Author: KAYAC Inc.

10,000,000+ install


BallRun2048 – Get Ball!!

Detailed info

File size: 54M
Update time: September 13, 2021
Current version: 0.3.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: KAYAC Inc.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Quinn Phelps

This is the worst game ever all they do is give you one chance and play an ad over and over again so I do not recommend 👎👎👎🤬

Faith Mitchell

I love your game I out my cuzs on it too

Rose Jackson

Very good

James D


Djenka Djenka


Pooja Goyal

It is good.

Lyzel Pruden

This is so bad I want to give you a 0 but that's not posible so I give you a 1

sharon chandler

Everyone here is now the worst for being haters 😒 🙄

Alysia Wilkins

this game sucks it is buggy never play it

Ghanshyam Kumar



Soo Many ADS

King Zildhan


Jodi Frede

Ball run 2048 is cool

Preeti Rathi

so .....,...........,..

Aasha Devi


Kamini Swain


Davyn Miguel GT

If there's ads turn off wifi dufus and it's an OFFLINE GAME SO YOU DONT NEED WIFI

Usman Ali

Huge Ry

Shayan Islam

Don't download it .This is a babys game in 1.2.3 years old babies game please don't download

Sowjanya Kommoju

Very nice i like it so much

Shelly Bhoelan

No kan je de speelen

kmk saxena

This game is pretty fine not good and not bad it's normal cuz the ads came after every single ROUND and it's a better game

Ramesh Veleakanni

super 😘❤️

Cherrelyn Fernandez


Andre De Los Santos

This is super easy for me

Janki Choudhary


Wai Yan

သစ်ဴ္စရဝ္ထဝံသ့်သ္ဝ သအသငပသ့

Naomi Otieno

it's nice 😌 🙂

Alison Bremner

Delete this game it's garbage

Kyle Frey

This game sucks It has too many adds I'm never playing again I would give it 0 stars if I could

tibe rehman


vinita bariya

😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 😎😎😎😎👍👍👍

Nguyen Nguyen

Ads after every single level. Stupid

Rekha Sharma


adam naeem

It is a amazing game

Vijay Upadhyay

Very bad game and very boring

Kay Lopez


Rose T Pasquette

To much ads

Berry Ossy


Alireza Momeni

این بازی خیلی خوبه اما کاشکی آنلاین نبود

Andrew Walker

Big game Easter Bunny as forever you see me you can play after you don't have internet but when you eat home or you have time left on connect and you can go back and play it but whatever the ad jour yeah 1 hour and a half for two thousand hours but he still good but if I can give it he will star or two stars. Still good I need you for me from gamer Andrew tv

Mohoshin Uddin


Abubakr Naeem Abubakr

It's just Wowwwwww

Pegi Hoseini


Naciimo Hassan

C +(7<<<<_6

Prisha Chawla

This is a very nice game but I don't know why people are saying it is a bad game People who don't want to play don't give bad reviews Who made the game it is wonderful And I know that there are to many ads but I don't care Thank you

Rajendra Pal

stsejf just

ryan Ryansus

It's cool🟩🟨⬛🤪

JAYDEN Johnson

Hi good game is be pay 2019

Marion Nyiransaba

This is a cool game

Rabih Mched

Doo doo

Frederick Ryan

The worst game in the world, every levels has an adds, didn't have any ball skins, I will deleted this game

EZANA' s world

Good job guys I love thise game even my little bro love it to when hedont have the app he olways are it in youtube

Bijay Pathala



Book your voter's card steady before election

Saresh Paudyal

Oppppppppppppppppppp this game

Rebecca Wright

There are so many glitches in the game when I just complete a level I go all the way left

Macey mae

I don't get why people are completely complaining this is the best game you could download you have to download this it's awsome

Emely Astacio

It's fun and I don't care about the ads is just ads and it likes pops out games and some of them are fun

Ms Lipe


kibebew ayele


Annie Konadu

I like this idea

Maribel Soriano

I hate this game because ads are annoying! 🤬 and 1 Star for this game ÷[÷*÷*$*$*=*=*$*=*÷÷*÷==>45/9=39×8#[=*÷*#,$,$*$;'JRJGJTKF#%*$**$($>$>$*'BDXVDBDMKMSEK#(÷(#,$*÷*=&$*#&#;$$$>$*$>$*'JDFHFBDNDNDJDNDK#*÷*=*#÷*=*%*/*$$&#&#&"<$<÷7÷6#<#<#&#$<÷<$<$#<<#&&&==*=*$*$*$*$*==^/&$*$$(($"&'ZJEIIDKDJRKDKS>÷[÷[#($($÷*=##&&÷÷<>÷>÷=>÷<<##<@<@<@<@<#>@>@>@>×>>>/;>2>;>_;&>2_>,<#>>;55>*[;;>^5*;*:**;*/<*;*;;;5*_;*;/*:/*_**$*##*#*#*#*'JZKZKSZKKZMZKS#*#*#*$*$>$÷*=>>=>=*>=>=>=>=>=>=*÷*÷*÷*÷*#7#>#>####>#÷>$>=&$<$&$*$&$

Pashupati Pariyar


Abdul Wasay

Zucuch hjc

sadeg puorfaraj


nasim shahi


Jennifer Duggan

it good its a nice game

Dr. Mohsin Gillani

I bet no game better than this

Simon Roberts


Vanesa Aparicio


Hanna Montero


Sudhir Kumar

Nice game ; but!

julbert edulan



Worst game ever!!😭

Mhaleef Mmehjoor

Bad game


Noor Bhai sach me shailja hai Tiwari hai hind ka richarge karna hai na

Basil Kashif Aziz

Stupid game ever made

Devante Wilson

Verry good game,👍

Michael Parker

Some body got to ban this add seas never play it it is Beacause that he is bad at the 🎮

Yash Pal

Orient 0p

Vahid Maleki

من هنوز نصب نکردمش 😒

Dhamo gadhiya

Nice app

فاطمه سعادتنمد


Afia Khatun

Nice 🙂🙂🙂

Jill McNally

0 out of 5 horible

marziyeh sheikhlou

بدک نیست فقط کاش مرحله هاش تغییر می کرد

Jack Stannard

I just want to get rid of all bloody games

Firoj Kuresi


Youssef Mohamed

When I play another game the ad of this game comes


When I start level 1,why is there wavy water in there?

Arthur Horst Ishikawa


Mbuso Dlamini

i hate the ads

Vir Kashyap

it made me into to sage mode and ads are so cringe and one time it showed me a person who put a cockrach in her mouth eww Bad game I rate it -1000000/5 I wish it's was 1 stared and banned.

Taban Ahmed

its not nice

Alice Hyde

Balls 👎

Thangaraj ponnusamy

Super game i enjoyed

Athali Kumar

super game

Sade Evans

Lm lol d by phone u7yu

Maram Osman

its amazballs