Battle for Ascalon

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Battle for Ascalon – In the beautiful world of Ascalon, many races and factions have fought for control of these fabled lands since the end of the War of the Gods, only ten thousand years ago. Now the omnivorous Darkspawn have invaded the land, leaving nothing but destruction and devastation behind. The races of Ascalon now face a common enemy, but can old but unresolved prejudices, transgressions and betrayals be so easily put to rest?
It’s up to you. As the Lord Leader of your group, you must use your wisdom and expertise to establish a strong foothold in the world. Build your army and dragons, gather allies for your cause and defeat the Darkspawn that threaten everything you love.
A new dawn approaches the world of Ascalon. Will you be its owner?
[Game Features]
1. Real-Time Combat
Engage in wars of epic proportions with players and NPCs in the land of Ascalon. Show your military prowess by using smart tactics and strategies to gain an advantage over your opponents and send them running.
2. Raise Your Dragon
Complete the dragon god Shirrlauth’s trial and obtain a dragon egg from his lair. Peel it and link your way to the dragon contract. Your draconic friend will become your most trusted and loyal partner in the fight against the Darkspawn.
3. The Three Groups
Humans, Dwarves and Orcs are the main races of the three respective groups found in Ascalon, the other races scattered among their ranks. Each faction has unique and special buildings, units and abilities. Take on the role of Lord Commander and lead your faction to victory against those who seek to harm your nation.

. Alliance System
Build friendships and strategize with players from around the world. Whether it’s expanding territories or coordinating attacks against enemies, everything is easier and more rewarding with friends and allies. You can’t win wars alone, so jump in and find your new partners!
5. The Great Leader
Lead your alliance in the battle for the royal city. Use your unrivaled power to rule and dominate the entire kingdom! Become the great leader of the world of Ascalon.

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Current version: 0.6.2
Require Android: 5.0
Developer: FingerFun Limited.
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