Blade Idle

Author: mobirix

500,000+ install


Blade Idle
It is a story about an ordinary herbalist accidentally discovering a legendary sword and growing into a hero
Adventure the main stage and dungeons and grow your character through farming.

Game features
– Skill system that acquires skills and uses them freely.
– Acquiring high-quality equipments using a composite system.
– Clearing general and special dungeons to obtain equipment materials.
– Character growth through pet, relic, and pattern system.
– Skins that you can get when you clear promoted dungeons.

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Detailed info

File size: 770M
Update time: May 4, 2022
Current version: 1.4.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: mobirix
Price: Free
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Customer review

Grace 95

Is this gane dead already..stuck at loading

John Gabriel Enero

Review:1 Game is good as hell!! I love it im currently at early stage but it aint boring. One problem im experiencing right now is logging in the game. Up to this hour it still not fixed. Dont know if its cause of the internet connection or the server hopefully it'll be fixed. Review 2: The login has been fixed anyways the game is back again pretty good and hoping to see more!

Sawyer Faulkner

Tis quite fun, and progress feels p balanced even as a f2p

Ex Zenn1th

Why I can't play this game on Android phone? I got stuck when loading into the game. Any solution?

Soren Everhart

The last update fixed the crashing, but this update has rendered the game unplayable.

Kaji chuu

Hackers have taken over this game, leader boards are useless now and this company doesn't seem to care about hackers running about ruining the game and being toxic in chat. :::::::::::::::::::::::::: Edit: Dev replies look very cookie cutter-ish, they give about the same several responses but doesn't seem more than an list they spout to make customers feel like they're actually doing anything to fix the game, i shall be refunding any perchances since i am not receiving the product paid to enjoy.

Kameron Brice

I'm obviously still playing the game & I want to give it a 5star but i still feel like there's a lot that can be added to really make it satisfying. For example, "Character Presets" would be a great idea so there's no need to always change costume, equipmemt & skills. I have a few more but as I play I'll try to contact you guys with those ideas if i believe they can truly "fit". I almost never leave reviews and comment but I really like this game and would hope that you consider what I'm saying.

Nadia Shahid

I love this game

wang bo yin

doppelganger why can gour battle 7 stars (in tier sliver)

AllMight Smaaash

a hidden gem, aesthetics, f2p friendly, this game offers everything i want and more

Llenz jerome Taniza

Any rewards

Max Meents

took away speeding up game, now not worth playing

Almario Laid

It finally worked and I enjoyed it. Nice one devs!!!

Rizky Bin usman

Played more than 300 games and this is definitely my favourite mobile idle game.

kent Torrecampo


Jon Frank

Great game, but hacking players makes the ranking system unreliable

Alex Budkie

Fun idle game. It doesn't take a lot of time each day, you can check in a couple times and stay current. You can also play for a longer period when you are trying to push, but you can't push constantly unless you spend money.

zack zamudio

waste of pontential ive encountered bug app become whitescreen even using force stopping app still not fix.

Unusual Llama

Hackers ruined my experience. Spent money to get rid of ads too. Why pay for something EVERYONE ELSE is getting for free, and not getting punished for? I suppose that is everywhere now though huh? If you play, don't pay. It's not worth it. It's a big problem especially when money is involved. I'm not the only reviewer who sees it. We can't get our money back. Don't reach for the top of any leaderboard. You'll get your wings burned if the company can't keep hackers at bay.

Lene Marie

Cute and nice idle game.

Archfeld Serethai

can't play without logging into play. not for me

Diawsen Lagrazon (Diaw)

After months of playing here's what new players need to know. Only 1 server, u can't keep up with top players no matter what you do because this is a continuous idle game and the top player is playing since day 1.

Trinity Roy

super fun idle game, love all of the new additions. Everything from the costumes and weapons to the guild competition keeps me playing everyday (⁠◍⁠•⁠ᴗ⁠•⁠◍⁠)⁠✧⁠*⁠。

Eric Hartmann

Hard to tell when advancing or just repeating. Ads sometimes restart the game instead of give rewards.

