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An Innovative RPG Experience
▶ Jump Into the Great Conflict and Stop the Lord of Terror!
“Barbarian Merge” follows the story of the barbarian set during the Great Conflict between the Highest Heavens and the Lowest of Hell. Play as the barbarian and explore the Sanctuary in a brand new way. Angels and demons wage an eternal war in this universe. Grow the barbarian as you “merge” his equipment, and embark on a spectacular adventure to prevent the return of the demons. Both OG RPG fans and newcomers alike can battle against the legions of the Burning Hells, collect gear, and wield untold powers.

Deceptively Convenient
▶ Merge to Get Stronger
Level up and upgrade the barbarian’s weapons, shields, helms, and boots by merging them. Reap rewards from each victory and use more powerful equipment to gear up your barbarian. New pieces of equipment can be merged to an upgraded level as long as they are of the same type. Upgrade weapons for attacking power or defensive gear for survivability—the choice is entirely up to you.

Fast-paced, Mesmerizing Combat
▶ Fun and Vibrant Action, Chock-full of Content
“Barbarian Merge” is optimized for mobile devices, and offers an adventure-RPG experience that doesn’t require complex controls to enjoy. You only need to decide which parts of your equipment to upgrade first and how to allocate your character’s attribute points. Overwhelm powerful foes with a hail of abilities to show them the true meaning of hellfire.

The World In the Palm of Your Hand
▶ Fun-to-watch Action, Exciting Skills to Learn
From war-torn plains to magnificent cities and shadowy jungles, a vast world unfolds before your eyes. As you “merge” your way through, you will face changing sceneries and ever-evolving challenges. When you’re not sure what to do next, check out quests given by the archangel. “Barbarian Merge” is full of content to enjoy.

An RPG Experience
▶ Combine Skills and Items to Create Your Own Barbarian
Find companions for your journey and find endless opportunities to grow stronger together. Meet companions who will fight through murky dungeons, become stronger, and will always stand by your side. Discover a brand-new archer companion and other diverse characters in “Barbarian Merge”.

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Detailed info

File size: 90M
Update time: May 18, 2022
Current version: 1.004.11
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: NT GAMES
Price: Free
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Customer review

grayson bright

Honestly I really like this game so far, haven't had many issues, save for today when I tried to open my app, it somehow lost my Google account and won't connect to it? Meaning I've lost all my progress. 20 levels in, I'm honestly not about to restart. I'd give 4 or 5 stars, but with an issue like this, I can only justify two, and that's only cause I did enjoy the game.

Jason armitage

Edit*** over 10 days now of being unable to login to my Google account on your game. Not worth waiting any longer... was a fun game but as others noted...too many issues that prevent the game from being playable. Uninstalled

Anthony Thibodeaux

Love the game but now I can't log back in.


fun game but entirely unplayable with the constant desync. EDIT: figured out the cause of it. seems buying too fast causes it. the money my game lets me spend isnt synced with how much i should actually have. causes a desync

Matt Medeiros

Issues accessing account going on a few days now

Clam Mr

Your new update has broken the game can't login into google account anymore and resets my progress everytime I open the game. Once fixed will change review.

Tiburcio Dammers

Loved the game but now i cant sing in with google so i lost all my progress.

John Jent

The merge issue, wasn't all bad. But I made so much progress. And now I can't even log into my Google account? No. I'll pass. I am not restarting my ENTIRE game over again. Uninstalling

jeremy melchior

Was pretty fun. There was a small update today that deleted all my progress, so that was less than ideal.


Game was going great until it decided to logout of Google play and refuse reconnection. Can't log in means you can't play.


The game is actually decent , the only thing i don't understand is why does it require gold to be able to advance in the current act and if you don't meet the gold requirement it rollbacks the game, sometimes even losing some stuff i acquired . Any idea ?

Ted Hampton

Simple enough and I love the aesthetics. As long as I don't start getting forced ads I'll probly play for a long time.

Sasu Dragoş - Nicolae

For some unknown reason it disconnected me and it won't let me sign in.

Jeff Dicton

Was playing okay, but now total progress lost, not playing whilst this is happening.

Shanara Young

I love this game but today I got on and it reset my level and stuff. Wouldn't let me even try to use my Google account.

Chad Phillips

Top 10 in arena, paid subscription. Can't login anymore; Google login button does nothing. Maxed out weapon level so there isn't any merging left to do. No new content since I started playing. Unfortunate since I really enjoyed the game. But no point to continue playing

Robert Kacperowski

I really enjoy the game but the recent update wiped my progress and won't let me log in with Google. If I can't get my progress back I'll probably uninstall.

danny2rod __

What the hell.... After a month playing and being level 18 on all gear with loads of content unlocked, the game now asks for Google or Guest log in and both put me back to starting level. That sucked :( Uninstalled and not going through that again.

O Honey Senpie

Game was a good pastime but it locked me out from singing in again.

Li Tom

Cant login to Google account. This game is just bad.


I spent months on this game had everything to level 31 just for them to add a new system that got rid of it all. Worst content creators ever

Hiury Martins Scherrer

Can't login in my Google account, lost all My progress


Bugged and broken. Level just restarts after 20 seconds and i keep losing merges. Seems like a fun time waster game but its unplayable.

