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Bio Inc. Nemesis is a free-to-play real-time strategy simulator where you assemble a team of doctors and inflict lethal diseases on hapless patients.

Assume control of your very own hospital and recruit doctors from many different medical fields, including modern medicine, alternative treatments, and spiritual healing.

Manipulate a patient’s lifestyle and develop risk factors to make them more vulnerable to infection. Terminate the patient before an opposing team of doctors find cures and vaccines to save them!

Grow your hospital by recruiting doctors from various specialties. Combine doctor abilities to develop your own strategy and ultimate killer squad.

Train your doctors, improve their abilities, and ensure your patient’s demise. Compete against other teams in the Medical Arena and in Contests!

Utilize your doctor’s abilities to maximize your effectiveness. Develop the patient’s risk factors, focus on improving your research speed, or hinder the opponent doctor’s attempts of recovery!

Experience intense real-time matches. Choose which of the patient’s systems to collapse while working around the opposing doctor’s actions.


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Customer review

Nicole Hall

I just want to know if they're going to finish the game (allow the Global Front campaign to be finished, allow leveling over 60, add last doctor). I play every day but I'm reaching the end of playable content.

Whitney Borchers

Update again: game is constantly closing. This just started. IDK why and it's extremely annoying. PLEASE FIX THE GAME DEVS!! Update-i love this game. I am on level 57. But a few weeks ago the game stopped progressing me. No matter how many times I play a campaign, it doesn't show that I've done it and doesn't move me forward. Also the auto win x1 stopped working. So I cant auto win anything. So these are 2 HUGE issues. I'm going to have to uninstall if this isn't fixed soon. Please fix guys!

Jezrael Sepulveda

Fun game, but very buggy. Would be better if they fixed the bugs. Also, get rid of the stupid chat box it's absolutely useless and pointless.

layla ezzat

I made it to milstone 7 and received no doctors or rewards. Game is EXTREMELY GLITCHY Do not download it.. it's intertaining but extremely glitchy and frustraiting because you won't receive any reward after you finish their chalenges



Martin Gross

Keep updating this is a great game love it 5 out 5💎

I need a original name • 10 decades ago

I got a virus after downloading this

Kelly Chan

P2w...ofc same as all mobile games p2w

Izαиαgι Juиツ

This app runs on loot crate which I not a fans of. But maybe some of the rich one will enjoy



mr. nobody


Endless Purgatory

Let's see very grindy very p2w has lootboxes which are already or soon to be illegal due to gambling mechanics. Expensive digital store. Very low odds to get good things also runs on thec4appy typical energy system to limit your play time. Good side plenty of doctors sadly a huge grind to get or pay too much real money for just a small chance to acquire. Too bad this game is this way when Bio Inc 8s so good.

this is a name


Roger Klyberg

Feels like a monygrab compared to the original plague.

Saucedon Lambsay

Great game . I can't stop playing it. Keep up the good work.

Naveen Madhav

Bio inc 1 was a good game. This is nothing compared to it. Not worth it.


I like this game and bio inc redemption

Jaxon Reppond

Plague Inc. rip off

Therese Lynn Salaguste

Its amazing

Patrick Lotridge

Cool game concept. Pretty original.

Олександр Ввітз

boring game, past a hundred times better


Bad good game

Lorenzo Di Mauro

Game Is internet only! No offline play! This Is nuts!


Absolutely epic game. Actually playable every day


A rather interesring game. Takes some patience. There's a problem in its competitive Contest mode where player scores are reset at the end of its 3-day period (1-day if Coin Contest), denying players their rewards. Hope the devs can look into this.

Community Usage


jasenn Ffradelis

While this game started out really of the last month or so, this game has become almost usable. I will change the stars when the developers fix the bugs. *no chat, live contests haven't worked in a long while, arena keeps freezing thereby you lose the fight.

zack dero


Straw Rider

This game is good but is gets a little boring but other than that is great

Dignitey Keitt

Awesome game, but it glitches a lot, it wouldn't load all the way and in some of the campaign levels the special skills aren't available to click on

Cheyenne H

Still playing.

Souvik Chakraborty

Not good at all The normal bio inc is better


Make a child-mode so there is no pictures of things like guns, blood, kill, etc because I'm a kid and I wanna play also

justin redden

Downloaded this because I love the original. This is a totally different game style. If you like the play of bio inc do not expect it from this.

Violetta Duchannes

Doctors abilities glitched on me

Simon Carnell

Best infection game out there

Der Holland

i hate it

Jeremy Larson


Mikki Anderson


John Eve

Too much lag. It ruined my experience.

Lee Yang

After a long holiday i came back home and i played this game and ALL of my progress was gone i felt very sad

Abantik Banerjee

The game concept and gameplay, offers everything is good. The game is not st all play to win. But the issue is the glitches. There are so many glitches that you need to fix. Half the time, the doctor skills wont work, half the time the game wont progress. And most importantly do introduce a system where we can view our own ranks. We only get to know the rank at the end of the contest. How can we opt for a particular reward then?

Chris Proud

Just Wow ..........