Michael Poirot

What I'm actually looking for in an idle game

pi joh

Stuck since forever in boss upgrade 2, health too night, and time too short, instant uninstall

Beello X

Best idle I ever played

Li Tom

Good game experience. Came back after the update and more things to do. Good idle game.

Nun Zunun

good game

Senpai Chris

Hi devs! I have a concern about the idling time limit. I think it would be better for the users to claim the appropriate rewards if they didn't open the app for like 12+ hours. The idling reward is always the same because of the 12 hour limit. I think the game will be better. Hi devs! Thank you for addressing this concern. I am happy with the new updates. Keep up the good work!

Tham Ks

It takes forever to load the game after update

NoNsToP Zas

Awesome game, one of the gems that ACUALLY isint a pay to win game

alisha islam

Nice game, FTP

Eric Escorel

Why I cannot log in on my account can you please explain it

Darneile Taylor

You'll have fun up until chapter 15 where acu(accuracy) becomes a big problem. There simply isn't enough ways to increase the stat.

Loona the Hellhound

I pay 4.99 u guys taking ppl money


downloaded this game and it just dragged me in, usually I quickly dropped similar games, but the prostate of this one makes me log in almost every laziness for about two months now and I like it, I want to swing further and watch new content, thanks to the developers!

Gregory Sullivan

Hackers have ruined the game, devs dont ban them, chat hasn't worked right in a month and the game crashes about 8 times an hour. Don't think there is justification for this at all, the game shouldn't be collecting money if it's not secured.

Wu Hartono

Too many hackers

Jamie Freeman

Great game, the obvious hackers have been removed hopefully security improves and hacking dies off completely

Brian Robbins

When I started the game was good. Now it is rampant with hackers abound. Effort and planning in the game doesn't seem worth it.

Kaman Le

Good game

Mike Dawson

Love the game, but since the last update, the game starts lagging hard after a good minute of playtime. Removed all the skill effects, dmg numbers, etc. Didn't change anything :(

Anthony Khayit

Finally, progress! A game where you do not play at all. All you do is upgrade and the game just plays itself. Ultimately meaningless game to which I have given a generous chance.

Adam Quezada

This game is fun over all. I really enjoy playing everyday. I have been playing for 4 months and haven't had a complaint until now. The game allows hackers to take the the top ranks and they do nothing about it. This makes it feel like all the time and money you spend is useless if you can't even come close to the higher ranks when hackers can pass you very easily for free. I recommend if you do play this game don't waste your money trying to progress.

Ronn Whittaker

If I could give 0 stars I would. This game is amazing. It's extremely fun. It also is one of the most F2P friendly IDLE games to have launched. However, the GameDevs drive the economy by allowing HACKERS to rain free and do whatever they want. Due to this, my 4 months of playing has now come to an end. I spent a solid amount and I don't mind spending on the game but I will be damned if I spend to compete with hackers. F That


Devs don't care about the community. They do nothing about hackers, so the leaderboards are just full of them. This game is going to burn, don't download it, and if you decide to, never spend money on it.

Jeffrey Yeo

Full of clown hackers, don't waste your time

Seth Bader

This studio doesn't know what percentages are, and most late game upgrades are percent based,you could have a 30 percent chance, about one out of 3 for success, and you'll have to try about 15-20 times, and it gets worse, the costumes some people spend money on are supposed to give you more rewards, they give the same amount with or without the costumes, game doesn't even know how to function

Владислав Бородовой

I'm done. Now this patch requires 1,59gb of additional free space(I already have 3+ of free space on my phone). Can't update this game without deleting a lot of other apps.

Alekse1on (FirstFrequency)


Craig Williams

Love the game and all the content. However there are very obvious hackers in the game openly admitting to it, which somehow still are present even after server inspections/updates regardless of if you've reported them.


