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BATTLESHIP APOLLO – Experience epic, fast, truly tactical space combat against other players.

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File size: 68M
Update time: September 6, 2021
Current version: 1.75.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Parallel Space Inc
Price: Free
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Customer review

Henry Davis

Great game please remove naturally spawning enemys

Rion Jasper

Game very often pits me against others of much high stronger levels. Giving me extra points after the match isn't worth it to me. Not worth putting money into when i start game and often am slaughtered in first 3o seconds . Numerous times.

# Focus


er pe

Cant find a match, what a waste of time..

Philipp G

"Maximum wait time : UNKNOWN" The game is so bad it's best attribute is that it is dead (finishing the tutorial gets you in the top20 but gl finding a match). Rotating game modes, ships, cards, mm, p2w... there wasn't even an effort to balance this bs. The game is a joke

Corwin Siegert

Fun gameplay, but you cant choose what kind of battle you want to do, and you can not do AI battles, instead forcing you to fight players with a higher rank than you due to poor matchmaking. If the devs allowed me to choose my battles and fixed matchmaking it could be good.

Gelb Draws

I feel like this game has a very good concept buried under a poor execution all in all. It nicely expands upon the Hades Star Universe, and adds an interesting layer to combat that wasn't previously implemeted in Hades Star. At this point, there needs to be a balancing update, as fights only swing one way or another, with little struggle throughout the match. With a few tweaks though, this could be an amazing game and companion to Hades Star.

Brandon Gerhardt

Zero stars

Dina Cinco

Very suck the game is very laggy becuse the grapics and i can't end my tutorial becuse the game kick me out

BloodStorm Wolf

It's broken and refuses to connect to servers.

Dan B


Martin Ciglan

Not recommended, not finished, evaluation of fights is one huge disaster... worst part of Hades star made as game... terrible attempt

Shomar Bartley

Can't connect to servers even after restarting my wifi, phone and redownloading.

Jay Ryan

The developers purposely made a game that makes it next to impossible to advance unless you use actual money to buy upgrades. The multilayer is HEAVILY unbalanced where you can beat a player and gain +2 influence in one match, then in the next match against the same player you end up losing and it costs you -48 influence, making it next to impossible to progress. It's been over a freaking year and they haven't even released tweaked a damn thing. They just dgaf while cashing checks

Shahidur Rahman



Just, a mess.

Alexander Balbin

Five star for this app easy to play and it's a strategy game upgrade to make the ship strong and gain more influence to keep the ship improving, and what more can I say it has a lot of potential for improvements keep up the good work everyone.

Gary Sparks

Don't know why the rating so low you all some haters the game is fantastic love the concept would love to see if you guys update it still please let me know thanks

Ryan Dean hardy

Massively unbalanced as soon as you leave the tutorial fight all the emails you face have better ships and better fleet ships

Joshua Ryan

The game play is fun, the graphics are great, but the scoring is baffling, infuriating, and makes absolutely NO sense. For instance I am level 62 and just faced the current best player in the world who is level 1266 twice. The first time he beat me and I lost a substantial 49 influence points despite it being an "underdog" match. The second time I managed to beat him and was rewarded with 1 - ONE freaking point. The horrible scoring for win vs loss is enough to make me uninstall.

Trevor Smith

Just bad

black horse

Easy to cheat with "LP" so it's very disbalanced game with lots of cheaters and play2win players

Shrey Pacheco

Decent game. But I hate the fact that I can't understand or know how to unlock units. The the screen rotate lock does seem to work on my phone. I cannot choose game types. It's frustrating to play at times. There is a great strategy game somewhere in here, but it needs work to come out.


No content. Hades star 🌟 is much better.


The concept if good, but the balance... Not so much. Heavy ships with anti swarm support are impossible to take out without heavy spell use as no ship fills a middleweight role (all ships that have enough health to survive a swarm killer are made against swarms themselves), and stealth is just too strong (as no ship in the game that dels area damage can target stealth... And only stelathed ships themselves can target stealth, making everything around stelath ships basically irrelevant))

Raushan Ara


LogarthTheDragon Kious

Would be nice if you could play solo

Tanushree Dutta

Epic galactic war game


Won't connect to even setup game. Lame!

