Base Defense!

Author: Rollic Games

1M+ install


In Base Defense! you will be responsible for defending and expanding your base

Play as a leader and manage all resources, fight against enemies and even save civilians to create a living community. Explore for new areas to save more people.

Shoot enemies and defeat bosses to conquer new bases.

Upgrade your character, hire workers and much more!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 23, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Rollic Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Alexander Lynch

love it



Oskar Gaj

Gra w porządku. Jak wszelkiego tego typu gier jest ogrom reklam. Ale idzie bez nich robić postępy w grze. Ogólnie do momentu 5 stage, gdzie już posiada się minigun. Nie ma zbytnio co więcej robić. Ogólnie zabawy przy gierce jest. Jest prosta i daje frajdę i satysfakcję. Na nudne wieczorne popołudnia polecam.

Alejandro Corona

Completo asco de app puros anuncios NO LA INSTALEN!

mr. kaze 0_o

Has waaaaay too much ads but it's fun

Juan Ramirez

Too many ads. Honestly trash would give less stars if I could

David Smith

Paid for the game to be ad free, still getting random ads...


I can corroborate others' stories; this game force crashes so you have to start over. Money grabber. Avoid at all costs.


Lags alot and ads every few seconds

Nick Brown

forced ada


ads are kind of annoying, occasionally get a pop up asking me to pay for no ads. ad popped up in the middle of a zone transition boss fight.. so that was cool. some ads won't let you close them so you have to restart. everything I have to say bad about this is honestly ad related..

Mahdi Saif

جميله بس اعلانات هوايي

Algifarry .a.p

too much ads

Ramen Hazarika


Ricardo Caviedes

Muy mal optimizado


Very laggy, fix your code.

Andrew picco

way to many ads

Dawn Davis

Keeps closing itself.

Jay Campos

Idek if what happens

Wyatt Joyce

good if you're bored

oo oo

Best game

frep you

forced frequent adds plus ads to upgrade = more time watching ads than playing

Jisa 'Zuramee

Fun time waster, but at base 3 and 4, enemies barely drop money and it gets really laggy. Pretty much forces you to watch the optional ads to unlock upgrades and expand your base. No idea why the lag happens, I'm using a Samsung S21, which isn't the newest phone on the market but it's still lightning fast when it comes to gaming. 2 stars, for now. Developers, keep putting work in and fix the bugs. I'll occasionally check in the future for updates and to see if there's any changes.

Vinita Vishwakarma

op Game

GamerFox XLD

this game is awesome

zd. tq

a lot of ads

Brandon Brading

Would be soooo much better if you could create your base and add some aesthetic by leveling up as ages from hut to castle to bunker etc.

Joshua Ward

fun game to.plsy when ur on the can

Chris Bilow

I like this game

Miguel escobar

This game is very good just the ads need to pop up like every 10 minutes instead of every on minute

Liam Henderson

I couldn't even play the game

Jordan Anderson

Too many ads

Sepahi1974 Danyal


Michael Retief

too much ads😒

Kyle Evans

Constant ads. Dropped the $3 to stop them. Turns out that means absolutely nothing. Still forces ads on you. You're welcome. Don't spend it all in one place.

another friend


Logan Alexander

I deleted after one day

Princess Lanling


Melina Hm

iPhone is also ciudadanos for women NBC has been looking to get l

Ryan Durbin

Paid to remove ads but still shows ads...

Arsenal 124

too many ads

varun agarwal

very bad game for me

nickyta sah

it's very nice games for kids

Scott Pattinson

Game has potential. Gets boring quickly.Brought ad free as there is alot. Turns out even on ad free you have ads.

Rudolfo Garcia

Would be rated better, if the ads didn't pop up in the worst possible timing. I don't mind ads, as long as it's not killing me in the process.

Jason Rhodes

can you make it so it no ads for all things

James Brewster

Seems like a great concept but I can't play 30 seconds would hitting an add. I think I've spent more time watching ads than I have playing the game.

Colton Cook

really fun

nicolae gheorghe

decent tycoon with the downside of forced adds when wandering around, but you can skip those after 5 seconds.