Mr. E

Lost all my progress for some reason, not starting over. Shame

Jerocho8902 Mart

Cannot access my account cannot sign in why i have played this now i cannot open my account

Hydra Knox

Game is still buggy. Can't log in today. The dev's ignore the players as far as I can tell.

Big Boss

The game was fine, and pretty fun. However suddenly I'm unable to log into my account, and can only restart from a guest account.

Jordan Berryhill

When this game worked it was fairly good. The concept is neat although the idle nature of it could be questioned as most of the resources don't recharge or stack when away. That said, I started getting dysnc issues that would reset my progress back a few seconds at a time. Especially annoying when you would have a major merge teir undone and have the cost of items still increased. Then this morning I went to play and it no longer recognized my Google play login and wanted me to start over. 1/10!

Alfonso Farfan

My progress recently disappeared and I can't connect my Google account.

Evren Pilgrim

I loved the game, but got logged out somehow, and now it doesn't let me log in again, so all my progress is lost if I started over.

Mat Stevens

Was good but super repetitive, till yesterday. It wont log into google play so have to start over again....I dont think so, delete and 1 star.

Brian Capano

Deleted 3 days of progress. Was fun but there's no way I'm grinding through all that again. It's a shame.


Can't log in. Please fix!

Lucas Pitchinin Dalla Corte

A lot of bugs. A lot of the times some merges don't work but they increase the value for next.


Can't even log in with google. I tap on it and all it does is bring up that antagonistic little hourglass icon in the middle of the screen for about 2 seconds and then disappears. I really want to log in with google so in the future, when I get a new device, I can transfer my data easily.

jason santos

Lost all my progress as of last update

Randal Boatman

This is a really fun idle game, but it's ruined by a bug that resets your progress if you merge too quickly. This isn't a minor bug; it happens often and completely disrupts gameplay

Carlos Campos

All the armor is really cool and the pvp

Wesley Sparks

It's a good time killer. But alas after last update it has decided to stop working.

Darian Hendrickson

Was a fun game had my gear at lvl 16 until a recent update the game used to just log you in but now it has this stupid guest option to sign in and when you try and click to sign in with Google it doesn't do anything so you can't even access your account

Run Taliban

There are some bugs and server issues, i keep getting roll back and losing money and items but the prices don't roll back so i have to get the same items but at more expensive price, the quests should be skip able, i have a quest to reach weapon lvl17 but my weapon is lvl 17 already so now i can't get new quests,the inventory feels janky as you have to be very precise when moving items and most of the time it wont register your drag, the rest is pretty well made and fun time killer

Jared Marcus

I was enjoying this game but in the last day the game won't allow me to sign in with Google so I've lost all my progress.


I hit sign in with Google, nothing happens. Your game is plagued with log in issues. Half the time I try to log in it fails. Now I've been unable to play for 24 hours. Fix please.

Avery Walles

Fun game but some bugs cause it to be hard to play. The merge bug is still in the game and it signed me out of Google and will not let me sign back in


I lost everything I'm done with this game.

Daniel K

Lost all experience after update, wouldn't allow Google sign-in. Uninstalled


Good game till it killed my save for no reason when I logged back in so sorry it's and uninstall from now on


Didn't even play for 5 minutes before hit with ads. No thanks.

John Thomas Caballero


Kristie Antaya

I emailed support almost 2 weeks ago and no response back......... For some reason when I went to open my game (offline rewards at max) - there was suddenly a Google login button and a "guest" button. When I click on the Google login it pops an hourglass up for a tenth of a second and then nothing happens. Time after time again. But the guest button works... I have force closed and restarted plus checked for updates.. I just want to go back to my game.


After a update ,cant sign in Google play.lost all memoroies.

Justin Smith

I keep having a glitch since 3-1 where about every 10 seconds screen would go black and all of my progress is reset this is very annoying also watched an ad for the gold rush and speed up and got 15 hours and 8 minutes instead of 10

Tempest Dragon

This game randomly fades to black after combining items and reverts to before the items combined. However the currency used to purchase the items for upgrade disappears resulting is wasted time and currency.

Spencer Kaufman

Okay updating to 5 stars. They fixed the glitchy bugs with resetting and losing progress and money on all fronts. This game is now fantastic! Love the asthtetics and the uogrades. Ads aren't necessary but help. You do get decent offline gains now and also upgrading equipment no longer drops levels if you fail with the hammer. Thank you devs for listening to player feedback!


Was good for a couple days but then got too grindy. Unlocked all contemt like raids, dice game, etc so nothing else to look forward to.

Eric Spiteri

Great game only rating 1 star untill they fix the 10 minute gold boost only work for 25 seconds

Melissa Kapla


Lukáš Kessl

Great and chill game

Tobin Wigglyman

Cool how you merge your gear and you eventually get archer.

Matthew Zubia

All I have to say is enjoyable

Raymond Morgan

Great but, needs a daily log in for rewards

phones email

Ad merge.