Sam Carper

I've loved this game since the beta and it doesn't disappoint

mavenrulz 171

Very great with tons of potential although a bit confusing it's quite fun once learnt

Jaidi Maidin


Dominador Labrador

Dev thos game is so bad i really hate thos game i rate this so bad because enemy keep winning and im losing no one should dowbload thos because you will get mad by this game enemy making you loss making you mad i really hate this and i will uninstall this

Jonathon Kuhn

Fun. Addictive. I stayed up until 4am playing it the first night I played it.

juice box

Fun and simple you can do many different strategies to win. The only issue is that you can't choose what type of mode to play

Richard s Stewart jR

intracit, too many distractions at that time my VPN was being attacked by take sites so I don't think my post is fair and and honest or at least it didn't have my full span of attention my boss oops just didn't want to see my full account be attacked through my VPN that was just downloaded not but maybe an hour earlier and boy it was being attacked so we'll see if it held up or not

Miko Obispo

It is P2W with horrendous matching as well as server connection issues. Could have been a great game

Phil Lascelles


Martin Ithilien

Same developer as HS, same problem - this guy doesn't know how to code balansing... long way to go


Needs more content imo...

nimrod badon

I hate the border why would you add a border

Alpha Muskrat

Love this game. I'd like to see a color change option with the ships. The only thing I'm having trouble with is that I HAVE to change shops to be competitive. Like I can't upgrade each ship fast enough to fight the new ships and I'd like to see that improved

Joseph Bartlow

Fun but give me a fair match. I am somewhat new but everyone I battle is well over me. I never stand a chance. I have won 1 of my last 10 matches. Needs some balance bad.

Arashk Borzoo

Amazing Fun & Quick Game

Hiram Cuanalo

Locked into constantly losing, this game has a lot of potential for solo campaign if the devs enabled one

Shayne Brassard

Fun game and I have a blast but I have one problem the portal and how it keeps spamming stealth fireflies to the point you can't do anything either make it spawn normal stuff or get rid of the portal it's overpowered to the point it's impossible to win against


Universes Lunner ephedrine the most important part of this project.

Art Campbell

Little possibilty for success in the game without substantial cash upgrades. Expect to lose 100% of matches after a few days. Game sxcks.

MaHmOuD -H-

The worst and the boring game ever play

J. C. K

Good concept, poor implementation

Arjuna Shivananda

I gave it a chance. I know the devs worked really hard on it but its just kind of garbage. I think the concept is... okay. But the execution was poor. As others have said, not being able to choose the battle mode is annoying. I think if you love bls in Hades Star then this may be a good game for you. However, I love bls in HS and I kind of hate this game, so I guess that doesn't hold up. Sorry devs, just focus on HS. Its already a solid game. Maybe address the ws pet leap meta.

Byzantine Empire

The first five minutes were fun ...

Cesare Hip then Hop then Hip

Okay almost perfect


Not as interesting as i thought it'd be.The AI ships are a total mess.more powerful then your actual opponent.

john eller

Not really impressed, size of game verses play is a let down. But not bad for wasting time.

Ron Dube

simple fun...great for short games

Jayson L

Really bad pay to win game, poorly thought out and poorly balanced. Disappointing.

David Hudson

Apollo is a okay game it's got a long way to before it even comes close to touching it's predecessor Hades Star...

Krishna Rao

Not as p2w as many people think, places more emphasis on strategy and having units that can counter your enemy's units.

Super Dax


Xion Kale

Clash Royale in space

John lloyd burlat

its so amazing plss update more!!


Need more polishing the game.

Jay Davis

False advertising for a start, gameplay could be good if there was any rhyme or reason to how you play or what battle type you are going into. Such a shame because it has such potential.

Michael Friedman

Initially I was hopeful for this game however after playing for a while I grow discouraged with multiple defeats. It's not just the live opponents that beat me but by the AI ships that come out of black holes and are far to strong. The AI ships pull my defenders away from the task of killing my live opponent. I don't like playing against both live & AI. I also don't like the game choosing which scenario I have to play (for 24 hours). I'm done with the game unless AI is pulled out.

R Royce

This game is a diamond in the rough.If done right, I believe this game could be the best mobile strategy game on Google Play. Until then, it's ok.


Good game

Saurav . J . Bhardwaj

Boring , only developers can decides what types of matchs you're playing .

