Base Attack

Author: Lion Studios

1,000,000+ install


Base Attack – Wreck and Destroy them all

Detailed info

File size: 213M
Update time: January 19, 2021
Current version: 1.13
Require Android: 8.0 and up
Developer: Lion Studios
Price: Free
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Customer review

Vizone Games

Probably my second favorite game I've ever played on my phone, only problem I have with it is it's a itty bit heavy on the ads but the devs needa make money somehow and that's just mobile games nowadays anyway, I also have a suggestion for the devs, a mode where parts of buildings that haven't been hit can still be affected by gravity and fall apart, it was a bit jarring the first time when I took out the legs on a water tower thinking it would fall down only to find out I was playing Minecraft

Jorge Alfredo Abarca

It's Badass, 2 take the life of somebody Otay Otay Otay

Mamon abellaoui


Nico Colunga


محمد شوقي الكحلاني

رائعه جداً

Pedro Pascàl

Its just great seeing the explosions and cool effects! I deffenetly recommend diwnloading this game!

Bryan Tucker

there is an ad after every level, so 10 seconds of game play and then a minimum 5 second ad. I get they make money that way but holy cow, this is flat out ridiculous.


stress relief game 😌

Udit Chauhan

Touching with finger hides the view. must be a pointer and a joystick for better view.

Ben Wood

good game

Andres Soto

to many ads


wow 😲😲What a nice game nice graphic and Artillery Please update it soon for more entertainment But Please Reduce Ads

David Brocklesby

wonderful game

Little Willie tank MK 1's father

you know this reminds me of the middle east in the 2000s and possibly Vietnam in the 1950s and 70s

Adam Putu

So Far So On Spice Good

Justin Highelk

wow this game not bad I like this one

Ryan Barnes

Game was not bad but the ads. Just play clash of clans or hay day instead. Don't install this game

Mario dies Joe moma

to many ads other than that it's a pretty good game


Don't pay for the ad removal. You will still get ads.

Alexx Julian

way to many ads

nicholas lange

fast play love it

pierre kahale

Not bad enough



Mitch Gilbert

UNPLAYABLE if you don't accept all of their cookies

Lam Gilbert

too much ads



paul bland

I uninstalled app before playing the game due to the reviews I won't play games where they use to many ads

Russle Beardsley

i like

capt Obvious

really hard to aim precise with your finger tip.. just hope your on cue, which is dumb.. very cool concept though

Ali Hegazy

This game contains abuse of Muslims and the Islamic religion, where most of the places to be destroyed are in the form of a mosque


wayyy too many ads

Matt Holmes

so. many. ads.


to many adds

Shady t.n

too many ads

Tim Petrenko

Paid for ad free cause is a nice game made but still getting ads.... disappointing.. can I get my refund or fix the bug?

Jonathan Pegram

Ads ads ads ads ads

Kian Ebrahimi

good game

Daniyal Ali

nice games I like it❤😍

adam enders


Purge Iceboii Rodriguez


Rob Worobetz

3 ads between level 1 and level 2. Lmfao instant Uninstall. Keep your ads, thought it was a game, not a ad fest...

Myrtle Leslie

emilnorman Leslie

Anna Ambuehl

I got this game a few years ago and I've been searching for it for a while and finally found it

Wyoming Windage

preert good so far I like it

Sunita Bendre

nice game



MaCari DuPree

Just freaking cool! Release some aggression do you lol. Check it out

mako rampage

it's a blast

Todd Hill

There's a game between all those ads? I must have missed it. I'd probably enjoy the game if gameplay was more of my time than ads. I had it for ten minutes. I played about four of them, the other six minutes, more than half the time, was ads. And if you took advantage of their "power ups", it was even more. Figure 75% of your time on this game will be waiting for the next ad to complete.

Goonjan Ram

Too many adds... Irritating

Doug P.