Eric Mancillas

The game is fun, though it quickly shows it's colors by offering alot of microtransactions. Not that they are need to play but it's gonna be a slow progression and it'll eventually get boring since it'll be very repetitive.

iIMR_ 230Ii

The game is ok-ish at best, Biomedical plague and rebel doctors was better in my opinion

Baby D Murrelli

I'm a huge fan of the original and this version is just simply amazing! I really enjoy the game play. The only issue I have is that it i sometimes have to restart it because the controls won't work.

Vanjula Sundareswaran

I rated this game low due to the fact that all the progress I made for almost a week got completely erased off (including a purchase I made previously) due to the fact that I just decided to connect my Google account to it. For a game I truly enjoy playing, having to lose your progress is rather frustrating.


This is the best game I have ever played it's better than plague Inc.

ruslan Gr


Dr Dick

Sorry wrong stuff

Mazaya T

Not really my cup of tea, I only like how it has global chat system and that's it

domka bonka

Very gucci

Flame Angry Tiger

It's kinda complicated it's hard to do but it's worth it it's not bad you should make it simpler u know what I'm sayin? Right do it

Vicky Hellman

This game is great, I love it! I get to kill the patients instead of trying to save them. This game if completely f-ed up, but in a good way. L M F A O

Charlie Tan

None of this is how biology works

Mr Noob

Is it me or this got copy in plague Inc.

Zach Dallaire

After the tutorial you don't receive the gold and it freezes.

Adrian Pearce

Game itself is not bad. Just has a relatively major flaw in my opinion. The game will makes two different accounts if you use a VPN, one for when you are using a VPN and one for when you're not. Not really very optimal...

tornadopooper Gaming

awsome game 10/10

Jerry Hyde

Good game. Great game play

Seraphim Pheonix Jael X

LOVE IT!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


An honestly dissapointing experience. It takes the classic Bio Inc. gameplay and throws it completely on its head. Instead of trying to stay under the radar as long as possible, the doctors already know and are actively curing the patient as soon as the game starts. The "specialist" system, while nice, feels uneeded. Just get the other Bio Inc. game.



David Mcdonald

So far really cool

polar bear


Vampire Hunter D

Unik dan bikin jadi ingin tahu soal penyakit, saran ditambah story supaya game lebih menarik.

Lara S

Cool game, good problm with doct they the game get stuck and i cant use them i have to reset the game for them to use

Robert Moore


Martin Taylor

Blatant copy of Marvel Strike Force

Χρυσή Βυθούλκα

This game is so crappy it's crashed 10 times and I haven't even had a good game experience of 10 minutes

Nicco Gallo

Really good game fun and engaging with a toungue in cbeek vibe.. Decent graphics and material to keep you coming back for more! So.e fun to be had and a good way to get that macbre bome tickled..

Stephanie Taniady

Nice game

Kelly Cochran

Not bad

Zer0 Genji

Fix the download NOW

Conrad Samantha

Love it

austin mitchell

Awesome game

Sebastian Marrero

This game is awesome

Mark Loftus

Awesome game

Aj Mclean

Just started playing it but like it so far

Não Identificado

The energy thing is horrible

Wenji Lim

Interesting. Similar to bio inc but different enough to be a different game

Carl John Ibot

My level stuck at 60 Max.. No more challenges.. Please add more levels please

Ry E

GAME BREAKING GLITCH. I'll keep it simple. I lost connection right when i clicked to get the first crate in the tutorial and the game crashed. I load back in and it tells me to get the crate but it spent the money and didn't give me the crate.

Evan the samurai

I thought it was good but it was pretty hard fighting the diseases just like real life so future doctors PLAY THIS GAME

《 Scrible Spider 》

Edit: Thank you for the reply, I will play this game again and hope for the best. And have a nice day 😊 ( P.S: work more on the game's storyline but keep it simple)

rayner moikon

another STFU game

Maur Pharaon

Excellent game!

Kris Haag-Poushay

Love this game, even during a pandemic... Does that make me bad? Anyways, nice game controls and great gaming experience. Cool ideas

Christopher Battisto

Balls to the wall babe

Joshua Westra

Decently fun game, but it's a pay to win system, if you have better doctors and stats it's almost impossible to lose no matter the strategy. So collecting doctors and levelling would be comparable to paying for extras and benefits.

Sol The Great

I used to play this game before and I really liked it now I love it even more🔥🔥🔥


Love it. Just wish the special offer screen didn't pop up as much. Only complaint I have

Heavy Animations

This game is almost like Bio inc Redemtion! It's very cool! 😉

Khorie Besa

Fun game but very hard for begginers.Thought it was like Bio.Inc Redemption

Maria Shaina Cortes

The game been hang sometimes

tito titoni

I like this app so much <3

Brandon Fields

It's really fun and an all around perfect game to play I wish it had more realistic graphics

Cassidy Rae

Nothing like I expected, but still pretty good. I was kind of hoping for a game about curing people, not murdering them though. Really chances the whole game's mood.

your fbi agent

This is ok but not great

Alan Kirk

Love this challenging