Throw the ball higher.
Take it from above the basket and throw into the basket.
Hit the opponent to stop him/her throwing the ball into the basket.

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 17, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Supersonic Studios LTD
Price: Free
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Customer review

Dominic playz on ps4

I'm not sure where the shop is but the ai needs to get harder every 5lv because once you get the hang of it the ai doesn't score at all so maybe add a difficulty level and add a shop because my money is Pilling up.

kylian cremers


Billy Harris

Nothing is bad about the game download see for self i love everything qbout this game

The Youth Vision Project

I love it

Alex Morgan

Very good game, very fun but the ads are unbelievably often,like 1 after 3very game


It's Fun And All But I Was Expecting To Be Able To Use My Coins To Buy New Skins And Balls. I Know I can get skins from presents but what's the point in our coins if we cant use them. I will increase my rating if next Update You can Buy Hats, Skins, And Balls With Your Coins.


It's a coo game

Daniel Flores


James the games


Dominic Lancaster

Love the game everything is good, speed running the round, making trick shots, beating your opponent 3-0. But there is one thing wrong, there is way too many ads, a lot ads is good for the game you know, getting people to play a lot of games, but if there is too many ads it's gonna make a big difference, I bet if there not so much ads this game would've been 5 stars.

joshua vannattan

It's a good game but there are way to many ads like I was in the middle of a game and a ad popped up and I lost focus and lost.

Korben Storns

See why do get coins if you can't bye anything also the aI's are so easy to beat and why each round the basket is the same place ment then the last one couple rounds earlier so that's why I can't rate this a 4 or 5

Lizz Molina

Great game nice intensity but I think you should have it were when someone taps it, that's where you should tp, not just tap and go to ball

jimmy hernandez

to much ads

Khan Rezaye

I think that is very good game because this can be easy to swipe the basketball

Brody Depuy

It gets boring after a little bit, and the coins don't do anything.

Donzell Orlando

It's decent 👌

Niko Kiroga

pretty good game... but SO MANY ADS they should also add multiplayer and online players with more maps and the OPTION to change your character and ball and trail but again... SO MANY ADS. its so tiring that im quickly convincing myself to delete it. FIX THE ADS😤😤😤😤😤 edit: its so bad that i just deleted it😁

Ny Ny

the game is aii

Michael Lazarenco

great game

Ssj Enzo

I love it

Nathaniel Vigo

lost a couple games here and three but over all amazing game defennetly worth down loading

Abdi Bana

Update more and money is useless and if you hit the bottom of the hoop it still counts and when I search It up I see basketball not basket so please change name

Ahmad Auna

I really like it but if there was a dodge ball version it would be better

Andrei Talmazan

I understand ads after every level. But ads mid level? Really? 1 star

Karo Hovhannisyan

Թույն, ապրեք



Al Moen



fun game+ I ly basketball

Ungurean Rareș

Ads in the middle of the game

Khalid Ahmad95


Zahra Azimi

this game is very very cute and fun oh my God😆💗

Logan Washington

so cool winwin 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

Phao Jie

games style got potential but sadly its are ads games. not even can play properly bcus ads always popup when play ... game nowadays so many ads on it... i wish its can go multiplayer or edit your player change ball besides just play with AI for your ads spam

Adrian Arrieta

It could have had 5 stars if there were not that many adds. You will have adds interrupting you even while playing more than once. Also be aware, you will have adds breaking the game so you will have to close and open the app to keep playing, mentioning you will have to see an add when starting and finishing the game, as well as when opening the app...🤯 A very good and entertaining game. For real.😔 But, there are too many adds! 😵

Arekkusuba 6243

Pretty fun to bully the ai players by constantly throwing the ball at them and pretty fun to try and see how fast you can beat a level but what made me uninstall this game was; ads in the middle of a game, under no circumstances should there be ads in the middle of any game.

Vikas Meena7

good game but add multiplayer match also

Gabriel Garcia

it is so FUN🤩🤩

Jim L

Easy, boring, and somewhat tideous

Boys Junk

Good game

Akosi Daboy

game es good

AMY Maavich

It's so cute and so fun I have 5g network so I can play it any time,love it sososososos much ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

Mohamed Ehab

so good


I love this game if it had 100 stars i would pick 100

Zachary Hare

Very good game love but can you pls add something for us to spend our coins on.