Singing Feather

Was fun until you forced hundreds of ads down our throuts 😒😠 I can see doing optional ads for upgrades and revenue but when you put forced ads into the game, that's when I uninstall. The game is alright but not good enough to tolerate that.

Jeremy Colvin

Sooooo many ads

Agnes Mercado

so cool

Anish Bom

Very cool i wish there was more

Joel Tolimao

Fyej Cfnd Dr kd Sj we ku r Ark we ku wet Rj terracotta ghdh Ejejeghr Ffgdf

Griff Strutton

I really enjoy the game. The ads are actually bearable and it works if you are offline. I just need more levels. Once you hit base 5 you are done. Hopefully I will get to revisit the game later if they ever update it.

Ah,Mad Muqri

Fun Game!

Rick Status


Alvin Ian Atilano

Cool game!

MeowMeow Animation

I watches an ad for a ammo worker after I watched that ad the game restarted and when I loaded back in I didn't have my other ammo worker very annoyed tbh

Eufemia Borela

nhwbbwwba ko

Jordon Barnett

Ad removal purchase does nothing, still have ads for everything...

Brian C

fun game but laggy and some ads crash the game

Zak Staszkiewicz

Cool game + ads ads ads ads ads ads

Mtz Brayan

fun asf game def a must play

leman sule

I love it

Ţhømąś BY

Idiots why pay so much for youre stupid ads get a life dudes your game is boring with so much ads👎

7/6 - 37 Trí - 33 Thanh

game nhu cak

sayed imtiaz ahmed

Solo bad game

Fun Spree

Flooded with ads! I felt like my experience was drawn away with ad after ad. Game was designed to slow progression dramatically with ad check points. Sure you could generate chrystals. Still a slow process for very short distance, if you remember the timing to pick up.



Jonathan Abraham Petrovich Orlandi

Payed for no ads, still have to watch ads to get the extra 4 workers.

Elias Macias

The game not good I just load in and I get kicked out of the game so many times

Joshua Lopez-Brown

A lot of random ads at pretty much any point in the game, and some will even freeze, forcing you to close and open the app up. Obviously you lose all your troops/gem miners, and all the money you could've picked up when you do. That is actually a huge setback every time. Repetitive and like a lot of other people say, just a money grabber of a game.

Quocthuy Truong

Fun game but sometimes crashes when I watch an ad.

Rao Farhan

Like game

YourFaceJEC 333

It's a fun game, but the ads are kind of relentless, and there's no way to be rid of them.

David Carl


Maface 1747

too many ads

Slavic Slayer


Rajaanwaar Haider

Very nice game. Just like a real

Wessa !!!

ads, ads, ads, ads, ads........

Jay Sattie

the game is so cool that's all I got to say

adon antony

Iam foll sitesfised

Otto Trebing

too many adds

Samsung Emerge

Good game for the weekend and the next day is good for me to come back to the weekend of the weekend and then I can go back to work and the weekend is a little better

Noah Josef Astoveza

Where is the fackking sound

elliya alham

This game was bug a lot of bug

Dino Paulo Ramos

I kinda like the game!

John Taylor

I really enjoy this game but, it's really lagging there is way to many ads please fix this I love this game please don't make me hate it

Blizzard bros

It's ok but it's quite laggy

Hariri Hariran



I enjoyed it

Normala Daud

oooooooooo zombi

beau anthony

If you pay to remove ads. You still get ads. It's a Scam.

Gabriel Lindström

Fun on airplane mode.. 💯

Ashley Waugh

Fun game, lots of ads. After you pay the 'no ads' upgrade, still a lot of optional ads to unlock upgrades.

Sabir Khan

Still not working correctly!!!

toilet man

At first fun but then gets repetitive. Little to no reason to keep playing and ads can cheese the entire thing therefore making it not so fun. Everyone likes money but you seem to absolutely love it

Tamsey Steen

Xqzgy Aq÷😄😇w dgh cool rolo best

gage shorten

Absolutely garbage game. Can't go more than 60 seconds without an ad.