Battle Seven Kingdoms : Kingdom Wars2

Author: Springcomes

100,000+ install


Battle Seven Kingdoms : Kingdom Wars2 – The best defense game upgraded based on Kingdom Wars. Save the kingdom!

Detailed info

File size: 90M
Update time: April 27, 2021
Current version: 1.1.3
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Springcomes
Price: Free
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Customer review

Trippy Hippie

Fun game to play but the experience would be much better if the ads actually worked and did not have to restart the game just to get past the never ending wheel of death.

Thomas Miguel Puyat

its so good like i got a salamander but its so hard please Springcomes add a watch add plus 20 diamonds button on it

brian rayburn

Good game, premium currency is far too expensive. Using daily add watch you can get a 10-pull about once a month.

john arexon mendoza

the best of all offline games. i wish we have a new more character and chapter like kingdom wars

games only

star only for the graphic, gameplay and fun no star

Christmas Corn

Good game

Simon Rathbone

Good game with the addition of endless mode, however when I reached level 70+ my game crashes and restarts meaning I lose my progress and rewards, frustrating after playing for over an hour to lose my rewards. Daily ad rewards are a bit slow to open. When using ad reward to double game speed, the game speed doesn't start any faster, you have to turn off the double speed and back on to take effect. In options menu the customer support button not working or not enabled yet

Twisted Sister

Still so much bugs... At endless mode after 1 wave my mortar (castle-mortar) don't soot; enemies mortar kill my units even they stay in def (need increase distance or decrease attack range); After 80+ wave begin lags, like you have memory leaks, and then game crashed...

Romulo t. Palileo jr.

Cool game best game ever i already finished it so please make kingdom wars 3


Just as good as the first

Hayden Parlour

There troops are insane but hard to get the summons and every time I get special summon x10 in all of them I get knight please patch this

Mhel Quero

Nice game 👍

Prabhat badal

Please add Facebook save options in game

Vikas Gupta


James Iñigo Sin-awan


Sherinah Galano

its many haha 🤣😻


Awesome game I love playing it but I also found a bug when upgrading it doesn't show the increase.


Make it so treasure is easy to get or every week ADD 2x treasure, and the new mode is great


Daily rewards were made much worse

Sicon Sansly


Jonel Giled



Why did u changed daily login bonuses!!? its so less rewarding now!


Ok, so the endless mode is fun af. Only thing is, is that when making an army of guys, they stand way behind our tower, and those not on screen when the level starts, gets deleted somehow, making the only guys you have, are who was in front of the tower when the level started.

Jericko Topacio

i like it

Bloopy Blue

Recently while I were playing there was a bug, a type of bug that didn't take my 390 gems but instead gave me a free super legend, please fix this

Jay Nykvist

Decent game play and not pay to win which is fresh

Larkhon Nohkral

Has potential. Needs refining and hopefully better graphics

Lee Corbett

Excellent sequel from kingdom wars 1. Nicely polished game

Ghel Empron


Mahyuddin Fachruddin


Angelie Camacho

finish all missions but he knew he never want to play

Lorenzo Sanbuenaventura

Hi im playing your games for a while and in this new game its cool but still has bugs, When attacking enemies base some of the other monsters thats on the same spot of the castle cant be damaged and are you planning to add some other chapters? Because kingdom wars lacks of chapters

Timothy Lui

Why is everything dark or evil theme. Bad game

Max Lux

Nice app

broken light

find away to break the game now lost of 77 free gem/diamond from watching ads

Reyes Alex John V

Yes I won money because I registered this game.

Darren Lee

good game

Rambo Robertson

Great game

Mindu Gyeltshen

That's new games of the war Amazing wow


Boring. It's not well designed.