Beyond the Realms


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Beyond the Realms – This groundbreaking mobile MMORPG boasts everything you can ever dream of!

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File size: 53M
Update time: July 6, 2021
Current version: 1.1.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review

Laura Strazdina

"Failed to download resources" sooo i cant even try it. and no, my network works fine.

Michael Lugar

You still haven't fixed any of the problems with this game. You can't go any further into the game because of the daily log in quest that does not exist. But is still a quest. Sad waste of a promising game.

Ivan poe


Grant Cowan

I cant create a character on any server

Nick Wood

Did not work when logging in


Im sorry, but this is a copy of the game forsaken world.

Tj Reulet



Daily Sign in bug? how to fix>?


The moment you enter the two most giant red flags will slap you in the face . First the game is playing it self from the moment you enter . Auto play auto grind auto loot inventory manager . Second HUGE problem is you'll immediately be greeted with purchase now b4 time limit pop ups , ok cool you close it out . With in 30 sec the game pops an up grade button over your attack buttons to help show ways to gain cp. On the bottom of that list is more tiny space that show purchase now. $=cp.

Ken Sadie

any updates with the daily sign in?

Millionore Belleza

What happen to main quest why the daily sign in is bug Can you. Fix about the bug?

Alifzulfullah Zulkifli

Lol how to do quest if i cant sign in zzz


worst game

Lynn Crawford Crawford

Seriously not cool the game has so much potential but it is going to waste. Stuck on daily log in and can't progress, All of the bugs should be sorted out if this is going somewhere.

X Scorpio

Can't do the daily quest login. Need help

Max Xam


Damen Abitua

Trash graphica anddont work

Robert Mahobej

Why cant i be a male archer? Was it really that hard to add the option to be a male or female? Its utterly ridiculous enjoy a 1 star review until you fix it


Claim 1 first day bug :( im not the next questi

Shahnawaz Sayyed

If you cannot rectify a simple SIGN IN bug why do you create a complex game?? Despite of a 2.7 rating on Google Playstore you Dev's are not even correcting the most simplest msitakes. Guess you are here to push people for First Top Up rewards and then push them into unplayable game

kasper ghost

They killed their own game. If they were just fixed the stupid little petty bugs they will have a badass game here but if they continue to ignore it wasted all that time and energy and effort on creating a really good game I give it more stars if it was working order. This game has the potential to be a gold mine for them keep dragging their asses whatever. Get your asses in gear to the point of game to make money don't you want money

Mark Anthony Cajalne

Paki fix naman poh ung leveling, 2months na poh kasing ndi gumagalaw ung level ku, agur150

wamecca arnold


pISOI d'cas

You get stuck on level 75 for a quest you claim prior to it, so bad kumbaya there, fix the error, and I'll fix my rating

Marjon Omandam

oh my god im stock in quest they always say click the daily quest but it not work out how i can play better in it and how i can put a stars or remark to this game.please help me im already do my first recharge

Khalul Muhackiem

fix your daily log in quest, its bugged. main quest cannot continue

Raw Meal

Still no update about the bugs???

Valter Ntetsi

Daily login quest bug still not fixed its the 3d day

JhoLyn Serran

When your Level is 61 i can't claim the daily reward because you have to Become a Vip 4 to claim it It's like you guys are forcing us to become Vip players it sucks

Phree Zleva

OK. It's just like every other game. Allt of the same gameplay and quests. However it never let me continue to play. Frt Day reward quests got me stuck


zero not working they put daily log in quest but thers no daily log in and they ar not interested in fixing it.all players have the same complain yet no ones doing anything about it..yes theres customer service but good luck if u want t contact them..tried it so many times...owww and u cant post ur review if u dont give a star..haah!!!wat da fak

Nica Monton

Why can't I sign in? Devs should solve this issue immediately, the game has potential. So disappointing!!!!

danardono harimurti

I'm stuck at quest 1 daily login. Chat cannot use space. Please FIX THEM! Then i will change the rate

Almer Deocampo Maravilla

This game is bug

Edward Henry

Never got past naming my toon. Kept saying I was using blocked words.

Unknown Human

The game plays by it self .. so download it, install it, run it ... and forget about it ... not my type of garbage .. 0 * 100000 of these sort of games out

Rick Annis

Game seems to work fine for me

Glorio Dagasdas Baradillo

Dude i top up but stuck in daily sign in

Richard Steen

UPDATE: Log in is Broken AGAIN! I gave your game a chance! Uninstalled! Moving on to a Game that works!

Roxanne M

Game does not start and customer service site is unreachable.

