Battlecruisers: RTS for Tablets

Author: Mecha Weka

1,000+ install


Battlecruisers: RTS for Tablets – Real time strategy battles. Epic ultra weapons. Stunning visual effects.

Detailed info

File size: 98M
Update time: April 9, 2021
Current version: 4.4.6
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Mecha Weka
Price: Free
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Customer review

Cro Nut

Hard to play because the UI is too small on my s22 ultra

Andrei Iancau

Best game ever

Rasputin demands 100 subs !!

Great game. More please.

Alex Neil

I'm biased as a kiwi, but this is a great wee game. Fantastic art style and music and the gameplay is like Redcon but a little less stressful (so far).

Andrew Webber

Very cool game,hope to see more of the same.

owen Maier

Such an amazing game it is so fun I would love a sequel or more levels 😍

HEX Legend

Please add a multiplayer mode where you need to enter a game code to enter

Roland Roth

Fun tactical game. Not too long.

Chik Robb

Really good visuals and great roast and trash talk memes and pls either update the storyline or you should create more games or parts of this game further i will support you :)

Black Ninja

Great game

pat a

Very beautiful art style and detailed animations.. reminds me when I was a kid and drew 2d pictures of bases attacking each other wishing the picture actually moved.


its has so much cool gagdets

Dat fluteboi

Great game as it has a funny story and the characters have a real life name feel. Its not pay to win and it has customization option's. Honestly you should carry on a sequel as this is a good game and story and it could do with more campaigns

Sam Burnham

Really fun Play through. No Ads. Had fun with this game, but once complete there does not seem to be much replay-ability.

Diego Rodriguez

Great game

Suhyl Ramadhan

Your game is very perfect

John Jankowski

It's fun.

Surendra Guptha

I played downloaded just today. It's 1.19am now. I had been palying since 6 hrs. Still want to play. But i must console my mind to take rest. It's a best game to opt. After many days of my search, finally found a best game in playstore.

Haunbeu II

I literally haven't played this yet but it looks absolutely phenomenal

Noah Leal

I have got to say at first I thought this would just be another ptw game but actually there is not a single purchase needed to do really anything and I love the humour of the I would recommend this game to anyone who loves Forts on PC,developers you are amazing keep up the good work.

Steve Platt

Really nice game, good visuals and game mechanics though the AI isn't hard to beat. It's easy to get into just using certain unit types and spamming as some units seem over powered. Online multiplayer would add another dimension.

Simon Gabriel Ursu

Pretty, but very short campain and nothing else to do after that, except repeating it, which is boring. No sandbox, no endless? Think about it a little. Develop a base building also, to make it interesting.

jason duggan

Fun fun fun

Denny Lukman

Easy to learn. Good for quick play

Eugene Middleton

Fun game with entertaining, snarky writing. S10+

John Ward

Great game, great concept, great fun & great originality. Looking forward to updates and building this into one of the better tablet games. Well done devs!

Angel Villa

There's only one mobile game that I've ever thought was good. This game makes that 2 now. Great game, lots of fun to play. Naturally I'm sad because it was pretty short. Hopefully more levels will be added later cause I would love to play more. My only gripe is that the ships you unlocked weren't good until the last 2. I stayed with the first ship pretty much the entire game. Would love to see the ships you unlock be clear improvements and just have more ship designs to unlock.

Cole Barrows

Really neat strategy game. The visual style is what got me to download.

ice jade

Great game


Beautiful visuals and solid gameplay, some of the text is small and so are some of the buttons but it works great.

Austin Butcher

That music is banging!

Christo Botha

Great game! Well done, early on in hard mode can deadlock with your enemy a bit where both of you just can't get through the others shields. Was like 30min of me and enemy just shooting at each other and couldn't get ships or planes through

Arthur Bartlett

Great game, very fun, if a little on the short side. Its not 5 star because no phone compatibily yet (but I know its coming). The Ai may need some tweaking, since it seems it will only place defensive buildings reactingly (shields exepted), same goes with the stealth satellite. This allows to place an air factory when you just finished your stealth module, and pump out 5-6 bombers before the Ai knows it exists. Very strong counter attack. Also I can change the Ai's targeting by placing ultras

elijah marsters

Awesome game, perfect for a quick game while taking a poop

Poopy Butt

Cant believe this is free :O the quailty is super good!


This game is really fun! Would 100% recommend installing this when your out of town and away from any internet reception. Will definitely keep you busy when in need of entertainment. The graphics are awesome! Would love to get more updates from this game soon, like multiplayer. Overall, I've enjoyed it a lot! So far the game runs smoothly no issues.

Marty May

All writing is way too small. Music doesn't match aesthetic. Can't mute sounds.

Alan Dude

Really fun way to kill time. Difficult to stop once you start!

andrew jowett

Fantastically fun game!! Highly recommended for all your explosion needs!