Baseball Tycoon


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Baseball Tycoon

Welcome you become the GM of a new-eatablished baseball club.
Gonna join a new group,how do you feel?
Are you ready for customer?

Rich gameplay, dazzling facilities, different styles of player heroes, creative competitive competitions, let you experience the thrill of a club manager!
You are the one who gonna create baseball legend

Venue operation

let’s make your personal promotion to attract more client!
You ‘ll get more courses and more training facilities.
Come on and design the unique club by your style!

Team operations

You’ll be invited to build your own professional baseball team to compete for the championship
Recruiting your hero,platooning, training and upgrading, and developing tactic.Try to unleash their potential.
Build your stadium, invite fans cheers up for you.

Competitive competition

Quick battle, straight ball duel!
Make a plan for your commuting, fragmented time.Enjoy baseball time when you are aviliable.
Automatic competition, help you win the competition even you’re not good at competitive game at past.

Crafting workshops

Collect raw materials and graphics to create a variety of baseball equipment.
You can either fully arm your players to improve your team’s ability, or you can complete a designated order to bring income to the club.

King of collectibles

With over 100 types of visitors, the customer is God, do you understand everyone’s interests and love?
Over 100 club facilities, classes and buildings, use them to build your baseball empire!
Over 80 professional baseball heroes, each with their own strengths, whether they’re working at the club or being the key players in the game!
More than 200 kinds of various props, raw materials, equipment, to satisfy the heart of any king of collectibles!

Social interaction

Get your friends along and compete on the court!
Follow the leaderboards that are updated in real time.
See who is the real NO.1 baseball club! !

Win everyone’s support with outstanding performance, build the world’s strongest baseball club, and dominate the baseball world!
Use your own hands to create the legend age of baseball clubs!!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Sep 3, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: YUGU GAMES
Price: Free
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Customer review

Marian Klymov

Players are lost every day

WayneW 08

I like the game bit when I pay for something I believe I should receive what I paid for. I bought the bundle that was worth $4.84 to get Pharaoh twice and didn't receive him I had to buy diamonds to get him unlocked.

Ming Coro

I love it and enjoying very much but recently it bugged. I'm supposed to be on my 7th day login but its stuck on the 4th day, all daily stuff are so I couldn't even get new characters, etc. I still played but since I already lost my top spot which was my motivation on hoping it'll get fixed soon but nah I even send pics and vids about that on ur support email not even a response. Very disappointing for a good game.

Jonathan Gonzalez Candelaria

Horrible game company Data was erased and game was rolled back to a date on which I didn't own the game now I'm $150 short and nothing in game. I've sent several emails to them but they do not respond HORRIBLE

Suppakit Tengwongwattana

Love this game very much. But since they have encountered with data recovery lost and how they make solutions on compensate what I already paid. It's not very unsatisfied. And I still can't login to my previous game anyway.

trenton lisi

Was a great game up until I lost all of my progress. Now it's been reset a few days ago and I'm just not going to continue with it because I don't know if my progress will just get deleted again.

Jevan Bremby

Microtransactions like you've never seen before.

zahid azmi

The game is great ..but recently all of sudden data is reset..i have spent money at this game sad..

Gagah Kharismanuary

Some of my card was lost even on training appears.. it was good game and I support the dev team to buy no ads

Paul Hunt

I was just about to spend money on this game. All of my characters are gone and it is taking me through the tutorial all over and restarting my progress. This sucks, I was too far ahead to start over.

David Holtham

Scrap the good review, all game data wiped, now I have my account back but all characters are now back to over a week ago. Yet the stadium is back to normal. I give up so many ads watched and lost, and all my time wasted. At least the game gave me the middle finger on the way out.

Desy Nineces

My data just disappeared.

Justin Doriott

Steals your money! Let's you get so far then erases all progress and steals the money you spent.

Gene Pascua

Edit 2: looks like alot of people had the issue in my first edit. All data is back and working. Edit: after my review company reset my account and erased all my progress and purchases. Contacting Google to refund all my purchases. Scam company cash grab game!! 1st review: Fun at first. After the first "pvp" event beating other players via upgrade points, it just gets boring doing the same thing everyday. Just upgrading at this point and nothing else.

Joshua Harcum

The game is decent at best, but that's not why I gave it one star. Played the game for 2-3 weeks, open it today & my players were decimated. All my multi-star players were gone, buildings degraded to lower levels, & literally removed a player I paid for.

Mark Henry Bautista

I was playing for 6days. And today, voila!! My data is gone. Back to zero. Such a waste of time. I was kinda enjoying the game.

Mike Ferner

Game was very fun and engaging until today when I logged in an all progress I had made had been cleared and the game was reset. I had spent some money on the game as well, but will be contacting my bank to cancel all transactions if this issue is not remedied or acknowledged soon. If things are fixed, I have no problem updating my rating to 5 stars, but it seems fraudulent to take players money and then take away all items and progress.

