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BallRun2048 – Get Ball!!

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File size: 54M
Update time: September 13, 2021
Current version: 0.3.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: KAYAC Inc.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Kenny Speedway

really fun

Sasssi Bk

Randi ko ban


OCT 2021: This game is great. It is simple and satisfying for me to play. At level 190 right now! The only thing I don't like is the fact you can't play it offline. 2022 Edit: I've gotten past 400. Will let you know more progress!

Agnes Abaya

werty Thu

Nidhi Taneja


Moses Thuo



Best in ball in game

Shreyanshi Jadav

The reason is that every game gives you ads but u insult these only why plz don't do ti try once to play ti properly thank you

aseel mohamed

sweet fun game

Mohd Zaid


Raja Lakshmi

I like this game but when the level goes on and on suddenly the music changes horrible.

raat raat

I love this game

Rakesh Singh


naresh Solanki

Pppo8iy tweet pooh poppy UT t tea qqq

Shanti Singh

This is nice game but boring also

Hud Khan

It has toooooooooooooo many adds!!?!!!!😒😤

jane tlhapane

I like this game because it teaches you maths and it is a lot fun fun fun maybe if you download this game for you child or children they will learn maths maybe if they are in grade1 ,grade2 or grade3 this game is fantastic and fabulous even my child said it can teach my younger children colours my boys love colours and when at creche they ask them what colours make purple,green and pink so yeah it can teach this game 💋💘💓💖💗💝💞💟❤🧡💛💚💙💕💜🖤the person who made this he or she is fantastic

habib ullah

Nice 👍

Mateo Campos

What other people say am lazy

Anamta Mughal

This is so interesting game

Shaista Ghufran

I don't like this game one chance ad i hate this game 😒🙄😡🤬

Hashmat Hussein Arain

I love Ball Run 2048

Faustina Urrutia

It is cool to play and I like ads because it helped me play find this game 🥰😍🥰😍🧗🚵🧗🤼

Scott P

The ads. I get ads in these types of games. Maybe every 2-4 levels but it's everytime you finish a short level. You spend much more time watching ads than you do playing. Waste of time

aarif Khan

ddvdddnjr bbye trha

Sakina Bedawala

Best game ever seen 👏 🙌 👌

ditta vlogs

Helps with two time tBles:)

Mrf Raffi

Mulla saadik basha

Sophia The Axolotl

I rilly rilly like it it's because it is so funny and I portend the balls need to go in to the bathroom 🚻 😂

Liddell Parham

Sydney Mark's. 6

Shane Ne你想让他压坏.ujhjhggh

No we

Tandrea Hamilton-Gorden

I absolutely loved it you should definitely try it I mean like these are these tiny little pokey things that that if you get on it you lose a number you should actually really try it it is really good 😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺

Danielle Pabon

I mean it's ok but very boring

Michael Shipe

Just not touching the spikes is great again I have changed my profile picture like I have told you in drum pad

Niraj Singh


Wayne S

Ads after every level. Doesn't work if data is off.

Shahid Badiwale


Sai Samineniee


Lorenzo Silva

I love it because u can kill your self when you don't think you make it and 6ou can see about you can make it just believe your self and don't give up

yayi_ star

This game is just soooo boring and that's all I have to say

Jada King

good but hard like me

Nimo Hersi


hiba sehar

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it's amazing

Blake Bennett

I want to give this 0 stars cuz EVERY SINGLE LEVEL THERE IS AN ANNOYING INTERRUPTING ADVERTISEMENT!!! Please make this game be able to be played on airplane mode😡😡😡


It's really boring because you play each round in just like 10 seconds and it doesn't doesn't make sense either. So yeah I'm rating this 2/5 just to be clear that this game was really boring an tiring. I would rather be bored than play this

Ijaz Ahmed

Nice a

Hardeep Singh

Wonderful game wow that is very interesting game

Sahab Bahadur

nice game 😎😎😎

Mohab Essam saber


Caleb Shaw


karan patel

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fox boy

Bad game

jojo lio

Omg soo cool i think

Jonathan Moran

The ads are absolutely annoying, you can't even play without seeing 50 ads first, and you can't play if you're offline, what a greedy developer

Amal Ali

This is a nice game to play even though there's ad's I think this game is good keep up the good work

Shrushti & Shreyash Bagri

such a nice game but please remove adds actually ADS r realy 2 much iritating for me so pls look after this otherwise game is fabulous and uniqe thats why im only giving 4 star

Tejram gurjar Tejram gurjar

+bfmdk Hebdn

media home







Not bad

Yin Nyein Thu

Hi I can play this game. But advertisements comings in this game. I already known about numbers because I can count to Big Numbers. I can even count to 1 million.

Ashlie Traylor-Smith


Shashikantbaghel Baghel


Olivia Rose

very bad boring not fun bad internet to many adds do not get this game

liza patro

So bad

Sharda Temdare


Anuj Chauhan

good SB

Helena mae

Its fin but its also a little boring because of tje adds pls delete most of the adds Ok?


I like it, but it needs the levels to be harder.

bifraj Rajbhar

y n

Kunal Foujdar

The best game of india

Manoranjan Majumdar


Mariyam Eenaa


Chris Mozesky

I haven't played but the game sounds an horrible as the games definitions gramer the definition says get ball

Rachel Villa


Alex Watkins

It teaches you adding And subtracting

Ghadir Kachmar

How jhg

Munib Munibkhan

Games and stuff

Md Foisal Ahammed

Good app OTP

Qhadri Yaseen


Wolf Wild


Ray Yan


Harriet Nalubega

I hate it to many adz after a level they are 3 adz worst game ever

Elizabeth Tolentino

Get Ball!!

Md masek Islam


Karishma Singh


Narayn Haridas

Yucky app continuously the ads are coming and irritating us but the game is normal but this game has too many glitches no starting,no ending signs !!

Negar Torani


funni youtube channel


Naha Upadhyay

Very nice game 🎮🎯🤩🤩🥰🥰

Danyswar Karpas

😍😍🇮🇳 5000

Sandhya anil

Game is good but ads are more so please decrease the ads

Mohamad Sadripour


Alex Michael

This is a 2 because it is bad You get very short time to play the game After 15 seconds the game is over the sound effects are horrible and it is Very Boring and when you touch another color you should die But the game does not do that the game is very boring and I'll give it a 2 But the game has potential The game is very bland

Ramveer Singh

it has many advertisement

Haidar Khan


Faeghe D

سلام این بازی بسیار زیبا و جذاب است🙏🌷

Espro Indo

Very bad