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File size: Varies with device
Update time: September 10, 2021
Current version: 1.1.792
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Playcus Limited
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jennifer Nettles


Margaret Lovette

played quite a bit never a bingo

Lynette Wade

Bingo games are the best 👌

Betty White

Love it

Sherry Bedenbaugh

Downloaded per playwell to get points. It looked to be fun and was excited to play. I was Unable to play because you have to sign in through Facebook! I do not have Facebook therefore I've wasted my valuable time and now I have to uninstall it. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Non-Facebook user.

Karmen Yosefavany

I am agree with every thing that google player saied . But today i will try again & install the bingo star . Maybe you are fixed the problems Unfortunitly Too many player are complaning . Please hold on to your bingo players . Before they uninstall the game ...thank you

tina parker

Too fast. Too many interruptions to relax and play. Very intense. Don't like playing this one. I do like seeing all 4 cards at the same time. Others don't have that.

Judy Ligon

No bingos. Sometimes voice is mute calling the numbers

Sharon Low

Like it

ana mae lopez


Dave Wawrzyniak

Should've known better, doesn't cash out

amanda hurtig

Way too many ads. Not enough wins.

Andrener Sprott

Great game

Desiree Murphy

fun game except the only way you get power ups or anything is through purchases.

Todd Steege

great game better then most bingo games

Clare Holland

Disgraceful... Forced ads before I could even play.. No thanks..

Jenny Kernan


April McCollum

fun game, but very hard to complete a collection 😫

Cami Rock

AWFUL!! You can NOT win a bingo without the extra tools and unless you spend money, you will never have enough of the extra tools.

Jonathan Green

Trash. Just the same thing as every other bingo game, minus the charm, the flare, any sense of individuality - Plus an ad between every screen - so literally at every transition.

Constance Hardin

The reason it only gets 2 is that they put a British flag for my country an that is false I don't have anything against Britian my ancestors came from there .I just believe in truth .My flag is USA .So how do I fix this?

Kaye Pringle

Ok game but forced to watch ads even if you choose not to get bonus

Joanna Oldham

you say it is free but it always comes out. it isn't. .. I. don't-that is quite fair other than that i I love to play it

Jennifer Cooper

Love It.!!!

Renee Parent

WILD GAME and Flying to CUBA

Girrrl Byeee

Smh.. way too many Ad's. Can't even get to enjoy playing the game without an Ad popping up every 5 seconds.. Sooo 🤷 [x]DELETE

Tecia Stewart

Kinda fun but not worth all the looooooong ads you Have to watch...Uninstalling!

Amanda Bettis

Keeps freezing

Doug Millward

Good game easily played

Jean Jackson

cannot update

Patricia Wakefield

very nice game

Ronald Hicks

lots of ads but game is fun

Ashlie Jo

you can ready use goggle play put email there please now.. I do use goggle play on bingo star there alot now please... You let know me please now... You can feedback to me please now... I will send feedback... thank you!!!

Tom Lyons

This game is rigged and a scam. cards are predetermined and you will never win more or the amount you've paid into it. if you play the free way you'll win a bingo every 18 -25 games and automatically lose no matter what you pay or the duration of time you play. Straight up racket

Neil Edmondson

Worst game ever adverts even before you start

Annatie MacDonald

Bingo bingo this is much as all you take your time and play the game to find your score find your levitation of connection and updates and how you can proceed yourself to another level but time to call on your adaptive way protection program consistently and acknowledged the same way because of my potential to help 🆘🆘🆘 to found out that I can get my tips from the usual found out what to say I promise to return to everything that is possible to get myself into where it play New game 2022 happy


please add a feature to slow the speed of calling the numbers.

Robert Gallander


Johnny Rotten

The worst game. Deleting after 3 minutes. So many ads! Can't do anything in game without watching an ad. Watched 2 minutes of ads just to start a game only to have the bingo cards covered up by nonsense info cards. Tried to close them annnnnd more ads. Screw these guys.

Psue Davis

Have not played yet so I'm not sure about any of it it's wanting to do an update and it won't do anything so there's the first issue

Frankie Watson

Love this ab

Vera Brown

I have been trying to get back in. I have practicely disabled all apps I still can't update. I want to get my game going.its stopped because of your update which is off.

