gaming XIV

I will rate you five stars but the last update you added the market i was happy but i need a coupon to sell items!? Please remove it fast and i will rate you 5 stars ok

Latrell Williams

Amazing game I love it

Lhiti Tsuhah

yes thanks block strike now my Id is open

Quack TY

Hey question of whether why bug 7.3.0 OPPOF1S with me and the rest 😢

Holoyohou Catherine

Ok nice game and please delete adds because this is the only game i want to play

Shodow Gaming

Fix the not enough money problem on market 😑

Jakob Debbarma

Some one cheated on me when I am in 1 v 1 name - vsn clan

Shweta singh Singh

This game is fantastic but i am not giving it 5 star because sometimes it kicks me off the server anytime,and sometimes it also kicks me off the whole app.And collecting gold's is very slow we need 1year to get 100 bs gold please mak egold abundant and also please add zombie apocalypse mode please

kk Singh

A very good time pass game

Mohammad Almallah

Can you bring back the voice chat. It was a really good thing to the game but can you like make it be on all of the modes, not just murder. That will be great! And I will up my rating. Good game!

Mingming Lovers

i love your game pls update more

Leslie Barretto

Bruh not working again new update

Mateen Qadir

I love it so much and especially for the new update so it's cool and all but the part that's not fun is the leave part once I was doing hot knife it made me leave.

Gio Vano

Gamemya bagus deh Aku ada 15k money

Nardia Bryan

Ok block strike was good game good controls and graphics now because of this update the game is ruined the game keeps crashing in like 0000000.1 seconds and I can't fix it it is really annoying block strike if you see this please fix this. Thank you

A Google user

Everything Is Good except for zombie mode/survival, cuz Zombies are too freaking Fast! please bring back the old zombie survival (make them normal). btw my game always crashing at the start... it keeps crashing, please fix it ASAP.

ramazan ismaili

best game

Sajid Rehman

Theres way too many hackers nowadays.. please try and get rid of them since they ruin the game <3

Mr monkey

Hi rexet can you fix this bug when I have enough gold to buy secret knife , like for example I have 2000 gold and the knife I want to buy is 1200, I click but but it says "error: not enough money to buy" other than that it's a good game so can you please fix?

24 _Gaming

This game is very good game this game my ID is band level is 48 please my ID back 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

koko !

Перестал играть с 2018,но скажу одно Rexet Studio молодцы!После так скажем кризиса не бросили игру а начали её продвигать,это крайне радует,надеюсь вы будете делать игру лучше и лучше! Как олд могу сказать вы лучшие!

Fatema Rahman

Its a great game I like it and also can you guys add a kick feature that would be great


Came back to the game and still the same. Great

NFD Shipping

Fun game a little bit

sebastian serna montoya

You should add a gamepad support

malik malik

Best game

esfera ccc_666

E muito bom mas... Bota granada

Enrina Nachu

Hacker Gammer

Spiritual Energy

The game is great but the weapons are unbalanced. You could just buy an ak-47 and that's all you would need to get the best weapon in the game. All other weapons don't do as much damage or come close. It would also help to add extra health or armor to help you live longer.

Yuan Inigo Gamboa

Hello Rexet Studios. One Thing I Cant Open The Game Can You Fix This Bug?😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 I Really Love This Game Please Fix It Just One Time Please If You Fix It I Will Give Complete 5 Stars! Hope You Fix It Rexet Studios. 1 Star For Now Until You Dont Fix The Bug. 😊Goodluck Devs!💝

All Might

Can't play it keeps kicking me out

Yass Am

Thanks for the updates guys we love you :)

Ivanna Parhomenko

Круто графика кнопки

Pankaj Sharma

Plz make a option to kick players because there are too many toxic players in the game other the game is good

Gemriel Matthew Vera

I ripped

May vix `

Finally you guys brought back the market



Anna Lyshkova

It is very you intrustinng game 🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮 🎮


Best game if this game not pay2win

NeverGame BG

Makes alot of updates like everyday


Is this the update? The game is unplayable it keeps kicking me out of the game it says block strike stopped working please fix i want to play my favorite game please

John Cabs

can you add hide and seek in block strike mode seeker has gun and pistol hider has hand he will hide

-_uLtImaTE_- YT

Good game. Only thing that you can improve on is to nerf the op weapons like the Ak47 and M4a1 while buffing bad weapons. Really enjoy it though!