Game is ok, has potential. To much 'clicking' and to many ads

barf bag

do not download


too many ads bro, but not bad

Nate Corner

I love this game I'm so addicted to it can't get enough of it I have also got a few other people addicted to it

Alonzo Moore


Austin Scott

Super fun gunship game.

Lucas Faulkner

I really liked this game and do honestly understand the need for useful data. However if you don't fully give your consent to the game collecting certain data (analytics & support, advertising) the game produces a pop up not allowing you to play further. This means if I either consent to this or don't play. I shouldn't be forced into that.

R. Tyson Vance

ads even when you say no thanks to upgrades. it is like hell... but worse.

Neil Wesley

AC-130 Gunship go brrrrrrrrrr& I can't download the game


I've just spent 2.99$ for no Ads and I'm still getting ads, I've closed and reopened the app and the problem resumes. I've been scammed


Oh hey 2.99 for no adds. Nice..... oh wait.... it's pay us 2.99 because we have adds. Adds play even if you pay.

Prabhjot Pandya

It is a very good game. it Si really relax and this is the best game to play on a road trip

Garrett Newman Jr

fun game if you like 8 second levels then a 30 second ad AFTER...EVERY...LEVEL no thanks uninstalling after this review

Clint Mcallister

too many ads

Serban Vidican

Way to many ads.

Jesse Green

I spent twice the time in advertisements as I could playing. Shame, could have been a fun game otherwise.

Chris Lara

Paid to get rid of the ads....and theres still ads WTH?

Satyam Singh

Strating main maza aaega bus kuch der baat bore hojaogr

Laura Laura

Good game when your outside

Tristan Jerz

It's a good, small game, good physics, but many ads.

Nathan Angerhofer

ads after every mission, dumb

Noah Herrington

really fun

Forest Sangma

Very good game

Jacob Claveria

Soo cool


Great, This Game Rulez

Nicholas Short

Fun except you play one 30sec round then bam hit with an ad. You can watch an ad for perks, but then you are still forced to watch an ad right after. Only reason it's not 1 star is because the 30sec you do get to play is fun. But to many unwanted ads so I'm out.

auto malayalam expo

ad more ad

Alec Lewis

This game is completely washed out in red making it extremely difficult to distinguish between targets and building structures.

javad s

Interesting game

Adam Ježek

If you don't agree to data tracking for advertising, the screen is covered with text about it and forces you to accept

Ali Asghar Saeidi

Ads are too much but the game obviously good



H-Way Twan

Even though there is ads in place overall you have fun taking out enemies.

Dreni Vitvitskiji

Looks cool

Francis Gumia


snowest gaming

good game a few to many ads

Ryan Scofield

fun game

Garrett Henderson

Way to many adds every single round had one its ridiculous otherwise kinds funbgame

LBM Gaming

I paid for no ads and still get ads.


I Wish to give it a 5 star. The game concept is right on the money. But the game ads are way too intrusive you spend more time watching ads then playing. The game design is sloppy, simple at best, levels too short repetitive no design graphics. This game is Primitive but the concept should be worked on. Make this game modern more fun more options etc. Right now not worth playing. Sorry

the epic gamer teg

Used to love it now it's bad af So many frucking ads and super laggy on all devices I have

Amazing A. Taylor

If you have RAGE and just want to SHOOT and BLOW everything away. This is the game to satisfy that craving for a moment then act like nothing bothers you.;)

Jur Dur

Ad after ad after ad...

Christopher Kleiber

The images used to denote certain weapon systems do not line up with titles. For example, a M16, which fires a 5.56x45mm cartridge, is not comparable to a 20mm autocannon.


too many ads


Ads, after every short level, even if you watch one for a cash multiplier, and airplane mode doesn't work. The guns don't do what you expect, a Bizon (pp19) was actually a grenade launcher and a UMP was a shotgun.

Ammar Jorge

Too many ads

gamez lord11

good game but a little laggy and a lot of ads

Daniel Ferrie


The Goose

chill with the ads bro damn