Bingo Fairytale: Lucky Holiday Bingo Game for free

Author: Fairytale Bingo, Family Fun

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Bingo Fairytale: Lucky Holiday Bingo Game for free – Bingo Fairytale, a free &story bingo game online. Bash and blitz with Friends!

Detailed info

File size: 101M
Update time: September 6, 2021
Current version: 1.0.3
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Fairytale Bingo, Family Fun
Price: Free
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Customer review

Christina Bauser


Vivian Marsac Peters

Love this bingo game and I've played a lot of them. This is one of my favorites!

Eric loe09

not true

Tracie Palmer

I wish it was easier to add friends and to find them other than on the group page.

Alicia Sin

Most addictive game yet!!!

Adrian Nash

Best game ever

Crystal Shifflett

Bingo is awesome

Honey St Germaine

Play for fun but not part of a promotion.Saw game in mode app as an offer and after playing every day,for a month.No REAL advancement in game.I noticed that even ads were ran in between times when the game was open yet not being played.So this game is always making ad revenue.Great rooms,play for free only.If part of an offer,you will NEVER advance enough to finish offer.Even if you play every day.For the effort I put into this game in order to complete the offer,the odds are stacked 90/10.

Joe Mamma

Another failed attempt at a bingo game don't bother it's junk

April Young

It's bingo! ❤️

xd Gaming CAM


Cyrus Wong

Good game

Naima Ab


Dildar Raja

Very good earning app

Mercial Lindiwe

I love the app it's simple and easy but please i don't understand is it a real cash game? If yes how do users withdraw if no tell me please

penny tanyi

Can't get it to play after I downloaded it won't open done it several times

Mohammad Anowar

Excellent game, i love it,

Sara-Anne Koontz

I have tried to down load this game for a week now iam not very happy with this, it's either my phone or the game could be both,......... I have never had any problems down load any other games there for i symize its not my phone, so thereforet as to be the game


Great game

Wendy Timoteo

Easy !! Super FUN 😃

Syed ejaz Ali

How I get cash prize

Lee Kolb

Don't get money but fun game

Sharon Watkis-Coleman

Love the way to the game play

Tabatha Toulson

Five Star Game

Rachel Boyd

This game is fun but after awhile it does cheat you out of coins.Plus I bought some coins and other things to continue to play .I gave it a 2 because it needs some work on this game.

Erin Marie

Thank you for commenting on my review. Its nice that there are still developers that will read these and respond. It really makes a big difference. Just for that alone i gave you 5 stars instead of 3. Can't connect with friends Can't verify email. And few other issues. Which sucks because I can't get the points for email or friends and I liked playing this bingo more than most of them out there but. Thinking about deleting because all this bonus stuff I can't do because won't let me


Everyone involved in the making of this game is a scammer has scammed how was husk and I was scared because I played the game for 3 weeks and I was about to reach the threshold which I was supposed to reach its stage for the one so when I was on stage 28 the the owner or whoever developed the game decided that I shouldn't get the reward so they decided to reset my game I am not happy I will never be happy



marakith panganiban


Amarilys Villegas


Amanda Barron

Easy and fun

Earline Horton

They never pay

Randy Martin

Love to play

Mary Mata

Luv it

Tina Barnick

Ni e little game. It helps pass the time away.

Darren Brown


Sinner Loko

I love it

Anita McFadden

Love it

Alicia Boggan

Totally fun entertaining and great to pass the time A+++

lyn balognapo

It this real cash money... Or just fun I DNT want my internet for nothing

Brittnee Hunt

Love my BINGO!! It's challenging but rewardable and that's right up my alley 😂

Carrie Benbrook

Haven't played this game just yet

stella Almanzar

fun game to play

Sheila Sellers

Love this game

April Belaire

I am updating my rating as I have been playing a bit longer and seems to be doing better will update after I get my tokens if I get them

Delaynea Barnett

Fun easy quick gives you a lot to choose witch one. Colorful cute fast 2 4 and up how many cards gives great points alot of bonuses. Quick moving to different game leval up fast

Kellie Starling

Very interactive with other players and admin pays close attention to group members, gives you a feeling that your voice is heard! Thank you for such a wonderful game experience!