I would rate it 5 star but I had 2000 gold and something happen so it when back down to zero and didn't get my money from when bought my secret khife

Manjeet Atwal

Op nonsense

Black Cat

I have played this game for 4 years OWO

Aldrose D. Cruz

I can't find the weapons, I'm getting dizzy over this.

Topeher Ceballos

I like this game but bugs let me mad Thats all

Earll Ceballos

I think multi finger doesnt work

ziad sherief

Why decrease recoil the game is better when its harder and require skill. Keep it like cs.go and i will play forever . Bring back gravity map it was amazing. The game has a sweaty community so dont turn it into a 5 year old game i mean my sisters who are 7 years old get destroyed so they start practising. All in all amazing game as it is keep putting maps and modes but dont change the cores please

Jericho Amor


ano karwan


pro saha

The block strike very smart and strong good 👍

Hiii Kkkk

I’ve played this game for 4 years and i use iOS and i want the 7.3.0 update in my iOS because i can’t get the 7.3.0 update in my iOS

Jyoti Vinjuda

The best game in the whole wide world

muhammad ali

Very good game i love block strike one of the best game but i wanna play on pc to please just add the thing where we can play on pc emulator and when i play hot knife the timer gets bugged and then people wont leave its so annoying please fix it

Merryweather Security Consulting

After installing the new update, it crashes when I open it! It doesn't fix it when I reinstall the game. PLEASE FIX IT ASAP

Terminator Destroy

Great game so far only problem is damage bug


Whenever i open the app the game crashes, please fix this problem and i will give it a 5 star

M. Fauzar Al Faraqna 19

Very good game and nice, wait another update?




Las armas son MUUUUUYY caras WTF el creador piensa que voy a juegar este juego toda mi vida para obtener una arma

Luigi Vallo

Totally Good Except im Too Unlucky To Get Katana

A Google user

This Game Is Creative Because It Has Diffrent Game Mods Weapons And Maps And Weapon Skins You Team Up With Players Talk To Freinds/Players. You Change You're Avatar With Silver/Gold. Good Creative Game Rex!

Freidrich Jordan Arrienda

I hope there will be new guns on next update

Allan Anore

Neat game Also this game is awesome there are so much unique skins and stickers the animations on the guns knife's secret knife's are awesome i recommend people play this game its fun and entertaining sometimes now bye! I will never make fun in beta testing....

sumuri hirutaka

i really love the game but the afk punnishment in deathrun is so awful so please remove it cause the time is all about to blue teams health and can you please bring back the battle force old map cause in that map AA-12 gun is useful

Uzumaki Naruto

Good game but i want to you to take back old maps that in zombie and more i want them back because thats where i get more fun and its really good than i thought i hope you get famous rexet ill rate 5 star if you take back old maps:)

roy realino

nice update

Sebastian Mikhael

Good 5/10

Elma De Peralta

A very good game

Light L65

Hey rexet yes you brought back the market place and three new amazing maps but there is so many bugs my friend was on blue team but he was red it's confusing when playing tdm random gun ect, but also you removed the wear so thanks but I'm giving this a 3 star could've been better

Pedro Arellano

The new game mode is awesome which is amazing Pls dont nerf the ladder on the new game mode pls

Elsie B



Best Game

youngin generation

I love your game its one of the best i play it always

Vector Ureña

I CAME BACK AFTER YEARS AND ITS SOOO MUCH BETTER. But i actually miss the old days. So many players, good maps with hiding spots for zombie mode, that one secret shop with karambits with the guy from the TV, and lastly, the funny things/moments you would see.