Bird Sort : Color Puzzle Games

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Bird Sort : Color Puzzle Games
The Color sort Puzzle is totally free, no-penalties, no score, it’s literally just swiping. If you wanted to burn off stress then this flying bird sort game is very addictive. Bird color sort puzzle required focus, skills and strategy to solve the color sorting game by matching colorful birds.
Color Puzzle Games
Test your brain with challenging levels of relaxing sorting puzzle game. Bird sort is not only to exercise your brain but also relieve your mood. Think, strategize, predict and use colourful birds at every move & win coins at the end of each level. The color puzzle sort game will enhance your IQ level.
Sorting Games
Relax and train your brain with one of the most exciting bird sort puzzle games. If you don’t wanted to get stuck at any point then be careful while arranging the bird color puzzle.

How to Play Color Puzzle sort games:
Drag and drop to move the bird
Only one color bird can be move at a time
You can only move a colored bird on top of another bird if both of them have the same number
Put birds of the same color on one root

Key Features of color sort puzzle:
• Easy swipe to move controls
• Relaxed and addictive gameplay
• Tension relieving action flying bird game
• Collection of colorful birds
• Boundless levels
• Intuitive interface
• One finger control of this color sort games
• Sort it 3d with relax mind

Boring Season? Do you want to keep your mind and brain active?
Bird Sort Color Sort Puzzle is everything you are looking for!

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