Kurt Bayog

Good game but i dont know why you will be stack at the quest says claim log in. .i wait to finish downloading the resources in game but still it dont appear on the option

Aaron Marnel Torres

im Stuck because daily sign in does not come out. Your game is a joke. thankfully i havent spend any amount..bug like this is so annoying..restard a couple of times but nothing..uninstalled

joni Gonzales

Stuck on the daily sign in quest.When i click on it, I am being led to a blank page that doesnt say anything about a sign in.Customer service page not helpful at all and doesnt have any place to put in any screenshot or to report it.Too much of a hassle to email since this has been an ongoing issue based on the reviews.

Sonny Steinmetz

Still bugs ns-s1 apex territory, realm of gods, PoG, Magic corridor, new server blessings, daily sign in, level cap at aug 150. Over 2 months now with no fix, no genuine response of any nature if your lucky enough to have a working email? I use the one I log into game with and google?? Pray to Athena you fix your game... new update 9-23-21 after updating, can't enter stuck at checking for update screen, your customer service is broken.....

Timo Werner

Come join us

Jonathan Tah

nice game

Niklas Stark

Super addictive game

Suat Serdar

Not bad

Nico Schulz


Nhi Mong

It's been a long time since I've played a game of this genre, but this one caught my attention! It boasts a host of character selection options, and the game style is also to my liking. I made some new friends in the game, whom I think are as legit as real-life friends.

nicholas sanders

Doesn't work can get past the start

Naurya 408

Cannot even play the game as I'm unable to create a character because my character's name contains 'blocked/not allowed characters' without even telling me what those characters are. It doesn't seem to be numbers or spaces as the name I chose doesn't contain either which. Nothing changes if I restart the game. I'll properly rate this game once this issue is fixed. Edit: You have to change the name to one that works, however you won't know if it actually works as you can't check for availability.

Aaron Moses Ramos

Cant even Pass the Quest Sign In,and The world.Chat Is no space good graphics,good gameplay still need a lot of bug fix.

Gunrio Surio

Good game but lots of bug, for example the annoying bug i encounter is when you have to complete the daily sign in quest but there is no daily sign in, it got potential but im very disapointed.

Alex Gaming

cant go on the 'daily reward quest'

Jason Winters

doesnt work, i picked americas, and logfed in, and nothing happens, no server, nothing

constantin eduard

Game looks good ,smooth, but the funny thing i always lose connection...wifi or data ...i live in Netherlands,my connection it's around 78-100 mb/s i can easily play any other game device it's also good "red magic 5G" i hope you guys can fix this .

Grind247 Hard

New server people try it out.. a bug here and there but better than before great game

Alan Denby

Update the game to the latest version, and it won't load any more. Like the game, not the updates.

Thomas Stanton

Great game love it I will tell all my friends an family

A Google user


A Google user

The best game ever

A Google user

Nice strategy games 👍

A Google user

Not bad

A Google user

It's challenging but fun

A Google user

Very interesting

A Google user

The game is simple and fun 😀

A Google user


A Google user

love it!!

A Google user

So far so good

A Google user

Very fun & addicting.

A Google user

Fun! :)

A Google user

Very fun and addictive! Fun for all ages!

A Google user

A fun game

A Google user

I love this

A Google user

Pretty fun

A Google user

Cool game

A Google user

Fun game very addictive 👌

A Google user

Enjoy this a lot

A Google user

wow!I like it

A Google user

Oh so fun!

Lukas SchulteOO

I love this game

Joshua Schwarzkopf

Good Game❤️

Jonas LachsZZ

Love this game

Leon WagnerQQ

Like this game

Serge Meyer

Pretty fun

Matthias Mandela1995


Julian Schneider

Great game. Simple and fun.

Ted Halvorsen

The best

Quintion Kowalski

It's a great to play

Christophe Jallet

Love this game

Gael Clichy

Very fun

Eric Abidal

Good game, love it

Jordan Amavi

Its okay

Benoit Tremoulinas


Edgars Kigelis

Hello! So I'am stucked in my progression in game because there is quest that request daily sing reward colecting but there is no daily sing in rewards and i cant use all game fetures.

wYt kYut

lol digger game, deleted my previous 1* review for no actions on bugged quest

Josepheus iloreta Sinon


Refer Good

Daily quests I'm stuck at daily sign in what a fkn trash can game

Shiro Myst

downloaded it 6 timecause it keeps stoping when get into game get to play for like10 seconds then it stops an resets so my rating went down like the game but cant play it they need to fix it