Beatstar – Touch Your Music

Author: Space Ape

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Beatstar – Touch Your Music – A brand new way to experience music.

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File size: 155M
Update time: August 9, 2021
Current version:
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Space Ape
Price: Free
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Customer review

amanda thomas

Love this game


Very good 👍 I love this game and I always play it 🙀

Thalia Bristow

The game can lag, and there have been major audio sync bugs with my wireless headphones. The Tour Pass issue was resolved - but it is NOT worth it. 1-3 cards per bonus level is PITIFUL, and if there aren't many songs you want, and you can't unlock much if anything at all, it is a waste of money. There should be an option to shorten box open times with ads as well, given how well ads are integrated already. And as a suggestion - Anime Tour Pass! Stone Ocean, The Rumbling... I could go on 😍

Josh Colvin

Have to watch ads to keep playing..? I'm all for watching ads for extra content but just to keep playing the game? Tf

Paul Byrne


Urosh Mirosavljevic

Really good UI, songs are in clear audio, but the gameplay, smoothness is a bit chompy if you arent using a good phone, satisfied with on on a 11T Pro

Griffin Kids

A very fun beat game that has a lot of recognizable songs

Ella Ingram

Dont even think about it😠😠😠😠😠😠

Sagar Makwana

Good game ...loved it ❤️❤️

Jack None Provided

So let's get into this, I love this game, but there is many annoying features. Like after a number of songs you have to "pay to continue". One form is an advert, which it'll make you watch, then black screen, then it'll make you watch the advert again. Then you won't get to play. Cash grab.

Dan Schenck

gives new songs at decent intervals, still has pay to win options and ads to get bonus things. but overall a nice guitar hero knock off.

Dale Mercer

As Glitchy as they come like being frustrated this games for you

khaila williams

The game overall is great I am having soo much fun. The only things that infuriate me and when the screen lags mid song and it mess with my progress to achieve the highest score. When I tap on the keys it's delay. Please fix this !!

Devon Straub

Guitar hero, but for your phone. I only wish there was an option where you could pay to remove ads permanently.

Landan Cybak

It sucks, I can tap on a tile 3 times and it won't count. Takes so long for song boxes and cases too open, it's not like there is a limit to music. The daily event is garbage, if I mess up I cant get a free ad continue or if I quit a song I can't go back to retry. Cost so much just for more songs. So expensive to buy stuff(pay to play). takes so much effort just for a gold. Some song ain't even the full thing. They need a Pvp too.

Skm_ B

It's a pretty good game until you have to either wait until your able to play another turn or watch more ads to play, which is down fall I hate when games start off good then want you to pay more just to play more less ads and more play would be great!

Devon Mclaughlin clausen

glitches in my devices and i would love their to be the included music video.

Jaime Diaz

awesome game

S Yeomans

Realy good butni dont get wishlist cards that much. Please fix this.

Elizabeth Hull

it's fun but annoying to wait for boxes to open

Ethan Page

it's just really fun really easy but fun

Ashlee Fox

It doesn't even land on beats. What's the point? it literally just plays the music and I guess touching the random blocks on time keeps it going. And (for example) if the song hits a high note and the blocks in the last lane, that same high note sound could use any lane it seem. People are probably rating it so high because it's mindlessly simple. IMO this is for kids.

Vincentius Ardy


Cindee Goodling

very fun

jethro antonio

Please remove the box slots.. please😭😭 I just want to play smoothly but I have to wait for atleast 3hrs+ to play, and after that I can only play 4-5 songs/5 to 7 times to play.

Jase Still

very nice game very little ads

Bobbie Lee Smith

I like this game a lot this games really fun you can do a lot of stuff with it and I'm a really fan of music so this game means a lot to me and I love this game so much thank you so much for making it even though why am I saying thank you I don't know but thank you so much for making it I love this game this game I love it has so much beads so much songs you can break the people and I remember when I got to break my first time and I was like OMG I get to brag and like you get gold purple and sil

Katie Jahnke

This app is a joke you can't save your progress with Facebook or Google. Don't break your phone you won't be able to get into your old account if you do. Customer service is no help.

Codie Minter

goes ham💯🤙👌

Chelsie Billiot

very challenging & exciting!

Megan Johnson

This was a great game, i did choose to pay to play, but since the last update they've just become too greedy. Unfortunately i paid out for this months tour pass before realising unlimited play was limited to 1 hr for 50 gems and free to play is pretty much eliminated. Once this season is up ill probably be uninstalling and definitely wont be paying anymore to play Edit: since posting this review an update has come out to reintroduce the weekly free play - thankyou for listening!

Meme God


Navaneeth ks

pretty good game

Brendon Wick

Played for 2 weeks and now it won't let me double tap to even start a song. I o not know why. My phone is in good condition. End of the season maybe

Ryan Rothlisberger

Fun game! Would be nice to see what songs your "friends" have also for that competition aspect (pick a song and battle for 1st), and make the BRAGs last longer.

Clinton Erasmus

An excellent game with great music and not many adverts. 5 stars.

Aditya Achraya

Very Beautiful game and if you like English songs and some challenging games . This one is for u. Very nice ui and feel. Good songs too. Overall one of the best games i ever played

julie beall

sometimes it glitches and it makes you lose but other than that it's good and sometimes fun

Raka GK

great game can wait for special event!!

Daisy Attley

really fun game good way to Improve hand eye coordination.

Yash Gangwal

Its a 5 star game no doubt about that! But why won't you guys just let us play even if the chest slots are full? Imagine if Clash Royale stopped it's players from playing because their chest slots were full? You gotta let us play and get the hang of the game if you want us to put some money into it! It's not cool for you to making us watch a 30 sec long advertise to play just 1 turn! I think Dev's should work on this "not letting them play because the chest slots are full" situation!

