Battle Simulator: Warfare

Author: PlaySide Studios

100,000+ install


Battle Simulator: Warfare – Who would win?

Detailed info

File size: 135M
Update time: August 10, 2021
Current version: 1.1.8
Require Android: TeenViolence, BloodLearn more
Developer: PlaySide Studios
Price: Free
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Customer review

Corey Giacobbi


oscuro tanque


Iverson Perea


Adam Kelly

Could use another way to get gems

Ana Araujo

This is a pretty good game

Willy Gao

Too much ads

Matthew Wright

It's fun

First Last

Formulaic money grab. Let me save you the trouble of playing. You will progress well for a while, then you'll need to watch all of the ads. Then even that's not enough against the bosses. They aren't even fun, they one shot all of your heroes and surprisingly seem to have exactly enough health to get you really close to killing them without being able to do so. Then you're stuck (you can't even grind for gold) for a few days of watching ads to get just strong enough to pass. Repeat. Yawn.

jeshu goud

Nic offline game ... Time paas game..

Jon bacud

Wow ok this is very good I been addicted to this game very good that's why I gave it 5 stars although put an update that you can trade some ppl you can trade some characters you know for better character my son is addicted to this game very good

David Ramsey

Fun time killer

BB BeeBee


eng yao choong

Battle Simulator: Warfa... ENG YAO

Graha Manullang

Ads hog.. Uninstalled

Braden Bear


Chase Ernst

Best game ive ever played

Helen Cecilia


Jeremy Lemoine


Shai Partuk

Don't force Ads on people mid game when your entire game is basically buy this pack for insane boost or watch ad for extra rewards. This is just greedy and annoying. Watching more ads than playing.

Stefan Rotunno

I always come back to this game

Robert Graham

Not a bad game. But if you don't pay in money. You will pay in time. And having to replay levels, not great If you are just looking for free fun

Dman Noneyabiz

It's so fun



Tilen Zrimšek

The ads alone make me despise this game since it's good otherwise. The ads are long. You get a 30 second ad, that then follows up with a interactive game and after that a prompt to the store. Overall a 1 minute ad every 4 or so minutes. Overall you're spending around 20% of your time watching ads. This is only forced ads, you then have optional ads and a "challange" to watch ads. Just why? A good game to spend time ruined by too many ads.

Harvey Williams

Fun game

Antonio Scaccia

Would've been a significantly higher rating if not for the fact that the boss battles are basically impossible at times, it takes forever to be able to open the crates and there's too many adverts. Shame. Has the makings of a great game.

Jexx Patrick

Love this gam

Matthew Prall

Great game

Danielle Ferrell

Like it :/ really nothin else to say...

Nvr Frgtti

Decent game, but within 20 minutes I'm ripped off, purchased 2 chests through the in game shop and both only delivered half of what was revealed on opening. Where's the other ones??

Sabrina Evoy


Lewis Blows


Houston Joyce

The bast game in the world

Midgetguineapig G

Good game

Theresa Koebke

Is good.

Matthew Coy

Trivial low effort boring

Patrick Anderson

Too. Many. Adds. Could have been a good one but your too greedy

Andy Acia

fun game with tons to unlock.

jemery bautista

Nice game

iffat jabeen

Finally there's a tyrannosaurus

Michael Murphy

Great game to pass time

Kereopa Graves

Its good but need more gameplay time then ad.

David Tippie

This game is ok for what it is. The idle chest needs to be fixed, it doesn't collect coin when game is idle. The merge box is nice for storage, wish there was a way to sell army members to buy more to get the ones I want.

Jason Eudy

This game is actually pretty good, it's time consuming, and if you hate ads, just play offline. The only reason this game doesn't get 5 stars is because later on I'n the game, it gets more boring and difficult. But, since, most of the later bosses are ranged, and don't move (most times) you can easily beat the bosses with ranged units. But during the industrial age, the bosses are ranged to the point of leaving only Long Ranged But overall, this game is one of the best games on the play store!

