Battle of Heroes 3

Author: Fantasy Game Indie

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Battle of Heroes 3 – Fantasy – RPGs – defend kingdom

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File size: 40M
Update time: September 13, 2021
Current version: 3.64
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Fantasy Game Indie
Price: Free
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Customer review

Andiswa Zuma

Good game the graphics are acceptable but it got some glitches.. and the controls need to be updated or changed...

Kalyan Mitra

good game... i have complite the cruft and get lv 50 but can not buy staf of strom... pls solv the eror

Elijah Okwu

Please how do u build a ship to travel to another continent in level 55 Ive written this review for a while now but no reply

A Google user

Mom and dad. I'm asking your permission first before I take one of your...and dare call them to be one of your wisely choosen masedomian nuts.


Don't work! "Connection error" 🤬🤬🤬

Pramod Pv


htennek noliugra

Theres a bug!. I cant upgrade my artifact, its locked.. how and why?

Raguvaran Raguvaranraguvaran

Very super game moving connect

gee Sparta

Quite fun and also full adventure

Anuvob Roy

This game is amazing. I really like it. I plyed it.

منهل صالح

Good game

Sunday Fadare

Please how do i build a boat to travel to another continent??ASAP

Phurpa Dorji Dmax

This app is easy to use and I like it

Philip Monyei

Hi. You guys should please fix the cloud save stuff . I put the game in the cloud save but still lost the game data when I deleted it. All it's tells me is wrong password


Good 3d game , fast and no crash ! I love it !! Try it 🧡

Cernenchi Sergiu

Very good game,i like it so much ,keep up the good work

Md Shuvo

This is a very good game, a very fun game


It is one of the best in its style and it is fun for hours. I also offer you everything great

Martin Green

Have to update the review: major bugs ranging from money paid and no received bonus to weird things happening like substantially lower levelled players somehow attacking you and turning into their vassal. There is no way to get rid of them despite sending a much more powerful army along with all the additional spells and equipment. Overall, the game is still very buggy which is sad because it does have potential.

shoaeb soliman

The game is really good and have a potential , but it is unbelievably hard. You will hate it for its difficulties, whenever your level is increasing all the monsters are increasing alot. It's really difficult and unfair to play

Rafiya Akter Rafi

good but nothing

Tasmia Islam

amazing Game..I enjoyed it and also told my frnds to enjoy this exiting game..💝

amgad mohamad

I recommend this game.It is really an amazing games because of it's nature ,hunting and adventure

Fardin Fardin

Best app good development helpfull app

Skael Vontari


Ayman Abrar

An amazing game to give peace to your mind,you can fight as a warrior in this game,we can chat also,graphics is also super smooth


This game is awesome ! Graphics is very good. I recommend this game :)

lucky vai

The app is very good because everything inside it is very good to me

Sh Azar

This app is good

ghaith abbas

It is one of the best interesting games ,i recommend to download and play it .❤


This game is's full of thrill... I like to play this game all the time it feels veryyy great when i start plaing this game❤️❤️

Usman Khan

Pretty good game with good graphics BTW game is well

Asibul Shakil

To be honestly I said that this is one of the best Game for hotel Battle of Heroes. I really glad to find this Game. And also of menu in this application are customized smoothly. Thanks you sir for your valuable application.

Sayan Shah

I genuinely recommend this game. It has amazing graphics. Nice work by the team. I had a great time playing it.

Sourav Sharma

Unbalanced game , no guide to teach this game and every time too much higher level enemies coming , very poor reward in quest....need some improvement

Markoliver Turqueza


Joash Meek

Bad one dont install

Akram Hosen

Very very nice games


Интересная ммо РПГ, при том что я новичок в этой игровой нише, игра мне понравилась, интерфейс игры удобный и приятный


Golden and fun game I've been looking for this kind of game for a long time I can spend hours playing it

Betting Raja

Just awesome apps i love it.i get it 5 star because this services beautiful

Hesham Ashoor

Great strategy game, I recommend it to everyone


Nice this Apps

Rama Ra

Great game, fun, one of the best games ever. Thank you

Inars Belerts

Suggestion. Customized d pad location. And screen lock to character.

ali jabary

so attractive

Moidur islam

best game for all kind of ages people. hope you are gonna make this app to be upgradble.

Zoalfekar Arous

Great game wish to play it more

koora midea

Я играл хорошо, мне нравились типы оружия и формы врагов, с которыми было весело играть

Babu Islam

Wow it is really supper and outstanding application.. I reay like it...i recommended everyone

Hasan Mahmud

This is really interesting. It’s very eveative and enjoyable games. I always play this games.

peter evans

Can't chat to anyone at all because it's only Russian please have different chat options. I'm in a great game but can't make friends form groups or get tips sort the chat out I'll easily give u five stars the game is not the issue its the chat

Sohag Sksohag

Really nice game. The game is very good. Everyone can try the game at least once.

Sajib Hossain

Nice game

MD. Rakib Rahaman

Very amazing game.this game graphics quality very really enjoying in this game and I really like it.