Cynthia Vivar

it's really fun you would expect it to have old songs but it has really cool new songs

MarkJake Mascoso

So nice this apps

Le BreD

gotta say its amazing game, very vibe-y, its easy for me, its a perfect game if you just wanna vibe, but be warn that there's a limit on the song you can play, you need to unlock it (like any other rhythm game) and u need to unlock the music chest (sum like that) before playing more, I suggest putting 5 slot instead of 3, and make it that u can open 2 in a same time and reduce the time at least by 50% cuz 3h for 5 shard of music box is just ridiculous, but other than that. this game is fun asf

jaime lowther

Great so far!!! yeah*

Kelly Petersen

this game is amazing!!!!!!!!


I love this game so much and I hope all the world download this game ❤️❤️❤️😍😍

Hayden Shoults

I downloaded this game because i love rythym games like osu and fnf. This was fun at first until i realized that this was pay to win. The game lets you play for like an hour and then says "oh sorry guess you cant play right now the chests are full come back in 8 hours lol" Unless... You pay 25 gems. Just to play for 30 minutes? And if you get ONE single great i lose 3000 score. I do not reccomend this game if you like rythym games. Also, i think its dumb that the developer just auto-replies.

zahra K.q


Colleen Christensen

really fun 😃😃😃😃😃

vincible gaming

It's a good game but for every song it doesn't register when I tap for a few notes and I have to pay gems to continue. It's also never at the same spot. Edit: it has started doing it twice every song now

Waimarino Garland-Ross

really fun 🙂


nice game try this



Kody Bell

So fun

Jami Mercer

I'm addicted!

Phước Lưu Võ

I love the gameplay and the UI

Andrew Johnson

love it. I've been waiting for a game like this for so long

Nadia Aspmo

It was working fine until the latest update. Now it stops without pressing any tiles..


Great can u please provide more box spaces like there should be more chests and there you can go and play more than two ads to reduce the time it would be fun... So please consider it as it will obviously increase the user interface time.

LostZombie265 -

Good tiles so far good selection of music. If your a rocker most likely your favorite songs are buried in the progression system

Armando Mondragon

awesome game!

Jade Dixon

I have put 89 hours of play time into this game, I love it. Since last update all the songs are lagging really bad which makes playing the game effectively, impossible. Really disappointed. Iv even cleaned up my phone data, ensured it's updated and restarted it but it's not my phone, it's only occurred since the last update.


New update doesnt make any sense every since i downloaded this latest update i cannot play the game normaly it doesnt recognize my swipe or touches multiple times like it says swipe up i do swipe up and somehow i fail please fix this my device is Galaxy S8 Plus

Jonny Sanders

fun game. hooked as f#@÷

Jaimielle Lucena

This is a great game. It is very enjoyable to play and i love all the songs in this game because there are a lot of latest hit songs.

Blue The Water Fury

I want to have the ability to import my own song into the game

Carl Redfern

It's so fun I play it with my family

nathaniel Adelman

all I ever do now is play beatstar and then I beat her star with fat meat!!! bang bang skeet skeet neega!

Chris Diaz

The ads lied where is ussewa


I love it

Miget Wilder

I want country music lol but the songs are great I love the game

Cayden White

it's a really good game I just wish I could get gems more easily. my game won't update properly like its supposed to but that's Google's fault. Great song choices I wish they would have more country music though

Vorky Vorky

Very fun, somewhat reminiscent of a very popular console game. Then there is the inundation of adds and it feels like you can spend more time add watching than playing, killing your fun quotient. I don't have a problem dropping money for a premium game, which it is not, but I have learned the hard way to avoid micro-transactions. Which is the option to get rid of adds and for buying gems for continues. There isn't a one and done add buy out option, just micro-transactions for a 30 minutes.

Mostafa Elsawi

This game doesn't have good songs, there is no free infinite plays and I need to get the song before playing it

Dark Angelz

this is seriously addictive!!! I can't get enough of it! if you're a music lover, you've gotta ABSOLUTELY TRY THIS!!!

Rachel Owens

it's fun


So interesting

Valerie Sheldon

Super fun to help my hand eye quition

Trenton Sanders

cool game

Rommel Sicosana

This is a very good game the seasons are very good especially the songs.

Adelyn McDaniel

the best game in the world


so far so good.. been playing about 2 wks or so. Wish i could access the songs in my boxes once they're unlocked tho.

Devan Deskins

Hell yea

Zack Fouda

awesome game!

Carter Allen


Xiomi Cruz

My fav game!

Allan m

ads make me loose interest real quick plus the having to buy crystals sucks just so I don't have to start over again

Bob Vila

it's a very good game that has no ads and it's very good and it's very fun

Brandon Bittner

its a great game I just wish they played the whole songs

Len Fletcher

fun good stuff

Rae Rae

Its a great game, lots of songs to chooses from

British Senpai

really fun, helps with dexterity

Zakir Hossen

This game is awesome 👍 I totally love it but I am giving it 4star because Iwwould love if it's has a offline system where I can download the songs I played and can play again in offline. Please developers bring offline system

Aludarce 89

It's a fun game except when no matter what I do I have to wait through a 30 second

Anthony Kasko

Do not install they do not take in account for your selected genre and gives you trash songs from other genre

hunter trimmer

I love this app but I wish you had a country genre, and if people don't like it they can opt out. Constantly have issue with sound ie. One second I have the sound turned down next minute its really loud. Also when I try to start a song it will randomly go to the middle of the song and I have to start over.

Christtina Taylor

fun game

Nonna1 Wilson


Mandi Matteau

Super inappropriate ads!!! Very upsetting.. my kid and I used to love playing this game and now after several inappropriate ads (one about a Virgin girl being taken advantage of by a demon) I can no longer allow her to play 😑