Thomas Korpi

Nearly unplayable because about 2/3 of the ads freeze and you must restart everything. That's especially bad because if you watch an ad after every battle to double your winnings (seems necessary) then you not only lose the double reward, you lose the starting cash reward too because it froze. 66% of the ads crashing is really frustrating. Game seems fun otherwise. Shame.

scott clark

Good game

Robert Ferguson

Ur a bunch of idiots why in the hell should they take up do many spaces why they hell shouldd a knight take up 3 don't make no damn sense u should fix it and make it nor.wl ur prob a moron on that voted for Biden so u prob don't even know how to breath on ur own

Fabian Marin

La mejor

Sanayan Changefull

This is cool

Justin Holland


Tom Daly

Good brp

Logan Jenkins

I poop my self in the game and real life I'm bored so I Wrighting this so

W&t Ishola

Its ok

amirmahdi tahavori


Aaron Whatley

Good and fun


Add a option to skip a level. So many times I have to sit for hours on a single level because I have no troops to merge

Nicholas Hermann

Went looking through my apps and found this. I never even so much as looked at an ad for it and somehow it installed on my phone.

Viggo Lee Madsen


Peter Tagliarini


Ameliyah garrett

It's a army game

Stefani Rice


Michael Joseph Bourgeois Jr.

Would be a 5*, but the bosses have way too much health to the point where you can't pass that particular level for a while. I recommend for the developers to nerf their health a bit. Once that's done it'll be a big 5*. But wonderful game guys!

hans othniel yuwono

Good gem so good gem ok gg

Tazearmy wiz

Great game

Cesarjustine Rodillas2

Great Game . Will there be a chance that It would develop more like having a PVP game?

tammi-lynn bear

The game is great but I cant restore my my profile or bought items from my other phone this is a new phone so I had to re download the game and I cant seem to get my saved data

Ryan Mackie

No forced adds so far a great game.

Zack Pops

Just likeso many others it's pretty good starting out but not far enough in the game to get the proper rating. but I suspect that it's going to be like so many others it'll come to a point where you have to watch a video in between every single battle 15 seconds the battle lasts and then you have to watch two or three 32nd and to be able to buy a new unit to be able to beat the next board so overall you're spending literally more time watching ads then playing the game. Y NO 5 star

Mohammed Al-Attar

Cool fun game. Terrible terrible ads. Deleted it because of it.


Not bad it helps pass the time

Drew P

Wow....never seen so many ads. Click a button, here is an ad (possibly multiple ads). Uninstalled when it became clear they'll sell ads to really inappropriate stuff....


I like this game it has very minimal ads that are not optinal. The times were you want to watch an ad it is actually worth it.

Benjamin Clifford

Is fun. But random popup ads. So 🤮

Jeffrey McNeil

Too many ads to be fun

Dave Udoffia


dan buceschi

Pay to win

Leonardo Alves


Summer Louden

Lol it's decent

Matthew Lancaster

Just a cash grab


I can't spin for reward and I can't see adds also.

Anthony Valentino

It's pretty fun so far, need to add more troops and different historical warriors as well as other options of game play.

Cybien Paul

Soo cool

Victor Estrada


Robert Dale

Needs some love and more game modes was made by lazy people

Rose Dolar

It so cool

Corey Sanders

Good and fun


Like it, picasso

Dale Earnshaw

Great game. However, when I purchased have cards with gems and earn 2 cards, I only receive 1 and sometimes I don't get any. Please fix this issue

Matthew Bell

Pretty boring, costs too much to buy cards to merge and you don't get any free cards. Too many ads to boost coins still not enough to buy cards. Certainly wouldn't waste cash on this game as it's cash dump with little reward nor is it fun enough.

hiryuu hayashikage

a pretty good auto battling game and I can see much room to let it be even more interesting. BTW I have been in the highest level and can have daily tasks to achieve only… hope there will be updates for more enjoyable modes or stages

Ryan Shrimpton

It's fun

Isaac Neale

Sooo fun

Mal Monika


Link Burrows


Nguyễn Huy Hoàng

Always advertisement

Stef Gula

it's art of war legions in a slightly different box....that said there's worse things it could be.

Christell Raines


Micah Morgan

Super fun I think it is a puzzle,war type of game 🙂😀

Brenda Schumaker


Zachary Perkins

Good game