Jane Mazuer


Winifred Seeger

I like to bingo is great for me i just injoy playing

Emina Barut

toooo many ads. deleted the game. after every round you are forced to watch an add. 😡😡😡😡😡😡

Dawanna Mouton


Kristie Lewis

Cool app to play

Janet Farris

Love it

Frances Morris

(((((((((Bingo Star Bingo)))) ((((((Games)))))))))

Teresa Tapp

The only thing I have to say is this is one big ad for a bunch of other games! I suggest that nobody tries this game! Even when I said I would skip the ad for free stuff, it made me watch an ad anyway! And I didn't get any coins, etc for watching. And all that did not even start me into the game! What a waste of time! Good luck is all I have to say to anyone who tries this game. Sorry I even tried it.

Amanda Strongquill

I guess that it's really cool

Carolyn Strickler

Awesome game

Bradford Raine . Matney.


Tina Rankin

Classic Bingo on my mobile?


Arrows show you where number is. The idea of the game is for me to find the numbers, don't tell me it takes all the fun out of it. Way too many ads. I played 1 game and quit during the 2nd and still saw 5 ads.

Rita Gleason

Didnt work ,it stalled ,

Steve Arnett

Not perfect yet games lost through internet loses coins and wins when you stop the game we lose also

Paige Frost

Horrible game.

Tamera Puckett

Fast paced love it

Carolyn Veal

Addressing your reply you didn't really hear me. It's now got when you just click to finish rewards and just want to play the game then another ad pops up before you can even get to pick cards and play. This is way too excessive and will be the reason I quit playing the game. Sad too because I've spent a lot of time building points and boosters but enough is enough! Wouldn't it be better to have a normal amount of ads than be losing an audience completely because of excessive ads?

Megan Renea Drake

Kind of a money scheme. Eventually yoi have no choice but to buy coins if you want to play but other than that it's not bad.

Shelby Alewine

Have to purchase to play and to many ADs


Enjoy the game

Christopher Presgraves

Good game

J Webb


Danielle Jones

Too many ads can't play without ads breaking play

Wendy Thomas

I can't get the game to load . All it does is stay on a purple screen that says bingo star on it !!

maria cammarata

Too many ads before u even start

Josephine Cistrunk


Ksenia Dyatlikova

One of the worst bingo games. Immediately after you install and open the game it starts bombard you with offers and ads. Thats not how you monetize, learn from other bingo games that actually give a lot of freebies for the first week or so, so you want to play. And this game i just installed, got annoyed, and uninstalled

Lynn Stoneburner


Monica Saucedo

Beyond beleif

Denise Covington


Wendy Skaggs

I can't get it work at all . It goes on a dark blue screen that says bingo star and doesn't do anything at after that !!!

Carie Gubernot

Great for when I am bored.

Myra Mayberry

Fantastic game

Joan Noel

Ok game

Colette Thornton


Earnestine Thomas

I love you.

Derrick Fuqua

Very easy to play you just have to be ready to go and hit the number fast

T Stang

Hey what up with this game last several times ive tried to log in all it does it sit on the Bingo Star and does nothing ????Whats the deal

Anna Rubino

This game is great fun

It Is What It Is

I was out of cards and power ups in less than 30 minutes. Pay to play is for the birds. You developers are ridiculous.

Ashley Jones

Love it

Layondia Azerot

Great fun

Claudia Branch

Bill Davis game like lucky bingo is a scam fake

Cindy Putnam

Did like

Lynn Hills


Casey Wood

This app is my top 3 bingo app I've downloaded ever truly a diamond in the ruff app to download I promise u won't be disappointed

Willie Johnson

Either Fix It Or Nix It !

pam horner

If you get payed for this game well i hate to say this yall lie

Christine Higgins

Cool game

debra martin

I'm unale to update this game therefore I'm unale to play. Please contact me here I don't have internet.

Peter Pannucci

Getting better

Robin Turner

Its all kinds of fun

Lisa Wilks


Doniese Ivey

I like the game

Shirley Cummings

I like the game when it goes good but sometimes it goes too fast

Leslie Gilroy

Like it

Vicki Mills

Enjoy the game just wish I could get more bingos