Wayne Chan

All my progress and money spent are now gone. Please get this fixed asap

Virgiansyah Bastiar

My saved lost after one day play

Pampered Nomad

The game was going good. Decent storyline. Scroll Sensitivity is a bit too much and the buildings can be a bit more organized. Probably to have a bit more of 'zoom out'. Too many buttons on the screen and hardly a few that are useful. The screen is too chaotic. Could be a lot better. Also, I logged in today and found that all my progress is gone. Uninstalled now, hopefully in the future the updates are better.

jamie morley

From having unlocked alll the characters and a rank 5 stadium 7billion in cash and 40,000 gold coins now back to the beginning after logging out of the game

andi ayub ramadhan

awesome game!

Jason Hansen

I Hope It's Good

mac fleener

I'm okay with some ads, but when your game literally has over 3 different ad buttons on screen at all time plus random ads that pop up after every 2 minutes, I gotta give this a pass. Game looks promising, if you get passed all the ads. Edit: noticed now it uploaded a random picture into my gallery to promote itself with a qr code.


feedback: can u make the select workers tab have a different color like turned to grey or something when appointed, kinda confused if workers already used or not... need UI improvements

Sussy Pigga

best game ever

Jake Tyler

Extremely entertaining. Make your packs cheaper and I'd buy them all.


Tf is baseball

Christopher Kaiser

Can't even connect to the server. No clue how the game is

Woen Wendy

My account become zero positive review why?? But all my facility n players are normal.. only money, positive reviews, and diamond..

Samm Which

Needs improvement. Physically grabbing tapping cash has to go. That is the basis of this game is tapping cash. Cards need to be improved. Legendaries need legendary perks...etc. unlockable areas need more perks. It's a fun game, but loses playability after day two. Make new weekend unlocks that give permanent increases.... something. Needs work.

Lemuel John Rosales


Lana Hall

Crash, Crash, Crash... Fun, Entertaining Continuly Crashing... No Fixed, I've tried Everything

Jason Polsinelli

Down to 1 star. Ads before the game loads, even before the games splash screen. Constant disconnections. 7 in the last 15 minutes. Garbage.

Atticus Jeff Zyuone Palanog

I like the ball I love this game

Clark Maxwell Fulton

I love this game, very different so much fun

Eduardo Aviles

Un poco caro las compras en tienda...

Shawn Shade

Some of the ads don't work which makes the reward not count but it's a pretty cool way to pass time

Hengki Raharjo

Luar biasa keren

Hugh Richard Bradshaw, II

Really fun but there is a bug when you get the gear shop and it prompts tutorial to equip players with gear it won't let me select a player for the first time and can't get past that tutorial. - It was fixed!

alexander gunawan

nice game

Mel Johnston

Would be 5 stars if I didn't lose all of my positive reviews and Bitcoins. Now, I can't play any games or successfully train. The game will assign players, so it knows what my reviews are somewhere within the game. I also can't assign some of my Gold players to training. They don't show up. Good luck getting a hold of support. Impossible! I've spent a lot of money on this game too.

Joseph Turner

It's really a good game. not soo many adds that the game is not fun to play like most games nowadays.

sandy pratama

need easy way to collect scattering money

Citizen A

Not a horrible game it's got potential but it's mechanics seem more pay to play rather than pay to advance.

mr dummy

why i cannot connet to server and click shop then i cannot connect to server?

Darren Hebden

Adverts for the occasional cash infusion or bonus materials? Sure. Adverts every time I launch the game or delays/adverts when I upgrade (and there are *so many* things to upgrade!)? No thanks. Uninstall.


coolest tycoon game ever, it's so fun and entertaining, the art and game play is also nice

LeAaron Cooper

Keep saying Unable to connect. Waste of time.

immanuel febryan

How to use flocking customer???

Jeff Allison

2 stars strictly because of the revenue collection. You spend so much time tapping to collect there's no time to do anything else. I was having fun with the game up until tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap.......If this is fixed I'll continue. If not, 😕

Andre Carvalho


shairul mohd shafie


Bryan Custer

Silly money grab

Zach Birch

Good game

Adrian Hammond

there a helluva lot to do..... and simple as it looks you do need to think

Ayub Kempu Sanusi

Iur customer reviews has been reset.. could you help with the bug?

Sujinah ign


Maersk Madrazo

The game is great and unique that I enjoy playing but my concern is that the ingame price are way to expensive for you to enjoy some unique features i hope you will take actions on the ingame prices that you offered for us.

