Batting Hero

Author: Maroru Games

50,000+ install


Batting Hero – Tap, Hit and Defeat the Aliens

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File size: 71M
Update time: June 2, 2021
Current version: 2.00
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Maroru Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Xavier Xentrix


mark kniss

why do you lose a life when you win the battle just a scam for you to maybe by more energy either way you win you lose life you lose and lose a life

Epic Fail Gamer

Great game. Killing and protecting the world. Number 10 will shock you!

Kevin McDonnell

Simple little game to pass the time anywhere. Simple but still fun and addictive game play ! This game is definitely not a pay to win type game with no algorithm no cheaters no hackers no game being ended due to bad wifi connection etc. Oh ! And the game does have a little shop that sells a few things but nothing costs more than $2.50 !! Most of the items only cost 99 cents !! But you really don't have to buy anything to play .

Remington Cleve

A perfect mobile game. Infinitely repayable and always fun.

All saints go to heaven

You game sucks...

William P. Gringhuis

Cannot make in-app purchases with Google Play Credit. Do I need to also "restore purchases" when I never made any before or don't remember if I had?

acne ller

annoying ads.

Kaine L

Awesome game

jeff collamore

I love this game so freakin much.

Shan McDonald

Real men wear pink, cause they have less pigment...

Ryan Andrews

It's a fun game. I like the design and the unique characters but it's only playable with an adblocker. I use Adgaurd and see 0 ads. From what I've read he's pretty relentless with it. Developers like this ruined the smart phone gaming market. I remember what it was like before all this pay to win garbage with mommys credit card. The amount of background connection attempts is insane.

Roger Stephens

You actually have to concentrate to get a perfect hit everything and I like that.

Thoma5 Poolan

Grrrrreat game

Drewskie B


Mason Storm

any chance to add a "restore purchases" button? i love the game and would start over if i knew i could keep what i paid for!

Ewiko Ame

The game is very fun. I love it.

Arturo cuacuas

Dont work


EDIT: It is now riddled with ads. You are now forced to watch a 30 ad after every battle, regardless of winning or losing. Completely unacceptable, uninstalled. My time is worth more to me than constantly watching ads. Initially I enjoyed the game, but I see that the developers just valued money more than a decent game. Don't waste your time with this one.

Lena Watwood

Like the game but i keep losing even though it keeps showing "perfect". Uninstalling

Quisimix TV

So far so good! It's a very different game from a lot of the other games. I love the retro style gameplay a lot!

William Altamirano

Its a great game ive had this for almost a year amazing job


Every time I swing it freezes

Ammad Rahman

I love this game, I've had it on my phone for years playing it on and off and I've always been surprised with how many updates and new content it has. It's just a great arcade game to keep on your phone. Also support for this game is good, bugs are fixed quickly and devs are responsive.

James Jones

Cant even download great game

Justin-Marc Vincent


Jonathan Todd Clark

Love the nostalgia and easy play!

Stephen Stancil


Flapjack The 2nd

Its a fun game heak even my skeletons are playing this

James Burgan

I wanna love it but i hit the ball and i lose power don't understand

Ruben Salas

Fun way to pass the time! There are ads, but not very frequent! I like this game!

Devon Wesley

Great time waster.... It's great. Fun... Easy to play.

Wojtek Dąbrowa

I don't know what happened, but the game got literally unplayable. I have 0/00 energy and 0:00 till next energy point. Without energy you can't play. I opened the game today and got some daily present and now I can't play.


Super fun and simple game! Can't wait for the next update!


Please make a one time payment to remove ads I love this game!!!


Very fun. Simple to play. Addicting.

Mike McCrea

Ok game but after a while it gets grindy and repetitive.

Busaiku Saiku

Fun game ⚾

Tyrone Mcneal

To slow speed up and earn another star.

Senior Tiger

Interesting game At first I was like this game is alittle weird but as soon as you learn the playstyle, it is one of those games that promotes progression. Hard work pays off and learning some form of strategy does too. Pay attention during game play is very important.

Jim Carroll


Eric DeVault

Surprisingly simply fun. I LOVE THIS GAME!

Running Rabbit Hole

Just baseball game with aliens in astroboy costume. Boring, monotonous and dull after sometime. Same levels. Improve the game by adding new games with aliens like fighting, shooting, hide and seek and bomb blasts and something like pocket tanks in between. Make a story wise game of saving earth. Good retro graphics. Size over 133 mb for this simple game. Wouldn't recommend for now. Thanks.

Tyler Durden

Super sick retro

Ryan Keough

This is, no exaggeration, one of my favorite mobile games ever. I'm a sucker for retro graphics and the gameplay is so well balanced. Every step up seemed like a reasonable next challenge and the rewards always fit to make attaining the next rewards reasonable. The one thing I didn't love is that you could buy the most powerful bat right at the beginning of you want, but I didn't and still thought the game was completely fair and fun.

Rodney Monterio

The hitting is smooth as butter (a timing game needs great control; thank you!). No intrusive ads. The animation is very good, and the differing pitchers styles are also awesome (took me a while to get the hang of the different timings). If I have to nitpick something: none of the bats have a special ability. The Legendary Bats (good purchase 😁) don't have some sort of "small HP heal after the Super Shot" or "bonus damage after so many Perfect hits". Just a suggestion, lol.

Christopher Woodland

It's fun to play

Jason Seid

Its fun

Jermaine Jackson

Fun to play and easy to understand 5star.

Chiheb Arous

A solid, well balanced arcade to enjoy old style gaming when got some free time. Players, this an arcade game, if you’re a lazy casual, idle games guy, this is not the game for you. Developers, pls enable data sync. I want to buy stuff to support you, but I don’t wanna lose my game state at some point by changing or resetting my device. You can make use of google drive for that if possible, as a low cost solution. And thanks for this refreshing game.

