Become a Queen

Author: Odin Interactive

500,000+ install


– Help girls become succesfull and beautiful.
– Make decisions and face consequences.
– Do makeup and choose outfits.
– Become a Queen!

Customer review

Christine Foreman


Lily May

I gave this game a 2 because it was a fun game but every 10 seconds there are like 30 seconds ads and then you get back the the game and it doesn't even let you answer before it just goes to the next ad I would say don't down load this game if you don't have a lot of patience it will just waist your time also you barely get to play the game

Maya Rathod

seen Only ads in this game

Paige Appleby

The game is fun but whats with all the ads ? Its like 2 ads every level, u do something then its an ad then another ad when u level up, i dont mind adverts sometimes but the amount thats on this is unbelievable

Rajesh Chaudhary


Shawn Williston


Monika singhal

I like it but there are so many adds.

Tushar Yadav

Very ads on this game it's so irritating I don't like this fix it if possible.

Simar Arora


Mauricia Grobbelaar

Great game..where's the other levels..×10more stars..I want 2play but no more levels

Success Maker

I like this game

Kathleen Socchia

Was fun but would stop or freeze and way to many ads

Sachin Sawant


Rupaklama Sarmila


John Lathery

It has a bug in it to where it keeps kicking me off the game

Anshika Raj

This game is is nice but this game is of very much MB so I think that this could be not fair but this game is very nice very romantic and when you are in a bad mood you can play this game and rest everything I like 👍 secondly in this game there are many ad this is the second problem if you fix this problem then this game will be perfect for all

Yna Sanchez

bilis 👆

نصرت جهان تيشا

You show toooooo much add That's why I'm uninstalling this game only for this but others ways i was liked it

Tapasi Barman

Too much adds

Rose Lin

Worst game ever. Please don't download it. It has ad every 10 seconds. Irritating to the core.

Angel Wytch

Too many ads and too slow

Matthew Peterson

It's okay but I didn't like it as much as I thought I was going to


too many ads

Christopher Jackson

This game is unacceptable I am never playing this game again so sexist who made me uninstall another game this game hacking me

Jordyn X

I hate your stupid game

Shakuntala Devi

This game is nice but there is so many ads it so frustrating so please try to reduce it

Karuna Sagar

Please next levels

Fa Fahim

Khanki's Polara Dhon's game is made, but after a while it gives empty edberise.

Glam Diva

The game is super good but so many ads

Chloe Saffiyah Vilan

This game is take too long to loaded,everytime i tried to play it it go back to my freaking screen it makes me want to bleed my eyes.

Shakuntala devi Shakuntala

Nice game


super game

rose walls

It was a fun game but way to many ads and the games freezes I had to restart my phone like 5 times playing it but it need to be fixed majorly

Nangamso Vuyelwa

I love this game it is a monster 👹 I am just kidding I is a good game for everyone in South Africa I love it sooooooooooooooooooooo much much more 💗💗

Gargi Mishra

It's ok

Noey Dreemurr

Bro the game is valid but there's 3 ads every 30 second level, I only made it to level 5 and had to delete it


I get people need money but can't you just make the game have less ad's


i dont like it because this is not cool at all LIKE A FAT GIRL CAN BE ANYTHING

Xander Houff

I love it❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️100%

Mrs. mystery

I wish i could give this a higher rating but,this games has so many ads it almost makes it unplayable and very glitchly do to the amount of ads being played every five seconds

Kately n Surprisse

I love this game make more please

Diana Bestow

WAYYYYY to many ads.

Debdutta Hazra

Worst game ever

Titilope Saliu

So good no adds and bbn play without internet

bonny klokow


Miku Marathe

I used to love this game. But now, it's rigged with ads!

Omnia Nona

Very ads its so bad game

E Email

Awful All the reviews are correct about the ads they are absolutely ridiculous and the game is so slow it's like going back to dial up. It gives you the option to remove ads but it doesn't give you enough time to play to even decide if you like the game. it's rude to ask you to pay when you haven't even had a chance to see what it's about

Kiwi Jones

Extremely too too many adds..not worth downloading 😕

Hlengiwe Ntshangase

It's teach to stand for your self

Martha Magdaleno

I did not mean that game i am sorry and the game i bet it is going to be fun❤

Imama Zenaib


Keri Lynn

Nothing like the ads. You'll spend 99% of the time watching ads


There is too many adds. Very bad game

Christ paul Ocampo

So many many many many many many many addsssss this game is disapointed game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you all dont download this game plsss no wait secon add many many

Tricia Marie Agam

Don't play

Marsela Xhepa

Very very good i like it💅💅💅💅💅💅😏😏😏😏😏

Mohammed Murtuza

This is very good game but there are no next chapter 4 only there for chapter okay but I like your game please make this please make like games like this game please make like this game aap log aise hi bahut sara game banaiye

shiva kumar

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww such a nice game!