Jesus Christ

I haven't played much so far but I've noticed the movement sensitivity is wayyyy to high its kinda distracting and annoying. I feel I would have a better time if it wasn't so sensitive 😔

Tawon Ar

สนุกดี ภาพสวย ลื่นไหล เล่นเพลินๆ แต่โค้ชไม่พอ😅


Fake rating! This game is so based on ads, they make you watch ads for a quest..nonstop ads, ads ads ads

Adam Kustiadi Nugraha

nice game

Blanca Morales

Home Run!



Jonathan Fair

Clickidy-click game, boring, deleted.


ntab jiwa

lordwin uy

So good

Torin Emerson

Got to the second stadium. Really enjoying this game. No forced commercials.

Ed Mawhinney

Fun so far

Lewhie Samson

After unlocking gear Shop, the game keep freezing, so I cant play anymore..

Joshua “Komredd” Phillips

The text formatting is horrible and bad enough to raise suspicions about the intent of the developers - afterall, you only need to download a malicious app for it to do harm... so why worry about quality. And that's just my thoughts from the tutorial. Just stick with Kairosoft - as dated as their games are starting to feel. At least you don't have to put up with relentless hand holding or advertisements.

Anirud Shirke

It has a blocker in forced tutorial of Gear Shop, after crafting the second gear, Bat, game redirects me to player menu and say Tap The Player, but I am not able to proceed ahead of that, please fix this.

John Doe

Really good game but you're just constantly overloaded with new mechanic over and over. Waaaaay too many icons littering the screen.

Jayson Pido

Theres no option to bind your save file to your google account though. I played as a guest therefore i might lose my progress if i update the game

Chris White

Won't let me do anything, just tells me that it can't connect to the server...

Alex Broere

I paid for the rookie pack like a dumbass and upon purchase I received an error message which then sent me back to the shop (like the purchase didn't go through) but still took my money and don't give me any of the items

Kellen Surrey

It 's an alright game that seems like a worse version of those standard prison tycoon games. Not much unique about it and the rent and players are a really weird system. It 's got potential but ain 't there yet

Dustin Puhalski

getting addicted

Tanya Walsh

Had to uninstall due to the flash lighting effects from pressing the time button. The effects are a trigger for my migraines.


I love the game but I hope it crashes less and it really heats up my phone which is weird since my phone never heats up when playing online games like genshin or ni no kuni. And be careful when scrolling since it literally just slides all over. You can't zoom in or zoom out, very easy to lose your focus on something.

Blank Dudez

The game is simple, nothing too crazy about it. Just a couple note, can you guys change the sensitivity, i feel like I'm moving way too far than what I intended to go. Also can we zoom out a lot more, the place is quite big so zooming out a lot more will make it easier for us to move around.

neil ryan palermo

the game is super really good just grind coin to unlock baseball stadium

Tony Winn

A really good game crushed by quality of life monetization. You pay monthly to rent an item to pick up the cash you earned while playing haha. On top of that you have to have players to get the buildings to work and those are purchased with real money. It isn't great. A building should work if I upgrade it and no one wants to spend hours scrolling around clicking money to pick it up.

emmanuel puno

Stuck in download screen for so long.. cant wait for it to be done. You cant tell when is going to finish its download. No indication of how many it should download. This game should be erase.

Kat Matensen

Really fun time killer! No complaints so far!

Spartan Legend

Awful game. Need to pretty much pay just to play.

Bradd Dude

I don't knw why I'm wasting my time reaching out as i knw that no-one will respond, but to make it short, can't play game freezes on title screen. Waste of my time and yours. Could have been good though

Nigel Madamombe

fun game


I really liked the game, a great game to pass the time. Sure it has some bugs but when I'm writing this it's still like ver. 0.3.8 or something. A few suggestions, can the baseball park perk be turn on and off. And can you just like swipe the money to pick it up. Just minor things, can live without it but would be nice. Keep doing great work, thanks.

Ken Leung

User experience could do better. Hand holding and reading suffer issues often. Picking up resources is an archaic design. Definitely reflects Eastern game design.


Graphics are great, it has some great in-game concepts and the game itself is very generous. This game is worth downloading to cure boredom.

R Torup

Knowing it's not a finished games, I expected bugs, but when I got a game breaking one and no response from support, I decided to give one star. This game has the potential for 5 stars when the bugs, balance issues and lag is fixed. And better response time from support.

bubba logan

Go Jay's go

MyOwn Insanity

Loving the game, but at the moment i cant seem to watch videos for free cards. Its not my internet as i have checked that

Benjamin Sansom

0 rating as downloaded game total of 5 seconds game 8 times frozen and crashed out of game

Zed Rodis

It lags when recruiting people

John vaping joker

its a great game

Harry Douglas

Issues and glitches Really like isometric style and characters Logged in today amd game is glitched all visual upgrades are present but the game started from scratch.very annoying as i was 3rd on leaderboard. Please fix this

G Bruce

It's okay, but it has a lot of issues connecting to server