Bingo Fairytale: Lucky Holiday Bingo Game for free

Author: Fairytale Bingo, Family Fun

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Bingo Fairytale: Lucky Holiday Bingo Game for free – Bingo Fairytale, a free &story bingo game online. Bash and blitz with Friends!

Detailed info

File size: 101M
Update time: September 6, 2021
Current version: 1.0.3
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Fairytale Bingo, Family Fun
Price: Free
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Customer review

Rose Moon

It's ok

Christie Cummings

I don't know why I keep getting charged $13.51 for this game. I don't play it anymore and had to reinstall it just to leave this review cause I can't contact anyone. REFUND MY MONEY

Cidney Ault

the freebies NEVER work

Your daily Game master

Boring and don't get the point


This games DOESN'T do what it says,they don't give u money when u want to with draw it and know they want you to play to pay for there ads...there fake and the guy in the ad says they pay directly to my account but they don't even have my account or know it...these ppl are faker than a 3 dollar bill...thanks for wasting my time in AMERICA WE GOT A THING CALLED FALSE ADVERTISING...

Angelique Mckeller

Awesome game super fun !! ♥️

Gerald Tenorio


Jude Senecharles

Great pastime

Julia Bruettig

Awesome 👍 thanks

Madame Exe


Hgg Y66

How do u cash out

reggie davis

They you can withdraw money automatically lies then they say there's no restrictions on your withdrawal lies then they brag about the bonus money that you receive yeh you can win it on the game but when you go to retrieve it they only give you a little of it not even worth withdrawing like I won up to fifteen dollars went to withdraw it just to see how legit it was and they said you can only withdraw 3 so I was like ok let's do anyway the I get a message on my screen it takes up to five days smh

Adrian Sheppard

Best game ever!

mary jean delos santos

I try

aldrin latorre

its awesome

Andrew Cooper

Do not play this game unless you're rich the only way you win and I have not won but maybe one time I've got my money back on what I did is if you buy something and that's extortion it's greediness it's like every other typical greedy developer out there I've had enough of these con artists and the ripoff game and scams don't play this game even when they try to offer your 24 in their email there's always an error so you can't ever get the 240 credits because they are scam artists and greedy

Elizabeth Sokutu

Fun and relaxing 🎮

Steven Johnson


Money Man23

Love it 😊❤️

Luffy Mugiwara

Quite difficult

Nyan Min Myat

It's good game!

James braunersrither


Zin Thu Ya

goog game

James Jim Thomas Holdner

Its better than most. Still try and force you to spend money. What you have to do is search for a game that.. Well dont want to give away all the secrets. But it does allow fun play with out spending as long as your are smarter than the average bear. RIGHT BOBO BOY!!

Arleen Marcelo Sabordo

I love this game application 😍😍😍

Gail B

Enjoyable n fun ty

Welson Mata

Downdload bingo win cash play everyday.amzing rewards

Crystal Lemanski

Love it

Stephen Cain

Totally fun game

Diana Milner

Love it

Rebekah Snow

Great fun.

Joshua Marquez

Worst than the other Bingos app Periodt.

Quiana Perdue

It says lucky cash but I don't see any cash prizes, and I even invested into this 1😪

Leo Alivio


The M

You are the best unlucky😡😡😡

Hot Princess Erejer

Nice game and makes me enjoy ☺️

Htet Wai Thaw

Level 1to40 ez

Ko Billy48

i like

Rashmi Bhatti


Francis Pelser

Fun game. Love it

Adrian Nash

1382134..... best game ever

Kane Wolff

It's one of the best bingo games I've played in a very long time.... There's been a few snags along the way but overall I still think it's one of the better bingo games that I have played in a long time...

Crystal Lujan

Love it

Julie Griffith

It's a fun game looking forward to see what's in store

Tshepo Rafuza

This is a great game.

Deborah Moreland

Fun so far

Tia J

Can't wait to win bingo

Judy Chu

Seems like a decent game so far. But I can't figure out how to claim the Facebook daily codes in my game. Please advise and I will update my rating.

Linda Alexander

I absolutely totally love this game I just wish I could play with others maybe I can I really don't know I don't know a lot about games and such and I don't want to get into it oh yeah I get into it when I'm playing you'll think I'm on the phone all the damn time with all these reviews but I've got an hour or so to kill her this morning I figured I would just kill it with some reviews

Elizabeth Ann Dews Raborn


Red Luffy


Arguu Lay


Amjid M.Amjid


evangeline pascua

Awesome experience!!!

Deniese Ford

Only been playing for little bit. Ask me again later.

Jennifer Jess

My fave

Terry Robarge


Crystal Morant

The graphics is awesome, the game play is smooth. Enjoying the game so far.

loretta gomez

Need more ways to get free coins

Katrina Carr

This is Fun and highly addictive game

Grace Butera

Great game

nihoo bajramovic


Kyawgi Kyawgi

So good i l'ke. It

John Paul

I love it 😍

Laurie Gould

Love bingo fairytales! The only problem I have is collecting fb bonuses. Also notifications that I see are not up to date.

Taylor Jennerjohn

It won't let me download anymore bingo rooms in the game. I've attempted to update the application and I've closed the application and reopened it and tried to download the bingo room again and nothing is working. Can you guys help?

Simone Mathis

This game is so fun

sko diddy

Love the game need more ways to win money but it's great 👍 fun play lots of side games

Chasity Carter

Love this game! So addictive and great bonuses

Tina Hullinger

Fun bingo game

Scott Arreola

Love it

Mick Doogall


Desiree Rogers


jelly bean

I'm just having tons of fun playing and winning everyday so I suggest downloading this game and come play with me

rap Baker

Love to play bingo but they lied about the real Cash

Mary Coffey


leanne marshall


Kelly Douglas

Absolutely love this bingo❤️

Evil Tripp

Very good

Merrilyn Parry

Fun to play until I did a update now it logs into Facebook but doesn't allow me to send gifts or see my profile picture


You will never get paid no matter how many ads you watch. Game is a fraud

Jennie Vallarie

Great game

Skyler Tucker

It fun

Dannise Starks

It's bingo! If you like bingo then you will like this game.

Valentina Rowe


Inga Car

Kicked out of the game by the end finishing , lots of ads.

Younggie Silalahi


isabellecapamerica ROBLOX

I like it and all but I dont like the fact that you can only change your name once and it is really annoying when you miss spell your name or write it wrong please update that


͜I͜͜T͜͜S͜ ͜F͜͜U͜͜N͜!

Nathan Gilbert

Fun just like real life xl😂😁😁

Dustin Allen

Awesome game

Aly A

This was fun up until level 20 as others can attest. Unless you're using enough coins for 8 cards you're getting 1-2 bingos for anything cheaper. Then add on the lagging that only happens when you're trying to daub, you miss ten numbers and it ends the game giving you no chance to daub them. I know what these types of games do and it's to make you feel like you're winning up until a certain level then they push and push for ingame purchases. No, thank you, I uninstall games that cheat.

Ryan Lilly


Jo Heta

It's a quite enjoyable game. No issues so far 👍

Ann Henderson


Melizza joy Guillermo

I like this games

Hi_ It's Shelly


Jody Chrisman

Its great

iyi micheal

Well made..but coins made while winning shld be higher

Zack Koch