Author: Ace Project Inc.

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BASEBALL DUEL 2 – Baseball DUEL2! Trust Your Gut and Be a Walk-off Hero!

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File size: 128M
Update time: July 29, 2021
Current version: 1.2.6
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Ace Project Inc.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jay Dau

I love it

Joshua Hamilton

Really fun strategy game. The one thing that bugs me about the game is that you are only rewarded for scoring more runs. If you lose 6-7 you get more rewards than you do for winning 1-0, so it makes more sense to just optimize your deck to score more. Even with that I really enjoy the game. The game play is interesting enough to keep playing, even of the rewards you get from it are a little off. Highly recommend.

Nick Khoury

I didn't care 4 it. Level 61 Google Gamer. Rev: My apologies bc I see u(dev) asked 4 further information in a manner of which is very professional & appears 2 be a non pompous, honest attempt by a dev 2 listen 2 they're customers (which can be free&/or paid customer's in this day & age) want & implement changes to meet the needs of user's. I added 2stars bc ^, & although I'd like to answer ur question, I can't remember now. GL 2 u!

Craig Phinney

great app for any baseball fan who wants to just pass the time for a few minutes or a half hour every now or then. recommend for trying out

Timothy Yakovenko

I love the risk and trusting your gut in this game!

lore mice

ok so far

Alex DeCesari

Need to add more to the game. Once you buy ur players and the final stadium, it becomes very boring and repetitive with no reward. Add new cards, modes(career, tourney, etc), daily challenges, stadiums, etc.

Eli Madril III


Marty Davis

I think overall I like it it's fun engaging I'd say 8.9 out of 10

Roy Mustang

Great version of TD. A unique game

im lost

ads all over. Played it again no ads and its fun. Good pvp game thanks

Great White Mike

Def could be way better. I have same cards as opponent but yet they get humeruns and I don't get anything. Lost way to many games due to this. Game will more than likely be deleted. Besides the drain you bench card. Which can be used over and over and over. Makes the game unfair and not really fun

Christopher Jones


Manash Boruah


Rand Bagley

Worst games because didn't feel good

Juan Miguel Simpao

Uninstall ed the game after one game... Its an Ad Base Game... Ads Pops Every End of the Game... Kinda Annoying

Thomas Zumkeller

Great game with a lot of potential. Some small errors nothing too big. The biggest one being the Bomb card, you do not get any cost return when you use the card, you are always left at 3 afterwards. Also a couple small English typos. Love the game and the idea is genius



Marcus Steele

fun free to play

X - Abhishek - X

Too many ads!!!

thomas bartel

Great game y'all made Is there a way you can keep stats like ERA and Bat Avg ? I dont like the league system. I win alot of games 1-0 and by using runs you handicap people who win

Alihussien Jumaat

it's a great game

Marie Zooo Stanford

Please, in setup add chane region

Darrell Valdez

so far beat Canada fungo bot 2 too my 3 Diznacious United States of America and Japan 0 cant do symbols failed in middle school Japanese class and too my 2. As long as you keep your cost at a decent level you can earn better higher number cost cards. Great Strategy as well. Honestly I was going too give a 4 rating but a new kinda game sequel deserves a chance. so for now a 5 rating. Peace too all over the world.

Massa Cheefa

1 star for forcing a review while playing. I kinda like the game tbh

Matt Norton

I cant get past match making. Tell me my internet is weak. This is the only game that tells me that.

larry leffel

forced ads

Indiarto Wiwoho

really fun game but the ads annoy me so much

Jual das

Just awesome we hope you will make more sports card game like this👍

Dano Mis

No connect game


Very strategic game. Lots of cool decks to build, all free. Question, what is the point of unlocking the players on the field in the home screen?

anthony freehler

Reason i didnt give a 5 is cause when i go to watch ads for bonus it keeps telling me there is no ads to watch tsk tsk

are ess

ehh. card game.

Ayush Sharma

Just.. amazing!!!

Chris Harrington

Very enjoyable game so far. But I can't figure out a couple things. What's cost return mean and why is it important to upgrade cards? It doesn't seem like most upgrades are worth it (or only upgrade cost return, which again, no clue what that means). Other than those questions, I really have loved playing this.

Shoji Ng

Will Play Again Later..

Eric Wade

A good game two play 5star's