Please ban hackerssss🗿

Trick Ster


Andreas Archie

Dont bother to play or spend, you can just cheat to be top player

Kent Childs

Absolutely love this game! If you don't want to spend money guess what? This is the game for you! This is the most F2P game I have ever played.

Ray Gatt

This game is amazing, don't need to spend a single cent to compete with every other player which is awesome, takes time to grind but it's great to check in on and upgrade/ buy gear upgrades then check back in 24 hours to claim rewards etc, to me this game is what a true idle game should be and any developer should look at blade idle as an example of a great game

Rizki Kurniawan

Very good idle games, free player still get a lot of rewards

David Falconn Chin

Good game overall, for those who complained about ads being too much, go buy the skip ads packages or just shut up. Wanna ply a games without letting devs earned . Go make your own game btr ads free Edit:pls banned those top ranking hacker or cheater

Ayush Ranjan Lall

Didn't able to install the update after up update

Dirty Will

Hackers have Dominated the leader board for months. Devs/Mods Will not ban hackers. I did enjoy the game however.. The community also sucks though lol.

Jared Gardner

Game is easy to play without spending money.

Stale Meme

Normally I would rate this game 4 or even 5 stars for its quality, but for the past week I've been experiencing a glitch that causes me to fail to progress stages or dungeons, even if I clear them. It's gotten to the point where my health Is almost full and I still have 40 seconds on the clock by the end, yet the game still says I failed the stage. Please fix this immediately, as it is a gamebreaking bug. Im still experiencing the bug after the maintenance. Please fix this soon

Ethan Peh

Ok honestly this game is very fun for the first few times but honestly it get more and more boring ss you play it but i would rate it s 9/10 for everything but then again the events are quite boring as we just collect coins maybe you can make the a few event more interactive like your "hero" fighting a npc for rewards of your choice like diamonds and chest and all other stuff and could you add more skills and swords because its getting a lil Boring but all in all a good game

Spencer Cottam

Game is overrun by hackers. In response to developer response: Your monitoring means absolutely nothing. No bans have been issued for a few months now, in spite of drop-dead obvious hackers reported directly to you, including some that have literally admitted to hacking, the screen caps for which you have been provided. Why you choose to not ban these hackers as your supporting base has moved from politely asking you to informing you they won't support your game is beyond me, but whatever.


Perfect gacha system, generous with the premium currency, this is the most I've enjoyed an idle game in a while

Derek Tafoya

Diabolically fun to come back to consistently


It's a fun game that doesn't require you to check up on it every few hours, making for a lovely casual experience

Roy Struyk

Game is fine. Pricing for passes is insanely high. Over 200 bucks for a mobile game will never get more then average score.

raven P

Got a dev response pretyy quick after updating my review. It doesn't change my main complient it gets super slow and obnoxiously grindy after you've been playing long enough without any type of story unlock to reward you for the work, but after response I might have been to hard there's plenty of free premo boosts without any forced ads


Pretty fun idling game, UI is clean and the players are helpful. Only suggestion is fixing the chatbox to be easier to use and read. Progression seems to have milestones every couple days or so along with some cool skins for weapons and your character. I have never spent a penny on the cash shop and don't feel like I ever need to for progression sake.

Aiman Norman

not a bad idle game

Andrew Zhen

It was good when I started playing a few months ago, but getting increasingly frustrated with the game of late. Becoming impossible to progress with dungeons, pvp etc due to the CONSTANT disconnections and packet errors. Going to uninstall soon if not fixed...

Peter Briedon

Why does it give 10 chcest with supplies with 1-1 and need to be lv 200


I don't know what happened but when I click view ads the ad plays just fine but when the timer runs out I can't click the X button to collect the ad reward.. Only reason I give it 2 stars is the ads problem that suddenly happened 3 days ago and hasn't been fixed. The only ads I can click X are the ones that pop up from my country and are only 5 second ads and have a different X button(black X, not white like all other ads) but those ads are rare, 90% of the time I get the 30 second ads..

