Beam of Magic – Roguelike RPG

Author: Zillion Whales

500K+ install


Beam of Magic is an online multiplayer RPG game with roguelike mechanics in which you explore dungeons and open world locations, destroy a bunch of enemies, and fight bosses. You can play this exciting RPG multiplayer alone or in an online co op with friends. Forget about boring offline shooters and dive into an epic fantasy world!

Magic Shooter Features:

★ Huge map – fight against hordes of enemies in PvE mode on big locations. We are updating maps all the time, making gameplay more diverse and keeping you on your toes.

★ Monsters and beasts – learn how to defeat scary creatures living in the dungeons and deep inside the forest. There’s going to be more and more of them! If you are on your own, things might get desperate. Invite friends to join the magic adventure and get to know this arcade hunter together.

★ Level-up system – level up your hero over the course of the game. Choose one of three random perks that will define your tactics in this exciting action RPG adventure.

★ Challenging bosses – enjoy all the advantages of this magic shooter. Destroy big bosses and get a massive reward.

★ Online multiplayer – play with other players or with your friends. Battle multiplayer mode can bring your gameplay to new heights!

Looking for dope roguelike? Stop right now, you’ve just found the game you’ve been looking for! Try it out however you can, without Wi-Fi or online!

Beam of Magic is a top-down age-of-knight adventure with a choice of 3 random skills per level up. As you progress through the map, you will discover several different sections with multiple bosses. Each location brings a new inventory and equipment. Stronger enemies will spice up your progress in this PvE shooter.

Brawl with monsters together makes it more fun. Action adventure games offline like this won’t let you get bored. Ready to impress everyone with your skills?

Beam of Magic combines the best of fantasy brawl games, magic RPG, as well as dungeon roguelike games. Your way won’t be easy – follow it through multiple dungeons filled with monsters and treasure.

Join thousands of players who have already started playing Beam of Magic – one of the best magic games out there. We continue to work on the gameplay, adding new locations and levels to keep it nice and fun.

Do you like action shooters, PvP online, multiplayers, battle simulators, roguelikes or brawlers? Try Beam of Magic today to add a new title to your list of favorite games!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 1, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Zillion Whales
Price: Free
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Customer review

Christopher Esguerra

solid game foundation. Hope this game brings more innovation!! *fingers crossed* for updates and content


im really surprised that you can actually co-op in this game. cool

Martin Haryanto

very cool game on first impression. UI could be better (assets). control is nice.

Nick Blumm

Can't even get I to the game it keeps telling me no internet connection so I can't really give it a rating

Elyas Isaiah

Lovely interesting

Nicholas Ho

This game is trash I defeated all of the bosses but then when the game ends or when I die IT DOESNT COMPLETE THAT DIFFICULTY it didnt unlocked the next one I WORKED SO HARD please fix this because its so glitched 😡🤬 and pls JUST FIX THE ENEMY'S DAMAGE.

Amin Alan

Only in early game will I see players playing in the same map with me. Now it's only solo. I play to play with other players

Christian Hickman


Gabe crush



Why hasn't android gotten new update? 1.17.2?

Lucas Barcelo

these devs are the greediest pigs around. all they make is cash grabbing games. don't waste your time

Carl Andrei Dayrit

It would be better if we can switch account on other devices. I wish to login my account from my old phone to a new one and I could not do it.

francis jarousak

So, I bought the pass, only to realize it only stops ads for djinns. The gameplay is amazing but the energy is too little and takes WAAAY too long too recharge. They want too much money for in game purchases that literally can't upgrade you unless you spend at LEAST 9.99. Second chance does nothing too save you, and if I could get a refund, I would. But it's google so I'm not even going too try. Enjoy my 5 bucks. Lots of potential, killed by greed. As usual.

Ahmad Fahmi

good game

Zu Miro

Decent game no players online so it is pretty much solo. Difficulty is fair but the grind is unnecessary especially by yourself. First u have to grind each level the quests and the experience to get enough damage to clear the bosses and mobs. Characters should be avaible to pick one u would like from beginning because it is tedious to have to level them all and you'll definitely need their levels higher the further you go. Overall I like the concept but pretty poor execution on ads and leveling

lawper lawper

good world make more event and other

Launch The Squanch

Great game, but obviously could be better. The biggest issue for me is the energy system. Only 4 games for standard maps before running out of energy? If you the developers insist on keeping the energy system, please at least make it to where we the players can watch an ad to "refresh" energy to max, and have the ability to do so a few (2-3?) times each day. We'd get more play time and you'd get income from the ad watches, since most players are going to want to refresh their energy I assure!

