Battle Merge: Block Match Puzzle Craft Game

Author: Alexander Mastryukov

1,000+ install


Battle Merge: Block Match Puzzle Craft Game – Battle Merge is a pixel art block puzzle game. Fight monsters, merge and enchant

Detailed info

File size: 25M
Update time: May 31, 2021
Current version: 1.42
Require Android: 4.4W and up
Developer: Alexander Mastryukov
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jake L

It's good! The core gameplay loop is great, although it could be improved by a bit more depth, perhaps a decision on paths to take etc. I also got stuck with zero possible matches, and wish the board would automatically reshuffle in this case!

Pocket Wrench

Fun match game with a charming style. If you're tired of being choked out of gameplay by intrusive ads, give this one a go for sure.


I.d lose from first time i tryed to the nether one complete but i.m core is DEAD



Alicia Brooks

I love game. It is simple yet addictive. It is easy to learn. The music and graphics are beautiful and not over done, like a lot of other games. The only thing i would like to see added is a endless mode. Where the bad guys vary and strength and are random

Ty Jones

Good time killer with decent progression

Prakhar Gahlot

It's good. Didn't see any ads even.


Terrible 🙂🍅😀😃😁🙃😇🤪😜😝😬🙄🤐🤨🤫😷🤒😪🥴🥵🤮🥶🤧🤧🤒😷🤬😠😡🤬😠😡😈🤬👿👹👺👺👹👺😾😺😸🙈💓💋💌💋💘💝💔🖤🤍💯💢💢💢💥

Dang Dang

cool game I wonder if the developer is working on any other games. "loot n craft" was one of the first games I had. I think I also rated that five stars. cool games.

Matt Morgan

This game is still in development. The core gameplay loop is fun and it doesn't assault you with ads. Come back in a couple years and I think it'll be a very interesting game but for now a lot of parts are incomplete. (June 2021)

John Martin

Love this game. I would like to see you make a full turn base rpg I bet it would be awesome!!!

Brock Labadie


Ryan Borer

This is a great game - it just needs more content in terms of gameplay. Status effects or survival blocks that are placed in your board by the enemy would go a long way. Also, longer chains should give more than just bombs. Getting a story long chain of, say, 10+ should be rewarded by a special powerup.

Molly Conger

The functions don't work in this game. After a level, the game sometimes freezes and has to be closed. When I click an item to see its stats and info before buying, the red X to close the item doesn't work. Again, the app has to be closed for me to do anything.

Tus Chalermsak (Win)

Puzzle + RPG elements, simple yet there are some deep enchant mechanics. Keep updating the new content, good casual time killer

Shane Endres

Dev doesn't slap ads all over the place like most games do, and seems to care about their game. It's not quite my style of game, but definitely would recommend giving it a try if you like the puzzle/rpg genre.


Ty sir alexander i love youre games :D

Jaime Wood

A great little game, easy to pick up and play, engaging enough to keep coming back.

Richard Lund

Awesome game!

Daniel Wong

Too much luck based and can't grind for better equipment

Jonathan Geer

This is a phenomenal game from a small developer that deserves more praise. It's free and I have yet to see an ad, but even if there were the occasional ad I'd be fine with it because it's that great. Simple and fun. I hope later into development maybe we can get the addition of classes or something to change it up a bit.

Martin Healion

Fun game, challenging in a good way.

Toran Bruce Richards

Tragically underrated and deserves much more attention. 5/5

Death Hound

Wow! 😉