Blast Fever – Tap to Crush & Blast Cubes

Author: Xinyue games

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The Ultimate Relaxing Tapping & Matching Game!
Welcome to BLAST FEVER — brand new toys-themed cartoon blast adventure and journey of fever!
It’s easy to play and you will get addicted to endless fun!

Game Features
·Tap to make a toy blast and clear all the cubes.
·Unlock multiple special boosters converted from different cube crush.
·Clever uses of boosters will help you pass levels faster.
·Challenge thousands of matching puzzle games and unlock mysterious episodes.
·Log in every day to claim daily prizes.
·Collect star-coins by completing levels to win surprising rewards!
·Play with friends and have multiple fun.
·Both online and offline modes so you can play anywhere and anytime.

Now start to play with millions of players. Begin to solve matching puzzles & unlock surprising episodes in the super fun carnival!

– Tap more than 2 of the same cubes to blast them!
– Tap more than 5 of the same cubes to generate special boosters!
– Tap linked power-ups to cast strong magic!
– Your moves are limited, so you better use them wisely!

– Rescue the animals and collect toys!
– Achieve different goals in different ways!
– Get free boosters and use them at critical moments!

Blast Fever is a completely free toy game to play!
Join the fantastic cartoon adventure now and have a TOY BLAST!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach us at

Detailed info

File size: 56M
Update time: August 13, 2021
Current version: 1.1.1
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Xinyue games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Eric Wells


Karen Baker

love this game

Dianna Smith

When you watch the ad it wont take you back to the game it continues to take you to the Play store to in that particular ad you just watched . So I have to continue to close it all the way out and go back into the game that way. Very frustrating

Thulisile Buthelezi

It's the best

Trina Harrison

I will ALWAYS immediately uninstall a game if they find it necessary to play an ad between EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. I could have actually enjoyed this game if I didn't have to view an ad every 30 seconds. But now it is getting uninstalled...

Joanna Simon

Amazingly fun

Barbara Forrest-Ball

Is there no way to get rid of ads? An ad after every game? I can't even.

Ardrena Deal

I love the game it's fun to play with.It's still lot of fun..

Stacey Williams

Great pastime

cathy kuehne

Relaxing exciting

Cynthia Freeman

Lovely game play.

Doris P

Loving this game. Lot's of fun and relaxing.

Doris Marrero

Nice game

Janet Wilkey

love youre games ,would love tosee ballon popers

bonnie haines

Yes I love this

Henley Walker

The best in the worid

Lori Storey


hassan shaheen

Good game

Helen Birdsall

Good fun

Christene Lee

My three yrs like it I 💕 play it for him

Liz O

Fun the brain

Metal Rock

Super relaxing game

Michael Cooper

Blast Fever is the best game Anybody could ever play?


Great game

Arlene Pirnie

Having fun so far!

Wanda Jackson


Belts Ville

So far this is my very favorite game.

Kathryn Smith

Blast Fever is a fun game so far and super cute....

Dwight Waiters

Fun to play.

Beverly Moore


Angela Atkins


Lynn Reinhart

Good game but I'm deleting it because of all the lengthy ads. Crazy!!!!!!

Reta Berry

Fun like all toon blast I've played but I have gotten a little farther than I normally do b4 money or nothing kicks in.😆

Linda Keene

I do not like when I click on the option to play again and it automatically goes to Play store. I can't get back to my game.

Ivor Green

Great game

Rachel Helliwell


Rose Ann

Really good to and easy.

Brandi Phan

Very challenging right now my wife is on level 729 so I'm trying to compete with her and beat her in this game so if any of my you know secret dark fans can send me can send me some free gifts to advance me pass her help with team player but other than that this game is awesome you know awesome sauce LOL whoever made this game great idea my name is bluford and I'm out

nsk sivakumar

Super excellent game

Jauna Beeks

So far, I think it's a lot of fun

Dragon Stein

This is easy. And try doing it with out busters.

Ada Anthony

Love it so enjoyable

Everline Eaton

To many Comerica l

Nieshea Williams


Marilyn Stubblefield

I love this game

Mike Haddad

I expect & don't mind a few ads but this one is crazy. Far too greedy. Unistalling.

Naim Bilal

This game is very fun

Jack Corbridge

Fun so far.

Jo Anna Srubas

Very colourful and fast-paced

Johan Dorey-Venter


Tara Davis


Mario Franco

Its a great game

Beth Courtright


Juan Scott


Colleen Chase

train your brain thankyou

Linda Badenhorst


Pace Gnen Larry 1

Ok 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

Steve Bussiere

Not so many ads

Robyn Harland

Great game for young ones too.

Janet Dear

Omg another addictive game love it 👍💖😁

Brenda Rainey

Yes I really like to play with blast fever tap to crush so good game

Cathy Middleton

Lots of fun especially if you like blowing things up you keep them going enjoy your game

Cat Run take a bath eb

Fun so far.

Preston Washington

Fun game and I hope it pays to play!!!

ฐานิตย์ สุขมั่น


Lemau Nguyen

Cause this game the best game ever played

S Alley

Enjoy playing this game

Sergio Jr Acevedo

I love it!

Della Sparks

So far soooo goood

Wynona Ray

This game is so fun

Travaris Smith

I really love this game!!!!

sharon bentley

I play toon blast and I keep getting booted out of a game in the middle of the game. I'll be winning then the game shuts down. Soooo what should I do

Christopher Golden

Fun game

Dawn NLN

Good game

Roger Gillis


joyce waterman

Seemed like ok game until forced ads after every darn level. Developers pay attention forced ads suck the damn fun out of the game. Ones like me will uninstall your since forced ads suck moldy green donkey poo

Glen Gallant


Victor Holley

Awesome 👍👍👍

Deborah Esslinger

I like playing

Mary Jones

Very fun and exciting to play!

katelynn Helton

So far

Amber Martin


Tina Crosswhite

This game is terrific.

Crishell Singleton

Verey fun

lester johnson

Fun game

Jan Durvesh

Fun and easy to play, so far

Gary Marshall


Mary f easley

Its ok at start but am on87 level with flowers. How do i knock the flowers out. Its ok to be human the response you are giving are just computerized not an actual person behind it. You can tell by the same response you give.

Milagros Sanchez

Awesome game 👍

Lynette Howerton-Fisher


Michelle Sawyer

Too slow

Julia Allen

Lots of fun.

Mike Phillips

Great game love playing but there is no saving your progress in this game

Paul Evans

Love ❤️ the graphics, great fun

Owen Hurcum

Starts okay. Relaxing, but, then, around level 100 it starts throwing in ridiculous and tedious games that have only one objective; making money.

Denise Thomas

This is my first time playing Blast Fever, and I am having the time of my life playing. I'm going to continue playing to see how it goes. but for now I'm giving it 4stars.I may like it more than Toonblast and Toy Blast. We'll see!

Angela Womer

Pretty good

C Bourgeois

Great game!

Brenda Holt

I've just started but I am enjoying it let me play some more and if I still like it you will definitely get a 5

jarvis frazier