Terry Morin

Its relaxing,and I get to meet new friendly people and theirs a variety of games to play also.

Dad 1958


Aaron Lamanna

Fun to play.

Anthony Bearden

Cool game

Daffeney Austin

I am loving this bingo game!

Patty Salapek

I get so into playing that I lose track of time. Keeps me occupied. Love this game.

Jami Alford

I don't see how it's possible to win any cash but the game is fun!

Bronwyn Davis (Bronnie)

Love playing this bingo game its fun plus relaxing Bronniexx

Stacey Williams



Great 👌

reggie davis

They sayyou can withdraw money automatically lies then they say there's no restrictions on your withdrawal lies then they brag about the bonus money that you receive yeh you can win it on the game but when you go to retrieve it they only give you a little of it not even worth withdrawing like I won up to fifteen dollars went to withdraw it just to see how legit it was and they said you can only withdraw 3 so I was like ok let's do anyway the I get a message on my screen it takes up to five days

Rose Moon

It's ok

Christie Cummings

I don't know why I keep getting charged $13.51 for this game. I don't play it anymore and had to reinstall it just to leave this review cause I can't contact anyone. REFUND MY MONEY

Cidney Ault

the freebies NEVER work

Your daily Game master

Boring and don't get the point

Angelique Mckeller

Awesome game super fun !! ♥️

Gerald Tenorio (Geo4570)


Jude Senecharles

Great pastime

Julia Bruettig

Awesome 👍 thanks

Madame Exe


Hgg Y66

How do u cash out

Adrian Sheppard

Best game ever!

mary jean delos santos

I try

aldrin latorre

its awesome

Andrew Cooper

Do not play this game unless you're rich the only way you win and I have not won but maybe one time I've got my money back on what I did is if you buy something and that's extortion it's greediness it's like every other typical greedy developer out there I've had enough of these con artists and the ripoff game and scams don't play this game even when they try to offer your 24 in their email there's always an error so you can't ever get the 240 credits because they are scam artists and greedy

Elizabeth Sokutu

Fun and relaxing 🎮

Steven Johnson


A Google user

Love it 😊❤️

Luffy Mugiwara

Quite difficult

Nyan Min Myat

It's good game!

James braunersrither


Zin Thu Ya

goog game

James Jim Thomas Holdner (Jim)

Its better than most. Still try and force you to spend money. What you have to do is search for a game that.. Well dont want to give away all the secrets. But it does allow fun play with out spending as long as your are smarter than the average bear. RIGHT BOBO BOY!!

Arleen Marcelo Sabordo

I love this game application 😍😍😍

Gail B

Enjoyable n fun ty

Welson Mata

Downdload bingo win cash play everyday.amzing rewards

Crystal Lemanski

Love it

Stephen Cain

Totally fun game

Diana Milner

Love it

Rebekah Snow

Great fun.

Joshua Marquez

Worst than the other Bingos app Periodt.

Quiana Perdue

It says lucky cash but I don't see any cash prizes, and I even invested into this 1😪

Leo Alivio


The M

You are the best unlucky😡😡😡

Hot Princess Erejer

Nice game and makes me enjoy ☺️

Htet Wai Thaw

Level 1to40 ez

Ko Billy48

i like

Rashmi Bhatti


Francis Pelser

Fun game. Love it

Kane Wolff

It's one of the best bingo games I've played in a very long time.... There's been a few snags along the way but overall I still think it's one of the better bingo games that I have played in a long time...

Crystal Lujan

Love it

Julie Griffith

It's a fun game looking forward to see what's in store

Tshepo Rafuza

This is a great game.