Base Attack

Author: Lion Studios

1,000,000+ install


Base Attack – Wreck and Destroy them all

Detailed info

File size: 213M
Update time: January 19, 2021
Current version: 1.13
Require Android: 8.0 and up
Developer: Lion Studios
Price: Free
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Customer review

Alec molina

Best game ever play now ;)

Austin Massingill

Money grab... way too many ads boring game but with a cool concept


The game is good but one thing i really really hate the most is the fps. This game is unplayable because the fps is like 1-5 fps

Colten Penn

This game is so fun it's so fun to play with you get the blow up buildings and stuff it is the most fun I ever had

Mohammad Alqaisi

Waaaaay too much adds it's super annoying

Frinzkyle Aguilar

This is game is good download it and give them a 5 stars

noah martin

Its fun when you play for the first few levels but then later on in the levels the performamce starts to lag and is impossible to play

Alex R

Amazing fun and u could never stop playing


I wish it had more in it

William Wilson

Great game 😆

Ezz Sahli

Hella fun but also hella laggy



bestcaio Oof1234

I ise apk

Zen Ng

Good gamplay and graphics. But seriously, every ad after each stage? How desperate are you to make money? I get turned off after 2 stages. The ads are just so annoying...


Good: it's fun, if you like shooting, explosions and destroying the things. Bad: Few and repetitious levels. Ugly: 20 seconds of playing but 30 seconds of watching ads, so I quit.

Sanket Panigrahi

Very nice game

Ian B

Room iq game

Red Baron

Just disable the game from using wifi lol no ads for free

Lucien Ruslani

Its good but why cant i equip that 15 damage missile its sruck with 40 something something

Lui Tsun

oh also, use airplane mode guys :/ (nubs)

Whistling Whiskers

Change screen, ad. Play game, ad. Change screen, another ad. Chamge screen, ad.. Not that great of a game either. Uninstall.

El Lion

Seriously don't download it. It's clearly designed to get there hands on your data, nothing more. And the ads. Jesus Christ, so many ads. We are talking 1 ad for every 7ish seconds of gameplay. That is not an exaggeration.

scotty j

I like the game EVERYONE Turn off internet / data FOR NO ADDS makes the game playable.

Mhelvin Hilario

I kinda like explosions alot it satisfies me

James Ansari

Would you like some game in between your ads?

C Iron

Constant ads... don't bother

Ibrahim Fatrouni

Way too many fkn ads my god its fkn annoying


Fun at first but gets boring

Twoway Motor

I have my best weapon in this game!!!in a day!


All you do is consume ads.Every level you just get ads.Insteaf of letting us enjoy the game,you constantly shove ads down our throats.Fix this please.

Binir Kilas

Many ads

B angle

Its a fine game but its so laggy i dont understand why a game like this would be so laggy

Cristi Leafstedt

This game is good but could you please add physics? So the buildings fall over and stuff, keep up the good work!

Steffan Therin

Way too many ads. And when you deselect "personalised ads" it just leaves a message right in the middle of the screen. Not worth downloading.

bion angelo leonardo

Good but ads its not good

Lachlan Brown

Boom boom.

J Lag

Unplayable due to the amount and duration of ads.

Davood Sabour

Its So Bad


Way too many forced adds. Forced to watch a one minute+ add, equipped a gun, then got forced to watch another add. Absolutely ridiculous and cant enjoy a game like that.

Rhonod Fletcher

is solw