Block Breaker Miner

Author: Rollic Games

1,000,000+ install


Block Breaker Miner – Megacities are made out of small blocks!

Detailed info

File size: 133M
Update time: August 27, 2021
Current version: 2.2.1
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Rollic Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Faye Yearick

I tried to delete it and redownload it a few times and it won't let you start all the way over which makes me bored already. If I could just reset it whenever I'm in the mood then it would be more fun if I could return everything back to the beginning and try to build everything back up again. I still keep deleting and downloading it hoping it'll reset so that I can literally start over. I love playing with the Wi-Fi turned off it avoids commercials. But want to reset it at will.

Filipole Se nah

Hopefully It's Offline

Andrea Bianca Gonzales

After watching forcefully watching ads to go through, I forgot that I should be playing the game.

Manish Kumar

Not Bad Game

Ko Htet


Awiskar Kadariya

This is so boring don't play this game Fu*k!

M Saim Shahid

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Manuel Seber

You guys have the best game and make make a new order is called but when you're gone a big heroinium from Black panther Please make it

Sophie Abboud

It's so good and I'm glad that you installed the game

Suhan Shrestha

The bestttttt

Yardley Mechail

1000 stars

Kenneth R Kirkpatrick

It keeps shutting down when I am playing

Rawirl Holmes

It spams you with notifications irritating focusing people doing work,.JUST SEND IT ONCE

Yehia hassanin

It is not fun and in always get a notification every 20 seconds


Just don't install it and don't ask me why, such a waste of time

James Hill



Stupidity at it's best

Maila Muhamad


Francisco Diaz

Add ridden game just do the same thing over and over; it gets boring really fast.

panda girl

It wont let me play

Shotgun NinjaDF

Constant notifications more often than the ads while playing the game

Lizeth Aragón

So dispeakable and hateful


Jerel morton

try hard clan


Arshdeep Kaur

Op game

Rob Woollard

App keeps stopping for no reason. No stars and VERY disappointed :(

Nita Boyer

It keep kicking me off it is so stressful people who are reading this I WOULD NOT RECCOMEND I don't like it

Georgia Morrissiey

I love this Block Breaker Miner

Jessica Cave

Kept crashing bad game to

Jae Jae

i cant even play it like come on whats the point to make a game you cant play

Jackson Reyes

Noob game

Gurnoor sangha

This game is very worst game like bro I was just watching yt and in under 30 min 8 messages came from this game I have deleted also and I go to and bro our school dispersal come after 7 hours and then I come home and watch yt and again messages.......... bro don't play this game please I tell u ok

Jay Den

I remember this game I deleted it because of stupid notifications when I don't play it and there loud. Number two clothing like the skin we have I don't like it. Number 3 ads in the my mining ads come up one in my mining 1 when I finished a level who hads these force ads no one likes them and text or die is also a very bad game. Last one rollic games why don't you LIKE AUSTRALIA THAT game should be for the whole world and you don't allow Australian words and I think that you have the worst ads

Kabya Bharati


18 4D Rijit Ghosh

Very very very very very good 👍👍👍👍

Say Amoranto

I play the lot of games please can you make your next game please don't make it download automatically thanks cuz i'm poor and i don't have that internet just one only be the last game that all download

Brandon Ott

This game was fun.. WAS. For about 2 days. Then came all the forced ads and the ungodly amount of notifications. Seriously, the same notification every 60 seconds. Do not recommend this game to anyone and have since deleted it.

Brylin Way

Really good game I don't get ads or anything like that it get a 5 star rate.

Shelby West

Would even pay to get rid of these ads but the button doesn't work. Really pushy notifications too

Mazie Garcia


Tahira Munir

Very good 4 stars because it has to many adds

Quinton Miller

I actually had fun with this game to a point. I could look past the fact that it was ugly or gave me Android 2.0 message boxes when playing in airplane mode. But today while trying to watch videos, the game sent me 3 unwarnted notifications in under 30 minutes. Why is the game so pushy? I don't play that. Uninstalled. Thanks for the fun, but you messed up yet again, Rollic

Arun Kumar Arunkumar


Nate Compton


anuradha rai

Best for aver

Richard Price

Too many adds and not enough variety.

Chhoti Meena

Rich Miner Houses

Sharukh Khan


Md Azaj

Janu kae halh

Starrie Eyed

I just wanted to make it 19 stars it was 9

jordan bennett

To many ads horrible unplayable

Anthony Brady

It's stupid

Bobby Kruse

Kept me up all night with the same notification no matter what I did. I hope the people that made this trash realize the suck and need to stop for the good of the worthless human race that we are part of.