Tim G

You devs these days.. 90% complete amateur's.. learn to code. You should be paying us to play this bugged garbage... Not the other way around.

Burst Agent

aside from the cost of micro transactions being pretty high, it's a very engaging game, the ad I saw for it was honest and there's a real multi-player. kudos to the devs.

firman rusdi bachtiar

Unfortunately, my hero can't shoot whenever I push attack button, it wont shoot any projectile. I'm just feel disappointed with this all of sudden.

Aldrin Narzary

This game has potential... 5v5 online or 3v3 or 1v1 would be awesome if developers decide to make changes... As those fight modes are trending in this game era.

mark layam

it's fun

Perseus Tyler Narag

This Game is very laggy I don't like this game and it said it was online and offline but when I turned off the wifi it said please on the wifi

Robert Boyd

I like the game, it's a lot better than some of the other games, like this that I have played.

mark 1w

Good game

Stanislav Angelkov

I have always known this game has potential! The gear system was completely revamped making a huge difference now! Bugs are being fixed and there might be a bright future for this game

Shugo Zuta

Pay 2 progress, 10/10 not worth playing

Jessy Chapman

like it so far. will come back if I keep playing and change to 5*

Prism Black

Lazy. Too repetitive. The experience gain is poor. Level 7 monsters don't give experience to a level 10 character which makes no sense Yet they do full damage.


very high prices-low rewards, very bad user experience with cheap and problematic ad providers that dont give reward afterwards


neat game. I like the freedom of movement when casting

Elizabeth Luisi

Doesn't even work

Jason Kisner

Scratches that Path of Exile itch when you don't have access to your PC. Very Good game so far. 😊 👍

jawad shah

Fun game but the paid "diamond boxes" gives you the same things as the free boxes. You have all the coins and diamonds but the in the shop you can't even buy the things your short on only have a choice of 8 which change every 24 hours. I really enjoyed this game so I made a purchase but it's not really worth it

Nikki Matt

Sekejap rancak sekejap tak rancak . K

Nathan Pease

popup rating = auto 1 star response: most players know by now that they're looking at inflated/fake reviews, the amount is irrelevant. The best games on Google Play don't have the most reviews. They actually don't have ads at all, go figure.

Ronnie O'Brien

One of the greatest games I have ever played

Chan Lee

Do not play this game, they offer a bundle with some boosts and "NO ADS" as part of purchasing the season boost the only thing you get are the boosts and the so called no ads literally have zero effect. All ads that are soppose to be disabled are now no longer able to be skipped. I have video and pictures of the details and proof of all my claims and I refuse to support such company who is heinous, deceitful, and full of corruption.

Yhurize Tañedo



Very fun game for when you got time to kill or on a commuter. The only thing that makes this stand out from the other is the "open" world where you can coop with other real players, that's what I like the most about Beam of Magic. While it helped killing time for a while, I've made it to the end game and upgraded every item and heros that you can currently get. I look forward to the new maps, items mobs and heros.

Hyper Cargo149

great layout and design

Marin Alexandru

3 ads playing one after the other, multiple times. I get that you need to make money, but this is too much. I hate those ads and whoevere makes them.

Artur C

Rally good game! When you gonna add some new content? 21/23 cleared, slowly playing through last 2 BattlePass is nice, but also would be nice to have more challenges/levels available, after week I was done with Season19 and later its getting monotone. Guilds system with CHAT? team up with guildies, matchmaking?

Anisul Mallik

nice game👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Maakole Games

Might be the best game of this genre I've played yet.

Enzo Troccoli

No offline mode, you lied.

Dawn Raven Krause

I really enjoy this game, but it has still alot of bugs. Essentially for multiplayer with ads. I end having to close the game completely and start again, so I end up losing energy every time..please fix this, I really enjoy this game

D. K.

Slow, unimaginative. The world models are needless graphic heavy. Add pushy

Michael Cayton

Decent game. Map concept is good, but doesn't really feel like a big difference since the gameplay loop is still the same. Graphics and sound is decent. Just not for me.