Thach Nguyen

Might be great one day but too lacking as if this date

Fire Ballz

Pay to win, if you have certain cards then you are guaranteed victory

badmoo high warlord

Good pvp.

Mars Sea

Needs more content

Foxy Toxic

Imagine Clash Royale but you can control a Space ship

A C.

As lame as it gets. Graphics are horrendous and the game is boring beyond belief...similar to listening to a Biden speech full of just have to turn it off.

Hasbi Nur

has potential, but, some game modes was frustating, unit type was lack in diversity, not much going on in the guild.

Tristan Antonov

Horrible just horrible I start up the game and It says it's not connected to the server I try and try and try it will not work parrarel space fix this problem immediately

Atharva gamertv

This does not work so hard to control

Andres Salvador

100% pay to win and it shows. There's an elusive "underdog" modifier for when you're wildly outmatched but I've noticed modules 2 or even 3 levels higher than my own being used at resource rates that I *thought* were regulated for the style of game. No modifier 98% of the time so I lose influence frequently. Considering Hades Star, this is a massive disappointment in terms of consistency, matchmaking and module balancing. The only good thing, in my opinion, is the ui. Play with care.

Mr.T3 p3

Nothing like blindly trying to figure out the game and how it works don't waste your time

Christopher Topham

Opponent is always more powerful than me, the more I progress the less blueprints I receive, unless I purchase upgrades, and use real money. Its a bust for me. Stick to upgrading Hades Star guys

Jack Browne

Way do you need wifi for the upgrade and it is not single player single player is we're you don't need wifi

s Stewart

Won't connect to game server - hades star will run/connect just fine, but not BSA

chrisman karinda

Basically it is good. But it need more content.

Pete Van Nuys

Not really sure what to tell u that I was just thinking about it ?!.

Roman Castro

Doesn't work won't start

S f

Awesome game

J Baker

Great concept, but is missing many features. For example, there isn't a community chat box. There isn't any corp battle features. There isn't an option to choose your game mode.. Just too many things lacking to take this game seriously.

O o f

Could be better without too much p2w you need to have a strategy and good ships n modules to be able to stand a chance against other bigger enemies, matching system is not that bad but it could be better since it matches you with mostly bots or higher level players, obviously you need skill or to pay the gods to be able to level up fast and be good at the game. Not actually that bad as other reviews say, doesn't even have ads though.

Chris Nevelos

As someone who has been playing Hades'Star for over 2 years, I was really excited to try this game. It just plainly isn't any fun unfortunately. Very rarely are any of the matches competitive. It's either you completely destroying your opponent, or them doing the same to you. Not being able to pick the modes you want to play and getting forced into whatever the current queue is, really puts the final nail in the coffin for this one unfortunately.

Bayu Setyawan

It's a no for me. The battle is just not engaging. Frustrating on waiting the hydrogen supplies, while enemies swarming easily.

Joshua Tala

Pay2Win elements

Amogelang Molapo

Its a pretty good game.If you're a stategy loving person,then I high recommend it.But what I don't like is its pairing or matching algorithm.I hate that it can make someone at level 20 fight someone who is at level +100.And the weapons are not balanced at all.Stealth weapons are too OP.Unfortunately,these are the only things that can ruin the whole experience.

Romain Théry

Game with a good potential, but the unbalanced matchmaking and mission like escort makes it unplayable... In contray to Hades, this one is too P2W, they have upgrades that will just annihilate...

Luc :D

Best thing ever

Bon The Jo

Ehh isn't that could be like a 3.5 star app if they made it more fair


I love this game, but i needs improvement on the main menu, text and health bar, the design is too simple, it coulf use some creativity but if just gameplay experience its very fun.

Chris Scott

The game rapidly gets difficult as pay to win players have a distinct advantage. There's no overcoming raw power by managing resources and playing smart. It's pay or lose.

Dark Alley

I love it. It's a brilliant short-term time killer where you use strategy and tactics in space battles. You can get new ships and stuff. What's missing is more customisation for the main ship (shields, armor, etc). Btw Jesus loves you. Trust Him.

Amputee Tango

Fun game to spend waiting for the end of the world Read Revelation folks! Its a short read. Ya dont have much time, repent!

Alexis Escobar

Why are we stuck in escort mode and progress drops off? Pay wall much? It is fun if they would let us pick game mode not just escort and didn't kill progress