Battle Cars: Monster Hunter


100,000+ install


Battle Cars: Monster Hunter – Cars! Battles! Drive and Shoot! Be #1 of this fun top down monster shooter game.

Detailed info

File size: 148M
Update time: June 16, 2021
Current version: 2.3
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: ONESOFT
Price: Free
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Customer review

vishwanath bomble


7 Seven Gamer

I like it

Sa Sa

loe game

Bittu Jha


Joe Amania

Wow because of MystiDragon so i give et 5 star wow and neme of da game si a Battle cars Monster so si amazing

Bhuva Ram

Bhuva Lakhaman

Ashok Singh

Please delete this game the game is boring and dangerous

Okechukwu Onyejekwe

It's very s weet to play

Albert Kujur

My name is Albert Kujur

Simon Gabriel Ursu

I'm so sick of forced ads games, that i uninstall them on sight. There are plenty better games out there that don't play forced ads. So don't bother to message back, you won't see me playing any of your forced ads games.

Mr Izzu

ijhar ahmad

Ramiza Akalkot

But hhhi

Arjun Yogi


THARTEI. Chhakchhuak

This is cool i wish you add robots helicopters and tanks and pls make the weapons more stronger over all a good game.

Richmond Adjei

Not good

Vikas Lohar


Jomo Seyum


A Google user

Looks like everyone just complaining about ads and glitch this game is kind of annoying but it's fun with the skills I love them it's cool but sometimes this game is a bit tough

Saaim Jasim


charlesplayz wtf

Hard to play a game where nothing moves

J.J. Cope

Good game just started

Alan Fleming

An ok game but forced to watch video between every level without rewards which is ridiculous

Michelle Campbell

I wanna play it but i cant cuz when it finished loading up it just froze and i cant fix it!

Kamran Ahmed


Deborah Batson

It's a great game so download it

Little Thomasboy43

Love love love love love love love love ❤️


Hi sir best friend

Tim Shannon

Looks like good game but get a blank screen sometimes and freezes during play. Fix glitch for 5 stars. Thanks


Incredible amount of ads

Hesperus Multiverse

Wow this game has a rating over 3!?!? That's wayyyyy to much for shiityy game like this.

Emtiyaz hossen Towsif

Emtiyaz godsend Towsif

Vidhya never ends

Vidhya is going to brickko

Shekhar Panchal

Ads on every stage you clear!! Sorry im not here to watch ads. Bye forever.


Way too many ads can't even enjoy the game

Ajantha Arun Roy

I would give a zero becaz i can't even play the game becaz there is a ad on the start button so i can't start.

Dave Jones

The game is broken! It would never load properly, unplayable 🤔

Asma Anjum