Blob Merge 3D

Author: VOODOO

1,000,000+ install


Blob Merge 3D – Merge blobs to get highest possible score!

Detailed info

File size: 101M
Update time: August 16, 2021
Current version: 1.7
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: VOODOO
Price: Free
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Customer review

Robert Smith

Good little game, made unplayable by ads. Don't bother

Ninik Herlina

I love the game

Afsha Naz

So many ads... not allowing to play even once...

tripti bajaj

Not a gaming app but just an ad app.. Earlier ads used to occur every 1-2 min for almost 5-10 secs but now, every blob that u drop wud land into an advertisement. So pissed off with this game now. Don't ever start playing it. I hv never felt so disappointed with any app ever. Disclaimer says:it contains ads. But it shud b: ads also contain some game

Cris A

Ads, ads and more ads. Every launch equals an ad. It wasn't always this often.

Cheryl Adams

Love the game HATE ALL THE ADS! Have to watch an ad for just about every drop. Get a grip people! There is no reason for this. For merges sure, but every drop? I'd give 5 stars for play and 0 stars for all the ads


I wish I could give negative stars. There are way more ads in this game than I've seen in any other game. I couldn't even make 1 move without an ad popping up. Terrible.


Nothing like the ad, just a pointless game made in 5 minutes in order to push ads, barely playable


It god

David Jose

The reason why I hate this is it plays so much ads.

Stranger Things

Cant play too way many ads for an example I played the game today and right after I started to play there was an add and then after a second another add and another add it could be fun

Samantha Brittain

I cant play it I can only download it on other devices can you pls fix it

Karina Armstrong

Game is fun but the ads have gotten out of control. A 30 second video plays at every blob and you can't skip them. Annoying!

Shyne Hill

Played for 6 seconds and got an ad, after the ad I play for maybe another 15 seconds and got another one, only install this game if you really like ads

K Coker

Fun idea, but ads every 7 seconds

Clare Gallagher

Great in beginning. However, an ad comes up everytime I drop a blob. So am spending more time watching ads which dont always load, then playing game. Do I need to reinstall and start over? I wish it wasn't doing this.

Beverly Snyder

I love the game,but every time I drop a blob it goes to an ad. You can not enjoy the game because you can not make a move without the ads

Tamara Reel

Not at all like what is advertised in the ads.


Love the simplicity. Fun to just go nuts and spam fire blobs. But hey, do I win the game when the blobs have no numbers any more?

Brenda Boychuck

I do enjoy the game very much but as I got up in the higher levels there is now an ad every two seconds like actually every single time I shoot the ball its ridiculous I really should give less stars but I care enough to write a review so I figured I'd give them the credit for that.

Ur Cute

Ok game just way too many ads had to Uninstaller, takes the fun away

Jenn Priestley

Game seemed like fun but with ads popping about every 90 seconds it was hard to enjoy

Carter Nelson

Poor controls

Puffy Oreo

Doesn't show the fuzzy blobs in the game like the ad.

Claire Karaban

Started off well, didn't mind the odd advert but after a couple of months there an advert after almost every drop

cameron ball

I thought this was a game, not a commercial with minor play interruptions. Seriously.. way too many ads!

Rosie Oneill

Would be entertaining if there wasn't an ad popping up as soon as I've closed the last one

Jack Gilbert

To many ads

Aysha Ivana Almahyra

I like it

Zair Current

If you love wall to wall ads with only the occasional few seconds of game play have i got good news for you...

Peyton Stowers



Way too much ads, irritating

Spencer Dickson

This would be a fun game but ever move or 2 there's an ad. I get ads but you can't play the game at all. I literally make one or 2 moves and boom another ad

Katrina Walton

Horrible. You make one move and a ad pops up. Ok finish that ad then make another move. Yep another ad. How the heck are you supposed to play with so many dang ads.

Renay stines

Can barely make more than 2 moves without an ad reduce to a an ad per level maybe.

Jason Sweeney

Might be a fun game if it didn't force ads on you ever 12 seconds.

Sandra Griffin

Get rid of ads

Isabelle Lo

way too many ads and they pop up like every 2 moves app keeps kicking me out and resetting my score very annoying


(((((Blob. Merge Eraly. 3D)))))) ((((Access))))))

Cara Singer

This game had the two things I hate... games that look/ play nothing like the preview and ads in the middle of play. Deleted almost immediately.

Adrietha De Pinel

The blob are amazing 🤩

Thomas Frisch

Too many ads

pauline powell

Very slow hame lots of ads

Shane Ne你想让他压坏.ujhjhggh


Debbie Potter

Love the game but too many ads..wish you could pay to get rid of them.

Oryan Sigman

With an ad every 5 seconds, this game is unplayable. If you made it so an ad popped everytime you went to a new "level" that would be more tolerable. Uninstalling.

Rosalina Casilihan

✓100✓ %love it so relaxing game

Brandon Miller

Ads every 5 seconds...

Steven Gravelle

The game is a lot of fun. Though the ads kills the game. Ads randomly Pop up and shows a video. I don't even see a place where I can buy the game on the latest version. And, it says I have the top score in the world but I haven't played in months and still on top. Absolutely no way.

Bobbi P

One of the most fun, if you can play. The ads are abysmal. Never had a game with forced ads every 60 seconds. Between those and boost ads you're watching an ad every 10-30 seconds. Many ads are longer than the gameplay. Uninstalling on day one.

Samantha Nobles

Too many ads

Rhaben Rabaria

10/10 this game is so good beyblade is so long never play this is so long and because i don't know i can download this game

Thong Thong

is bad

Ahsayuni Ccb

You can't even play anything. SO MANY ADDS! you get an add after playing 5 blobs. It's extremely frustrating and not enjoyable. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS GAME.

