Block Scout – Stack and Relax

Author: Cutloop Studios

50,000+ install


Block Scout – Stack and Relax – Relax, stack some blocks in the wild, challenge gravity and reach new heights!

Detailed info

File size: 68M
Update time: April 12, 2021
Current version: 0.80
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Cutloop Studios
Price: Free
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Customer review

Sonic Gaming

Hi, great game this game is awesome and graphics,sound,interface and so on every thing is perfect. The game is superb. ;) :D

Tammy Herra

Love this!

Universe S

Pahle wala hi thik tha ek side wala

James Craig


Trevor Anderson

Love the game the colors graphics its nice relaxing anti stress and the sound of nature is great.. but only if it had a couple scenery to choose from but great game

Rosita Arshad


Charles Peck

Very enjoyable. I love how easy and relaxing this game is. The peaceful background music is a nice touch.


Uninstalling. The game needs more of a community aspect to it. The angle change is plain annoying.

GD Cinematics

Hi dad My games in a row of my favorite things is "Block Scout"!!!

- frank42

61 block 67 meters without power-ups AKA cheats

Joshua Chaulk

Fantastic Game. Terrible bugs

jose barrios


Jc Clayton

Pretty fun!

Bilal Qureshi

Great game, I found a bug with the challenges where your cash can go into negative if you double challenge with your friends. But then you have pay the negative and only then add more coins. So it sort of works. Great game would love to see more challenges and power ups

Boston Bosch

5 stars if the angle can be changed to a front perspective.

juniarti tan


Kevin Garza

I really enjoyed the game but lately I'm unable to play, game freezes on initial screen and closes. I'm on a OnePlus 7T.

Andrius Kazlauskas

start open and keeps crashing. game 5 start only issue i have when i start open game

Sean Sweeney

Very intelligent

Clive Sewell

Love it. So simple, but has real "just one more game..." appeal. Reasonable cost to remove ads, this is how mobile gaming should be.

Hemant Reddy M

Loved the game! .. Just one thing I've noticed .. While exiting the game there is is no confirmation dialog and I will need to force close .. Also, there is no menu section .. But a good game overall!!

dewayne merkel

Nice game. Recommendations: Maybe let the scout & blocks interact. (Example: scout climbs blocks. Don't drop blocks on scout.) Sound effects could use a boost. I play on 2 different phones. (Lg & Samsung). I have to turn the volume up almost all the way, on both phones, to hear the game. The devs of this game rock. They interact & appreciate our concerns. Thumbs up!

mark doucette

What give more if I was able to play the game but It just crashes

Sima Chaudhary

Nice game

DonnaJean Heim-McWhite


Mario Chimchim

Great graphics, great concept, I loved it, but i faced an issue, there was a challenge where i had to reach a certain number of blocks, and get coins, yet when I did reach that number, I did not get the coins ;-;


The game is great but I reached the number of blocks asked to complete the challenge but I didn't receive any prize/coins

Elijah Garcia

This game is the best game ever! It's so relaxing

Jubin Raj

I really enjoyed playing this game, awesome graphics and addictive game.

Dennis Azcarraga

Nice graphics and features i love this game smooth playing no crash at all

Diana Lili Meszaros

Development team responded to my improvement request! That's really cool, thanks. 5 stars.

Surya Narayan

Nice game


good but ye

A Google user

Best block the latest apps

A Google user

Awesome stack the blocks game. Peaceful graphics. I love it.

A Google user

Very nice game and addictive and good graphics

A Google user

Great game well designed love it

A Google user

Fantastic app. Share our masterpieces. I really enjoy playing this game.

A Google user

Fantastic game! Very well designed. Building a tower made of unstable blocks is a lot of fun and very challenging! The sky is the limit!

A Google user

Kewl might reccomend to friends l8r

A Google user

Is a pretty really relaxing game and it olso has good game play

A Google user

I'm loving it <3 Minimalist but addictive game and for once it's doesn't rhymes with ugly graphics. It's a pleasure to watch and play.