M Akbar Fade


gfeger sfewtewg

Game plays itself

Luka Šauperl

An idle game that requires constant internet connection. Simple graphics, simple mechanics, simple game - I'm guessing they're using Unity to make the game, because it always makes my phone super hot, even though I've got a good phone and what's worse, while not entirely the games fault, but it did contribute, it made my phone's battery swell up... Such simple games really shouldn't cook your phone... This is just lazy development.

Giovaldo Chrishansen Ongso

Best idle game i ever play. Please keep generous for free stuff



Matt Sorrentino

Didn't play the game for all of 2 days and some how got banned.


It's a cute idle game, and I enjoyed it while I played it. There is a definite uniqueness in the way this idle game is presented. It is a much less tedious game than a game like Idle Death knight when it comes to upgrades.


Best idle game i recommend this to everyone who likes idle games this is S tier no cap this game is complete f2p if u strategize your gameplay and login daily if you want to play competitive buy ad skip and monthly you'll maintain rank in top 500-1000 ez it is very fun and addicting it works on any device low and high spec my fav part is that community is very nice and devs are hard working generous they would implement new stuff every update and increase the content with new events etc ❤

Salim al bader


Crystal Morrison

I have seen gameplay but when i sign in on google it wont let me switch the google account.

Kheima Katsuragi

After Maintenance i cannot log in... only stock up after the google log in... only in the small pig running.. stock up there... my phone is SAMSUNG GALAXY A9 (2018)

Just Lost Is All

dont usually leave a review, but my gosh, this is addicting and absolutely fun to play.

Arwin Sanlia

Very simple game for smooth idling experience


The loading screen pig kept running nonstop

JsMs Rawr

Been playing since released, this is the only idle game that i played that long for the fact that you can farm any currency in game but lately you guys are releasing skins that are behind a paywall no way to get it without spending and it's not cheap either you guys don't add anymore event skin or free skins. I hope next update you guys gives us something we can farm.

Kirk preece

Reskin money grab games. Check the early access stuff. All the same different themes. 3rd time my review has been deleted stop making the same games jesus

Randall Kings

Oh man how do I start ... As a person who enjoys idle games mainly because I work a lot and don't have a lot of time to spend enjoying a game. This one really killed it. It's perfect, it's strategic while maintaining a neutral game play. The pay to win in my opinion is a bit over priced but good news!!!! it's not necessary the developers perfected an idle game that allows you to progress, enjoy and maintain your daily responsibilities at no cost at all. 😙👌🏽

Robert Mazziotte Sr

No landscape mode

John Renzo Sangalang

Keeps telling me "Try again" when I try to open up the shop. I have a decent internet connection

Rewind OG

It's alright at first, even though it's essentially just a game that plays itself with minimal interactions, and the devs are very generous with rewards early game. I've spent months playing and haven't made any noticable progress. I'm considering uninstalling because of that and, the devs are incredibly unresponsive and don't listen to feedback at all. I've seen plenty of complaints about slow progress, and their only response is to tell you how to get items, like we don't already know. NWYT.

Luis Martinez


Hive “Snuggles” Wisteria

Alright so it has been a decent little game, but it losses appeal once you start hitting those large grind spots. The top players are leagues above everyone else and one of them is a cheater so that's fun. I enjoy things like this game but when the pay walls start to really hit you it gets bad. If those prices for like the passes were reduced to below $10 I think it'd be fine but when ad skip is $8 it shows the devs only want your wallet.

Kelly Hovind

Blocked after unscheduled update. I have spent money and want my account returned.

Markars S

Idle game that isn't stingy af on the premium currencies being given for free. This is the kind of game that makes me want to stick with it, because they aren't blatantly greedy and they don't gate all the fun of their game behind $$$. I've been looking a long time for a game that I can just play, like this.

Ádám Nagy

The game itself is really good. But lately there are some unexpected maintenances in busy periods.