Dave Snell

I really have fun playing this. Thanks guys

Chalz M

This game is not compatible with the OnePlus 7 Pro running Android 10.

M. D. G

So much fun for Baseball fans.

Zach Marsh

The revenge mode is more rigged than a slot machine. Incredible how you can hit the ball in precisely the same spot and yet 1/3 of the hits are somehow "fast" or "slow" so that it can do just enough to break your last bat right when you get to stage 10.

Chiheb Arous

Sweet old school arcade

Bo Landi

Dont bother

Debashish Sengupta

Very enjoyable baseball game. Lots of fun to play. Thank you very much Maroru games.

Steven Miller


Cooper Vaught

Good baseball game


I find it enjoyable

Hack Attack

This game is great. Very enjoyable. I really hope this continues to get updated with more content.

Kevin Mccdonell

I really like this game alot ! Yes its a very simple game but its still fun and addictive . It doesn't have a lot of ads popping up all the time and as far trying to sell you stuff in app purchases well there's only 4 items for sale in the store ! One item costs $ 2.50 the other item costs $ 1.99 and the last 2 items cost 99 cents . So this is not a p2p game or a p2w game at all . This is just a simple easy little game to pass away some time without getting ripped off !

D Martin

Ad maker

Mo-jo Reza Mcfly

#supercool. #supercool (righteous)(#UrthsavR)hit-em' up. #supercool stress reliever

Bobby Leung

Unable to pick which of my Google account to use for the game thus I couldn't purchase the upgrades I wanted

02 Apurv Hulamani

Please make the game offline as I don't have much data to spend

Ivan Torres

Nice time killer but nothing more. U hit balls into the sky, damage the boss, win and repeat. After a while, you get kinda bored.

james hatswell


Matt S

It's simple in mechanics but quite fun to play! I personally love the addition of a left handed batter to play as being one myself.


The game's progression is balanced around you watching ads after every single stage. Which take like 2 minutes to play. If you don't watch ads, then you will be earning money 3 times as slow. Which means you will be replaying the same stages multiple times... in a game that is already pretty repetitive... Devs, if I spend 25% of my playtime watching ads, just so I can progress through the game without tedious framing, then you have failed at making a good game.

Elijah Dubose

All in all it's not that bad, not many ads unless you want more coins and the progression isn't pay locked.

Brian Devins

Very fun with great graphics

Francisco Dominguez Jr.

Fun quick pick me game that doesn't have you spend endless amounts of money to get through.

Neil Messelmani

Good fun casual game, a little bit slow to load for what it is, and can only be played online which is quite annoying sometimes.

Herwin Von'Doom

Not bad.


No pay 2 win scheming here. People will give this one or two stars because they are garbage at it or can't be annoyed to unlock and upgrade the other bats. Beat it completely without dropping a dime and ads are completely optional yet people will never be satisfied. A hidden gem in this cesspool of garbage ad ridden MTX laden heap of mobile games. The only thing I would like to see removed is the energy system and even that isn't much of a hindrance. Lol @ you if you can't pass stage 3.

Ben Geist

Newest update brings so much extra life to the game. Great job!

Allen Nuccio

Update: the new update provided a welcome surprise with a new game format. I wouldn't have expected it. Provided a nice challenge. Took me about a week to get the next 160 stars. Still waiting on Google Play Games support! Neat game, quite addictive. Timing-based game where you swat pitches from aliens back at UFOs. Took me about 1.5 weeks playing 2-3 hours per day to unlock all the bats, level them up, and beat all the levels fully. Game desperately needs Google Play Games support.

pt _36

Fun, fair and well made. Progressive levels keep you entertained.


It's a great game!

Juan Lopez

Great game but the fact that you need internet connection doesn't make sense?!

Chris Smith


Larry Decosta

Great game reminds me of the old arcade baseball games if they where just home run derby types.

Paul Lloyd

Not too many entertaining baseball theme games. This one is a decent one. Wonder if bat mods might be a possibility? Lol

Kacket Naopacke

Rather interesting concept. Didn't see such game on the store in a while. Easy to learn hard to master but never unfair. Great game.

Larry G

Fun little timing game with some rpg/upgrade your baseball bat mechanics. Recommended.

RC Cola

Love how simple and fun this game is. Can't wait for more content.

Future Dragon

Good time killer

Rich Koos

Real fun and cool style

Jerael Darden

Its a relaxing to pass the time

Anthony Chavez

Charming and simple game that test your timing. It never felt like I hit a pay to win wall. Had fun throughout.

Joseph Neilson

Simple and fun

Will Snizek

Awesome random find. The game is pretty simple but fun and mildly challenging. Watching ads or purchases looks like they can speed up progress but not necessary. Great game!

Brandon Helmers

Super fun and cute game. Very consumer friendly too.

Cody Loftin

The base game is fun. However, there's no reason for an energy system for this type of game (at all). Also, the gameplay loop sucks. You have to continuously replay the same levels to make money to upgrade your bat. However, when you buy a brand new bat, the new bat that's supposed to be an upgrade is a SIGNIFICANT downgrade until you upgrade it a lot more. Most of the game is just spent repeating the same thing over and over with no changes. Fun to start, ends up a bummer.

Andrew Toner

Fun game, love that you don't have to spend money to progress in the game

dalles cheatham

I'm glad I beat it.

Juyoung Sun

I bought everything, but still I have to watch ads.


Pixel art scaling is awful

Zachary Smith

Not bad of a game, simple timing game with some upgrades. Fun distraction for a bit