Beat Trigger – EDM Music & Gun Sounds

Author: Adaric Music

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Beat Trigger – EDM Music & Gun Sounds – NEW✨EDM Music Game with cat runner & gun sounds! Take your best shot to rhythm!

Detailed info

File size: 42M
Update time: May 10, 2021
Current version: 1.2.9
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Adaric Music
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ace john Riveral

I love this game ang of course iloveyou too

Hniarcaan caante


Ali Hassan

Please provide cloud (connect to facebook) option.

Unique star all game


Leonardo Paligsa


Rea vlog

Good good good good good

Lorein Borreta

i love this game cost its super cool and its so cute but the thing that i dont like is she always no energy so i will give this 4 stars......

Przedszkole Network

I can't believe you can't let me add my own song I will report you because you are one ----

Angel gihar Angel gihar


JP Blaze

I just played it now, it is already nice which is why i will give you 5star.

Vivencia Cabillo

Slzo Zdlldx

Paul Van Niekerk

I love 💕 your games

James Tablac


Bismark Ansah


Emerilyn Macasadia

It's so lag

Yoon Shweehmdtkjvdeennloudeenif

I like games

Vishnu Sapkal

This game is bad dont download

Fastmofury Video Games!

Ok so, the game is good, sure. But that's just because it's a copy and paste of Beat Fire, a game which is also a game made by exactly the same team of developer's. The gun sounds are exactly the same, most of the current ingame songs are the same, and generally it feels like Beat Fire with a cat. Beat Fire has a lot more songs and a lot more guns. Generally, Beat Fire is just better. If you think this is good, you'll love Beat Fire.

Spill the Tea

This is so addicting

Kenan Hinckson

Keep up the good work man


Omaaagood!!!TYSM,For this I really love your Game it's super fun i can't stop playing It All the music are amazing,Plus it's so easy to Play with it cause you can't easily lose cause you'l Just lose if you Touch the wrong block,So who ever reading this Download this game now you won't regret it,Btw I hope You make A thing that are own music can Also be played!!But overall Amazing just Amazing I love it so much!!!



Liza Alba

Am happy ☺☺☺

bude budz


Anil Mishra

beautiful wonderful best game in world

Drazor Max

Love it

Yron Ravanes

Lag lag lag😡😡😡😡😡😡dont download this sooooooo lag

Adonis Lualhati

When you update this game?I wait for the new mode and new guns

Jesryl Lanticse


Killr Sans Playz


Gerry Presiguel


Kid guy

This game is fun

Alicia Samaroo


Roth Tha


shantenei langdale

Shooting and actions my thing and i also love music so why not play the best game

Genelyn Villanueva


smasher's vlog

Kaylangan ba to ng connection..

Sita Sunar

Beat trigger is the most nice game I love is to much 😄😄😄

Yanti Yanti


David debbarma David