William Zayzay

Good game

Md Sakib

Good application.its a Very Helpful and enjoyable application .i always use this app.anyone can use easily.dont forget to download it

Ali Ali

Nice game

Giorgi Makha

very nice game working 100% without lags and bags great interface lot of great weapons and heroes you can play also with your friends recomended.

Max Luzenko

Очень захватывающая игра.Понравилась графика,в игру реально интересно играть. В отличии от других тут донатить не обязательно,можно качаться самому.Когда есть свободное время открываю игру и наслаждаюсь)Качайте,эта намного лучше других игр в этом жанре!

Mike Lim

Just amazing application. its graphics and features are so impressed. adventure nature hunting all together it's a night game one..



Akash Howlader

This i's very good gameing apps🥰

Moni Moni

This is a very good app.this is very interesting.


The game has potential. It's a good idea but the game definitely needs balanced and the controls are slightly delayed when it comes to running. No pvp really, only bots. During a rebellion factions should be able to pvp in it and destroy the other base like a MOBA style game. Skill menu is too huge and have to scroll through many spells and skills. We should be able to choose what skills we want in the menu without having to sell them. Too many one hit kills from the NPC even with max defense.

Md. Sunny Islam

Excellent game.....I like it

walter white

It's one of the best games I have ever played it's really fun and entertaining keeps you active and energized really good work from the developers


very good game, i hope developer always updates. good work. please developer make discord channel. thanks

Bruce Willie

Battle of Heroes 3 is an excellent game. and it's best played once you have a lot of free time. It's a tactical grid battle. Graphically, it's excellent; the heroes might need a little more detail, but they're 3D animation, which gives them a delightful appearance. Those who prefer actual games to simply clicking should check this out!

Basil Lestale



Amazing graphic best games!

Praise Olawale

The game is awesome just that it has a few bugs like the player doubles sometimes and each one has their own army, all of the enemies level is above the players own and the quest in the town hall is too little

Uni Techno

It is really an amazing games because of it's hunting,nature and adventure design.I am really impressed on it.

Phree Zleva

After just a few seconds I realised that this game is missing alot. No good explanation. Your character moves slower like it läggs... Nah this should not be on the shell.

Mahid Khan

wow nice game for playstore. amazing game.i useful this game very easy system i like it.

Vasilievna Osinova Mariya

Best experience I’ve ever had. Fabulous game, so addictive, i can’t stop playing. Thank you for the amazing game!

Peter Laws

Wonky translation and very unintuitive interface.

Paul Besaw

Tutorial is garbage couldn't figure out what to do died almost immediately lost resources I probably needed an couldn't find the quest it gave me from town hall

Random Cat Name

Once you hit a certain level, massively overpowered enemies begin roaming the map who can one shot even the most defensive hero with full armor investment (this is before level 15, which is an issue) The game is fun until that point. There are a few bugs, most of which are helpful to players, but the game becomes literally unplayable, as these enemies that spawn are 10+ levels ahead of you, follow you relentlessly throughout ANY map you are on, and actually end up spawn camping you.

Arafat Anik

Good and best game ,,,,i love this game so mauch.

Salman Shahid

Very nice game i love it please update this game and features

Joliana Kav

It's a great game. I enjoyed playing it. Thank you for creating such games..❤️

Mashkoor Soddiqui

Very good game it is overwhelming game! I reccomand. Please add this things 1.Add Elemental Manipulation eg. Frost,Shadow,Dust,Magma and more and also add fantasy pets. Over all this game is nice please add my suggestions in the next game update! 1

Aella Lentulus

This is really amazing RPG game. Optimized perfectly, works smoothly and without any trouble. Recommend for download!

frank milton

This game is makes me very excited❤❤❤❤❤💥💥💥

Bashar Makdissi

It's a very good battle gamr and I recommend it so much

Nine Nine


Op Venchonzo

Wow verry nice. This game is amazing. I really like it. Thank you creator for creat the game.

Adrita Islam

It's a great application.Very easy to play game..and graphics feachers is also good..I just love this application..

Rod OConnor

Wobbly controls, targeting is poor

Iffatun Naser

An amazing app. It is Very interesting and easy to use. It’s graphics and features are so Impress. Highly recommended

Dalower Hosain

Adventure, nature, hunting all together its a nice game one. Absolutely i fill there this is my playstation game.

Aldo Soria

Im really enjoying playing this game to the point I often lost myself doing it. Its very entertainment.

Khan Badal

Great game ever very interested game

behrad hajihashemi

love the game but I think i suck at it I have 300 dmg in lvl10 while somepeople have over 1k don't know how to raise my stats i buy and upgrade equipments but it doesn't change my stats a lot compared to other pls help.

Rh Rohit

This app is nicely creator app create. This game is very nicely. Battle of heroes 3 game is joss. Game play is very wonderful. It is very good app.everybody like them

Sujoy Saha

It is a very good gaming application.I like this game.we can enjoy playing this nice gaming application.Everyone enjoy this game.This is awesome.

Doug Burruss

To start the first move, NO instructions on where to proceed to. The description of all of what goes on is abit overpowering.

Chris Patrick


Puria Ghasemi

I love this game😍I suggest you try this game🔥Thanks to developers❤️