Yashvi Tirumala

It's a nice game but there are way too many ads, like I couldn't even play for 2 minutes without getting an ad.

Chethi Vyshnavi

Adds are more waste of time

Lindi Tshegetsang Sekwele

Wost game ever😡😡😠😠🤮🤮🤢🤢

Misbah kehkashan

I like this game very much but the only thing is that there are a lot of ads

cam dcua

Turn off your wifi to continue

Jessi Johnson

Wayyyy too many ads 😡


Very bad game so many ads are coming when playing game ad's are come to every 2 second 😑😑😑

Nicoriea Robinson-Morney

This game has so MANY CONTINUOUS ads every second and it keeps repeating the game sequence and not letting me progress.

Amanda Campbell

First off when I tried to download it, it would not let me download it then WAY to many adds and is not that fun 😕

Bernadette Garcia

It's a decent game but it has WAY WAY TOO MANY ADS that is frustrating to continue I got to t prom crowned and speech but I'm installing it

Sabikun nahar

Can't wait for the new content 🥳🥳I loved this game so much 💕i fell in love with this game 💕the story is so good 👑loved it!! 👑💕


This was a fun game because I like to see the outcome based on my decision BUT this game has way too many ads. You will spend more time watching ads than actually playin the game! The ads are almost back to back. I would have given more stars if I could have actually enjoyed the game.


too many ads

Vimala Tom

This game is so freaking bad, why? Well first off the amount of loading is unnecessary and super annoying. Second off it's super laggy like really laggy also before you say "OH It's PRObaBLy Your PHonE" nope it's not my phone it's the app. Third off the amount of ads is also very unnecessary and makes the game unenjoyable. Fourth off the app only has 2.5 stars which will give you an idea that it's bad same thing with the reviews. Ps the storyline is amazing and I love the idea of the app!!

Dottie Drummond

To many adds!!!

Chariya Riya

So enjoy with the story I hope this creater have make continue part 2

Nisha Verma

So much ads

Ahzhanna Woods

I like it but evertome its an ad and the add is over the screen goes black so fix it

Vansh Sharma

Game has too many of ads that irritates the most and this game has hanged my mobile my mobile is not even working properly i deleted this after 3 mins of download This game is

Sarah Blumke

It is not right! It says make her beautiful even though everybody is beautiful just in one was.

Mikasta Moody

Fun and at first the ads were optional. But now there's an ad every 5 seconds. Usually at least glance at the reviews. This is ridiculous

Rofida Ibrahim


Devika Ajith

Game is just good...but lots of Cannot enjoy the game

brooklyn brooklyn

This game so 🆒️😎

Dory Nemo

Way too many ads it's hardly worth playing

Irene Moore

Doesn't work

SanEeyA TheCool

I played this game and there was WAYYY to many ads. If your gonna make a game then make it right because the amount of ads I get every 10 seconds is so annoying. So if you can actually FIX the game then maybe it will be better I barley got to play half of the "story" because so many ads popped up so you guys need to fix your bugs because I'm not about to sit here and pay people to watch ads and I'm definitely NOT going to pay $2.99 and WASTE my money just so I won't get ads fix your bugs.

kajal goswami

No voice/ music in the game. It's irritating after few hours

Liz Hobbs

I can't even play it with out it leaving the app

Arash Ostovari

Dude this legit says bad words im gonna report this game, and it also does inappropriate things to so I don't like this game I hate it so I'm never ever EVER playing this STUPID GAME ever again, if you agree your correct if you don't agree well it your choice I guess play it and you'll regret it it's like only for 13 14 or 15 year old teens because this is a bad game anyway I have my own work to do so um I guess goodbye everyone!


To much adds

Smiley Fairy

Too much ads uninstall this game

Raba`atul Adawiah Shaidun

Very bad😡😡😡

Neeraj Prajapati

The game is okk but there are too mang adds the half goes on and only

Baby Harv

I just started playing this game and then I have watched more adds than play time. Sorry but I'm not playing this just to make your app money. I just completed a interview for my first job and in the 6 questions it asked me, it went to an add after each reply. That is SO RIDICULOUS!!!!! I just played for literally 2 minuet's and had 7 adds with not much play at all when each add is 30 or more seconds long!!!! Now I just started playing again and DOESN'T MATTER WHAT ANSWER, PICKS IT OWN NARRITIVE


Makes my phone run slooooow and crash also way too many ads why can't I play offline...

Ramage Harmed

Love it

ninja ni badeth gallardo

Actually i like the story the only problem is the prostriting ads to many ads

Lubna Rushdy

This game is the worst game ever. It's also inappropriate because there is kissing and other things like that. So really really this game is the worst😤😤

Anil Kumar Shahani

You Should not Download this game evr 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

Velmurugan Kandan

Good but so many ads are there ... It's not become a queen it's become a devil.