Trisha Childers

Great 😃👍


Cool game with I could designate where items appear and merge of each type

Sidarta Adhi Virya

Progression too slow, really slow

mark camerota

Takes a long time to log into the games server. If it wasnt for that i would have given more stars.


Love the game but one problem every time i try to sell an item it what give me the money but as soon a I spent it, it what delete all the cash I had gotten and the cash and weapons i got as well pls fix

Scythe H

The graphics and gameplay are quite fun, but the game is extremely unbalanced and progression goes way too slow way too fast.. the worst part is as you buy gear, the price slowly increases, regardless of if you keep the item or sell it, the price increases, eventually costing more than the coins you can earn. So they want you to spend money to progress, but the items you get aren't even worth it. I enjoy what this game is, but not the execution. uninstalling

Lalnuntluangi Pachuau


Yuri Kelley

Basic time waster that was kinda fun for the Diablo esq feel but when you go to upgrade your gear if you don't beat the mini game it not only takes your gear down a level but the mini game stays at the same level you just failed, very poor system for a game that doesn't have much going for it in the first place. Do not recommend, had it for less than a week before I was just done with the unbalanced system

Moudy Kh

I cannot use skills there is a bug in that and there is no offline reward even if I closed the game

Jay John Chiong

During enhancing or merging, sometimes the game resets from the enhance and merge anf I have to restart the app everytime. tsk3

Amor Fati

While the game was fun at first, after playing for about a week I can only describe this game as mind numbingly boring, as much as I love some aspects of idle games, this game gives minimal offline rewards and the things you can do actively provide mere minutes of entertainment before you run out of things to do, the best way to progress seems to be "sleep mode" which darkens your screen while you earn money and can't do anything else with your phone, I'm really disappointed with this game...

Xai Yang

Can barely log into the game, have to attempt multiple times before it would log in, at this point its more of a hassle to log in then to do anything.

Tater Dave

Like the concept, still a bit laggy and connection issues. Also don't like the loss of level if you fail the upgrade minigame or randomly getting sent back to start of stage and losing merged items without gold refund. If the connection issues get sorted out it will be a lot better.

David Potgieter

Not opening

Julius Owusu

This game was good until it put me in the beginning of the stage when didn't die and it sometimes resets my equipment and my skills I used to have a level 17 weapon and shield but it doesn't reset the price of weapons. plus when I go to watch an ad it kicks me out of the game you guys need to fix your game

Nicolaică-Dan Stefan

Still full of bugs. Now at dice game I ride every square with the horse 😂. Still start again like I died (but with full HP)


Fun game but I am having the same issue as alot of other players,when I get or merge gear it goes black and rolls back to the beginning of the stage and I lose the last piece of gear I got,I only got the game today and am experiencing this,this is a game breaking glitch because it makes it very difficult to do the #1 goal of the game,it also undoes the last merge made,I will have to uninstall if this isn't fixed,please fix ASAP


its too reliant on ads to progress anywhere

Mike Chubey

I really don't like that you lose progress if you fail at forging/upgrading and item. It feels really bad to miss on the last try

Wojciech Swatowski

It is really good if you like merging games

Angel Matos



Constant roll back glitches which make the game unplayable. Devs are only concerned with fixing bugs that make ad rewards infinite.

ups sleek

Love it but It could use a opinion to rebirth and get better stuff each time


Just a diablo clone but merge instead. nothing special

King Davidson

Great game I love playing this.

Taylor Cale

*** Newest update doesn't address major stability issues - they'd rather raise max levels and add more equipment than fix the broken game*** Latest fix made the game unplayable. Constantly trying to connect to servers and reverts all upgrades back without refund.

Vasil Ivanov

Don't delete bad review ,game is with alot of bugs,sends me back in time 5 mins when my hero dies ,with my gold made gone.

Jessi Pae

Solo idle game it halts to a stop progressing after one day. Diablo 2 idle but just barbarian.

Scott Sorenson

They still haven't fixed the rollback bug.

Allen Duby

Update made the game super glichy

Benjamin Chieu

Game is interesting. Pretty basic and diablo inspired. The roll back mechanic when you die is annoying and buggy.

Joecel Jhon Hispano

love the game but sometimes my screen turns black and reset my progress and it happens all the time its so annoying

Marc Abadia

Great game! The only concern is that the screen turns black the resets the game, saying that i've died and and returned to the start, even when my character didn't die but still resets.

Chris Martin

Love it keep up the good work ☺️


SKILLS in this game are USELESS, because most of the time you are out of MANA. PVP is ridiculous, matches you every time with players way way more powerful than you, you lose tickets when you reroll for another stronger enemy. LMAO!

Chris Wise

OK, my biggest comaint: almost anytime I enter a portal, anything that was just merged will either unmerge (losing one item in the process) or dissappear all together. Yet, the price of the item required will still go up. This becomes exceptionally annoying when you restart a level despite having more than half your health.

Mike Hoben

Every time the screen transitions, you lose several seconds of progress including any merges you did and the gold spent on them. The creators should be ashamed of their gross incompetence.

banan gadol

Just to many ads. The game itself is quite nice Would give 5 stars and keep playing if not for the ads.