Ross Pepper

Extremely expensive for such a very basic game

Michael Wilkinson

What a horrible experience! Lag, freezing, slow movement

Mike Solomon

better than the other games I've played.. still has its problems tho

Kevin Artois



More trash


very good game 👌

Pattamabhorn Tangkaratanakul




DX Tai

Please synchronize app version for both android and ios,cant play together with my friend anymore

Wugu Xiandi

Decent game, however the repetitive gameplay that relies on RNG to get useful skills to stand a chance. Might just be me sucking at the game but the controls don't lend themselves well to the bullet hell later levels become, where you get backed in respawning enemies whilst being pelted with ranged attacks that 3-4 shot you with no immunity frames.

Jon Wiechert

love the game play

Bryan Holliday

great job on this game keep the updates coming


I love the open world dungeons rather than countless small rooms. These energy systems need to go, there should be zero games made with this archaic and aggravating system. It needs more of pretty much everything, gear, progression paths, differentiating characters on more than just a couple skills and minor stats.

Ildirim Nize

good game

Carl Michael Veloso

Game is very nice and I really enjoy playing this as my stress reliever on Mobile Legends with alot of nuub players in the QUE! Good Job Devs keep up the good work and add more perks for free to play players. 🙏😎❤️

Andreea DJ

Is ok but you need play too much for coins amd diams for advance seriously in game this is very boring you need very plenty years to advance a bit



Bᴇɴᴊ Dᴏᴍɪɴɢᴏ

Won't change my rating till you make grayed mobs 0 damage.

Not_ Fazley


Kyle Mercer

The game is just basic rip off of archero. The loading takes forever. Game rigs it that people are forced to watch ads to progress. Very basic rip off.

Heather Upfold

This is a fun game very addictive.

Ryan Foglesong

forced me to rate.

Londor PaleShade

Archero with plain system stage..too bad the stamina will get you nowhere ..

John Reiser


Leon Washington

?!.Go 2Kool/Cool Mafia ✌.!?

Robert Brown

totally cool... wish there were more like it

Joe Rogers


Nell Virgo

Love the game but it doesn't let me do 4 player. It'll let me add to the group but everyone will load in but 1.

Sombra _Online

This game is so much fun! I love the artwork and the size of the maps! I cannot wait to play with other people! Great job devs!

Iqbal Bakri

fun game, but.. i dont know how long im gonna not bored with this game, but overall for short period was quite fun

Alec Spicer

Its a fun game for about an hour but then gets very boring very quickly. Pro : Interesting concept, bright and vibrant graphics, very easy to play and not complicated. Con : doing the same thing EVERY map, hard mode is exactly the same just takes longer to kill things, the good characters and upgrades are locked behind paywalls, adverts are optional but are 100% needed if you don't want to pay

Legend Xu

good flow easy to go

Simon Gabriel Ursu

Multiplayer, my foot! There is no multiplayer! Ads are 45 seconds long, finished with a demo, reward chests for ads don't give any chest reward, grinding is overlong and hard and there is not enough energy to grind. A good game (even if unfinished), but mercilessly exploited by its greedy makers

Andre Silva


Notshowing Myrealnamehere

I had a lot of fun. This game is exactly what I'm looking for. Because it is skill based and doesn't require an insane amount of grinding to progress.

Joven Bico


Jomark Magbanua

I love it!!!

Simon Tracer

good sounds and abilities.

Lazy Bug

good job!!

Shivam Sharma

must try

꧁Annie C꧂

so far so good



Prem Kumar

Not working showing black screen

Hasnin Amin

6 month

Karen M

Pros: like archero..but better; bigger maps, u can play with friends, different types of challenges Cons: can only play with others by sharing ID, seeing another person in reg map is super rare. Using common gear makes u more powerful then epic gear..if only for the fact getting enough pieces to lvl the rare/epic gear up is almost impossible.

Yoshi G

The game theme is great but it sucks that playing doesnt apply to this... i was able to 'play' only at the tutorial part and then when trying to join the 1st map, it just gets stuck on the loading screen... and it either crashes on you or just stay frozen... its quite unfortunate though i wanted to play more...

Tom Burke

fun game

Ayush Kumar

This game is very good but every time leggy

andrew piccio

Im stuck at tutorial. Find the boss. I was already where the boss located just what it says on the map. But theres no boss there.

Austin Famisaran

]anting to retry connecting because i sinrnjs accwss to the internet. Now, I dont have WiFi, sure but if I've got full bars of "5G UC", why can't I simply collect to the game? Fix it guys. Thanks, and I hope you guys can get it together sometime.

‡‡‡• Ash •‡‡‡

I bought the Kensi .99 pack special birthday it not showing up. Why?