Pamela Williams


connor does parkour

The gameplay okay, but the ads! Why show an ad in the middle of gameplay!? It ruins the experience, and only makes me never want to play another mobile game again. Screw this game.

Kevinlol Bonilla

I think it a cool game to play when your bored

John H

it's too easy

Rae Payne

this game is so fun, i think you should make a sandbox mode where you can build your own level.

Maria Fernanda Gonzalez

lm so good !

Ynt_Jesus Morales

So the game is great but the ads, they keep popping up when I'm trying to shoot and what's the point of the coins when there's no shop to spend them.

Zayan2k playz

Bro ad after every game

Rob Hering

Not worth the install. Greedy developers, so the ads are unbearable as per usual. Game is mildly enjoyable but insanely easy.

Mersates Keana

It's a good game 🥰❤️😎👍

Camron Jones

wooow cooool

Ahnaf Manaf

run to myself my ball


creative game idea + fun game

Carter Gordon

All I really do is just get adds in the middle of the game and just go under the net and shoot up shoot down repeatedly

Dannyel Lopez

This game is really fun, but the AI is too easy to beat and there are a lot of 30 second ads. I would suggest making the AI smarter and minimize the ad time to 15 or less seconds. Not demanding though.

dillyn magnan

I was just playing this game add and it was pretty cool so download it and it's so good

Michael Perez

pretty fun game

Alex Board

Okay enough gameplay. Ads are way too frequent and are longer than actual playtime. I get ads in the MIDDLE of matches. Marches take maybe 5-10 seconds and you get two 5-10 second ads within that time, usually those stupid "double ads" where you have to wait 5 seconds and then wait a few more seconds. This game also lacks much content. It is pretty obviously an ad farm.

Oscar Moore

fun and addicting game would recommend also you do not get spammed with ads

Autumn Magee

really good I'm just starting and I'm really good

Ben Zeitz

The coins are literally usless

Yugansh Arora

Worst game no sound,ads between gameplay and not even any change in different levels

Catherine Gasavage

hola muchachos I Catherine Gasavage, has to say, this is the best :)

Greg Tinker

Fun idea, but adverts in the middle of very short rounds make it difficult to play

Faron Malcolm

Its not letting me ex the game. E helllop

Maryjean Sigue

Super fun

asif m


Kymani Joseph

really fun to play i wish there no ads so I could play more🥲

Masi Maurirere

this game is pretty cool

Antonio Tolbert Jr

This game has potential but the ads and the AI being too easy just makes it not fun


ad big game bad 2009 design yeah

Es Moni

I know the rules and this is easy

Maddox D

The game its is good but its just to easy maby up the difficulty a little

Shreyan & Rasha's Diary

this game is very epic

Janne Moser

ingenious! A time lagging delight. Thank you.

Paxton Latimer


Jayfyx X

not bad just no good

Sadie Manion

It ok its fun but alot of ads it gives u coins but u cant do anything with them. I think they should add ranked matches which are from players around the world. They should add skills too like an ultimate move for exsample 2x points

Antoinette Broussard


Carole Green

Good game and all but way to many adds, that's all I want to say.

X- Topia


Logan Oosterhouse

Great game 🎮

Holly Alexander

good 🎮 🥌 🏑 game.

Jamina Khanom

This game is so good Its fun and rarely has ads Very good

Juliano Fabelo

the game is actually quite fun. it runs very smoothly and doesn't have alot of ads.

Antonio Raffaelli-Hernandez

There were way to many ads😡

Roee Mayer

I would love to see a vombat yame with these mechanics, eay to many ads tho

Daniel Austin

Ads will pop up in the middle of a game and the novelty/fun factor does not last


Laggy, too many popups, so many ads.

Kyrie Bankai

ou hi TY

Draco Mendoza

really fun

Kid Crafter

This game is very fun but there are a lot of ads so that's why I give it a four star you could just put on airplane mode to stop the ads or maybe just turn off the Wi-Fi but still this game is very fun the ad is terrible though

Cody Helin

simple and fun

Mr Cushon

I saw my brother play it now I want to play it

silver devil

gotta love it