Ryan Conley

Good game concept, but ads every few seconds make it not worth downloading. Find something else to play.



Backwoods Baby

This is a HORRIBLE game!!! First the blobs were not the cute fuzzy things in the ad I saw. Second and most importantly.... I couldn't play the game for the ads generated in the game! I've never seen so many ads! I would have 2 or 3 blobs to aim before it sent an ad! And it would send an ad in the middle of aiming! It's like it was on a timer.

Peter Pencak

Wow this is a great game

Najla Alqahtani


Moses Dragon

Wow www www www www www www WWE

Autumn Jones

Very simple and fun

Shure Westone

I paid for removing annoying adv. But I still got popup adv while playing. This is cheating people to pay. The Developer should refund!!!

Nick Cruz



Its okay

Nisha Nisha


Family Fun Adventures

I actually love the game however the excessive ads are just too much! You get an add every couple moves!

Lee Diogeneia

I hadn't even played 15 seconds into my very first round and the round was interupted by an ad! Are you kidding me? Can't even let a player get through a round before jamming an ad up their nose? INSTANT FAIL. UNINSTALL.


Nice 👌

Jawad Soukarieh

Nice game👍👍👍

Maryann Ballener

The Blobs Are Very Sticky And 3d It Merges The Number Into The Biggest Number Ever Seen.

Kim Gill

Love the game, hate the ads. I watch more ads then playing the game. There isn't any goals, so I like it. Its just relaxing, but there are so many ads, it gets on my nerves. Some are so loud, I have ti turn down the volume by at least 5. Frustrating! I keep thinking about Uninstalling it cuz of the ads.

Keely Hunter

Nothing but ads every 5 blogs you throw, and it's not the fluffy balls advertised. Uninstalling

Nahla Bee 7

i love this game so much

Dj NoneYa

So many ads it's unplayable


A simpleton's game. No skill involved at all. Would be a semi-amusing experience if it weren't for the excessive pop-ups and when I say excessive I mean it. About 8 every minute during play. Also, the only way to end the game is clear the app. Lame

Sandra Caito

Keeps freezing up. Very fustrating. Could be fun if it ran properly. Adds every 2 or 3 balls. I'm about to uninstall it!!

Laxmipriya Sahoo

The whasssssssssed game in the world Ff visceralhatredandrestartsrestartsandIrestartsIyourestartsrestartsrestartsIrestartsIrestartsandrestartsrestartsrestartsrestartsandrestartsrestartsrestartsrestartsrestartsrestartsrestartsrestartsrestartsrestartsrestartsrestartsrestartsrestartsandIIrestartstoyouisisyouisisyouisisyouushgdudugeygurugcIddgsceeiwrdefeatistveryisisyou

Rahila Shah

Fun game ads just merge the numbers and is nothing about it always I didn't even lose when am 5 now am 6 and I nearly reach 1 Million blob but I delete it if I can reach easier

Mom Dickerson

If you just love watching ads then this is the game for you because you definitely watch more ads than play the game

Kiara Bauer

Ads every 15-20 blobs thrown, right in the middle of the level, with no rewards for watching? No thanks! It's unique and fun, would be great if it didn't ruin that with too many ad breaks.

Jasmine Hussain

The best ever,

Pinky Arora


Chad Riche

Uninstalled. During the middle of gameplay, it cuts to an add. Why not make it wait until the round is finished? Kept messing up because when i saw a good spot to drop, it cut to an add then came back and i missed what I was aiming for.

Cruz Meza

Terrible game with the constant ads

Tim Dial

Great fun and addictive during the brief, very short windows you get to play the game in between all the ads. This is just ads with a quick flashes of game play sprinkled here and there. So clogged with ads, it's not worth installing.

Adrian B

Ads every few seconds. Every 2 or 3 balls you fire triggers a 30 second ad making the game totally unplayable. Avoid!!!

Devon Harpp

I really enjoy the game, but I hate that you can no longer slide the blob across the top before you drop it. It's now click and shoot and that drives me crazy. And having to play without a connection to avoid the ads is annoying as well. I probably wouls have bought ad free if they didn't change to a click and shoot.

Marwa Mohy


Bobbi Donald

It's ok,bit I wouldn't add the fact that the balls stick to the walls of the box.

Jessica M

Too many ads.... I literally played the game for less than 5 minutes and was forced to watch at least as many ads... fastest I've ever uninstalled any game.

Missy Jarvis

Just downloaded this game, couldn't get through the first round without ad breaks. I'm out.

HadleynCole Paquette

Love it but the ads are inappropriate for kids and I'm a kid so I'm gonna have to Uninstall

Karen Weaver many add's can't even play the game...what little I did get to play it was fun...but not worth it because way way to many stupid add's!!!!

Clara Loney

I love this game but the ads are always annoying. But I am awesome at playing the game!

Mary Shamp

Too many ads

Brenda Kirksey

This is a fun game but the ads that interrupt game play is so annoying I'm uninstalling it. Too bad.

Kylie Wiggins

This is fake

George Calloni

If I could give it a zero I would. 2 ads in the first minute of play. Really guys? I understand that you want to make money but you don't do it like this. Ads don't really bother me but when I get a total of 6 ads in 5 minutes that's too much. This game could have been great but it's all about money. Shame. Uninstalling.

Alani B

right in the middle of a shot, an ad pops up!!! I get it that ads are a necessary evil, the middle of a shot????? Ad ends and shot goes to where it was not supposed to.....fix this... Oh and make the game ad match the game. Game ad shows fuzzy blobs when actual game does not. Tired of fake ads. Will be uninstalling.

Christine Smith

Would be a fun game if ads didn't interrupt play. Sad but will download because of it. Put ads between levels not right after you send a blob.