The game is lagging . The stops when playing . Fix's the game . And get rid of the ads .


Honestly wish there were more levels to the tool and storage overall a ok game just needs more

ultimate gaming girl

Everything u do just get a ad, horrible gameplay, So MANY notifications this is a ad trap F...k this game , owner go buy a life

Kyle Byron

Disgusting do not download, had over 10 notifications in 5 minutes unbelieveable do not download

Dexleo Jelcy Jislie

This is so terrible games I ever seen

fixglitch gamer

U have tunes of adds and u get tunes of notifications literally 5 minutes after u exit the game

Mark Severin

Keeps kicking me out


stupid af u should watch all ads for everything

Gavin Miller

To many ads like other games

Dave White


Tom Brown

It's good except there's a notification every 2 seconds

Lady Knuckles

Uninstalled. Can't attack enemy village.


10 notifications back to back! Haven't even opened the app today. Uninstalled after that.

Bear Huerta

Is a good game Im installing its cool nice and Happy 😁

MD Sajidul Islam



I played the game a few times within 2 weeks of installing. It has been more than a month and haven't been able to access it as it keeps crashing. It has updated a few times since installing and I can't access it. I like the game and would like to play it more. I will give a better review when this issue is resolved

mikey girard

The amount of notifications that get pushed when you aren't playing is ridiculous!! I got 4 in the time it took me to type this....

Alexander miller

It's was a decent game till it decided to do notifications ever 30 seconds while not playing the game...Uninstalled

Rickelle Goss

Was fun until i decided to leave the app and got notifications every min or so...

الحسن علاء

Keep pushing stupid notifications

Alex James

Not a very fun or good app to begin with, has all the usual ads between levels that you'd expect from a mobile game. However, I'm uninstalling right now because of the insane amount of notifications the app gives me, all of which are the exact same.

Jean Perry

Way too many notifications for such a small game it was beyond annoying to the point that i uninstalled the game the game was ok to good and has potential but way over ridiculous with the notifications yes u could turn off but that defeats the point

Walid Mheich

Very bad and not workimg good on my phone need a very good phone and not very game

drew G

Storage? Weapon level? What's the point of playing if there's level limits for upgrades

Kushagra Mittal

Bro i got stuck on that 3keys area and now i cannot come out this is total trash 🤬🤬


The games fun but it gets boring after doing the same thing over and over, the only change is the amount of money you get.

Selphaena L.

Was fun at first. Now it sends me a notification literally every 5 mins or more. They pop up over other games & can mess you up. This game made it through the beginning of cleaning games off my phone. After the notifications so often lately, im uninstalling.

Isaac Caver

Ads that don't work then more ads


Honestly kinda surprised how wrong I was about this on first glance. The ads aren't egregiously shoved down your throat, and it feels like there was some genuine effort put into this. Nice.

Sitinorrasidah 67

babi betul

Victor galleros


Dasha Kireyev

Fun game for passing the time, but you're supposed to get keys by hitting houses in the enemy village, but u can't attack.. so I don't get it..

marcus kluesner

When I try to attack the enemy village it doesn't show u how to attack the enemy village.

Nicole Clement

When you go to enemy villages you can no longer destroy any buildings.

John Smithe

I don't know what to do at the enemy village

apollo 69 yt

I only have one question how to attack the village and get keys?

Kyle Skurka

So many pop notifications

Danny Richards

5 stars. Make more and more plz. Alot new upgrades and endless mode plz. Thx. Etc.

Justin Shaw

For some reason it's not letting me attack houses.. not sure why. Anyone can help plx?

Bobby Biggs

Literally every 45 seconds is a notification begging you to play. That's no exaggeration. I timed it.

Hazrat Owesh Khan

Its just the same thing evertime there is no new task just the same task after every update

IoEvee Etzler

Good Concept, Horrible Execution. Sends you notifications every minute. I'm not joking. Even while playing the game. There is no tutorial whatsoever and you can't do anything when you try to attack an enemy village, therefore you cannot get keys and cannot unlock the gate that you need three keys for. I like the concept, but I only installed it when I saw an add for it that made it look like you could reach a point where you could automate the stone mining function. That is not possible at all.

A.i. Da Producer

Nothing makes sense, how do you attack the village and then what do you do when you go to the other village. I'm confuse. Don't download

Mariah Davison

Love this game but with the newest update I can't attack enemy villages.

Clare Fordham


Daniel Peace

The houses in the enemy town won't let me break them just walk around til I get caught or leave, ads are too much for what you get off them.

Naval baria

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