Balloons Sort Puzzle

Author: Mobiloids

100,000+ install


Balloons Sort Puzzle – Can you sort the balloons of the same color & squeeze the liquid out of them?

Detailed info

File size: 60M
Update time: July 21, 2021
Current version: 0.96
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Mobiloids
Price: Free
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Customer review

sarah hill

Fun game to play


I like how you can flip the fruit

Shirley Webb

Really fun & exciting.

Jãyvãñt Mãkwáñà Stūdìô

Yes ok

Debby Videto

Cool Game 👍

Barbara Pauli

I like this game

Yolie Osean

This game is kewl!!! So many sorting games are all just the same old tired interface. Very different. Look forward to updated skins

Jay Jay

This game is fantastic very love it.

Nathan Rideout

Simple but fun gets a bit more challenging as you go

Veronica Stephenson

Easy to learn 👍, gets a little harder as u progress. Really nice game of logic 🙂

Roberta Santos

It's ok

Austin Teague

After purchasing no more ads, unable to get additional cylinders.

Karen Anglin

I love this game.

Natasha Sonkar


Natasha Sonkar

Love you so much for me fan and you can do it like me

Mishbah Shaikh

Nice game offline full on time pass 😊♥️🤞

Ira Ok

Brilliant thank you

Rebecca Charles

Great brain exercise!! Love it!

Sandy Dillman


Shae Carter

actual game is fine, too many ads though

Sasmita Barik


Bek Johnston


christine moraa

I have enjoyed this game. It's the perfect level of challenging and exciting to me

S Arm

I'm enjoying this game. There are ads after almost every level, but they are only 5 seconds long so I can live with that. I'm on level 45 and the puzzles don't seem to get any harder. I can finish most in a minute or less. Still, it's a fun way to pass time while waiting.

Kona Modak


Alireza Rahanjam

excelent game

Nandani Dhruvanshi


Erika Day

Cool game to chill out with. Fun graphics.

Sinenhlanhla Nontobeko

Very interesting, I like it😍

Navneet Shukla

Best in puzzle catogary

Waseem Ahmad

Jiya3 ki tabiyat thik nahi hoga ki kisi ko bhi h apne ke bare men ek bar fir gandhi ke sath nahi de raha tha aur unke pati raj h apne ki h bhabhi ki h apne ghar men ek aur unke 🔊 h ez 🔊 ke bare me kuchh bhi apane kapade utarne shuru ke liye aur man bhi kar sakte ki tabiyat bigadi ko banane ka kam se h o o ke dwara kiya gaya tha apne ghar ke liye aur man apane kam ke silsile me bhi h apne ki tabiyat thik nahi hai ki h bhabhi ki h bhabhi ki tabiyat bigadi ko bi nhi krti ke sath nahi hai ki h bha

Shelby Williams

Love the game. Just one issue so far, trying to buy the hard pack and it keeps pulling up the add 10 tubes. I sent you guys an email as well thanks. Update: thanks for fixing problem! I have a request for development, is there anyway to make this game play in landscape as well as portrait mode? Thank you for consideration!😁

Bev Rus

I hated this game when I first started it. I couldn't find the easy levels, only the hard levels. Now I'm on level 64 and I'm enjoying it. Plus I just found the Christmas music and religious level.

Kimberly Brown

Fun, challenging, cute and funny.

Arjun Jatav

Arjun Jarav

Nancy Nielsen

Great work, developers!! This game is so different than all the others. I'm so glad I found it. I'm finding myself playing this game before I hit the others. It's so addicting!

sheri allen

It's a brain tester

Dorae Mon

Fantastic game .... !!!! 😎👍🥰😘😍🤩🥳🤗☺️😊😏😉😯😮😇 ..... !!!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 ...... !!!!! 👌✌️🤘🤟🤙 ..... !!!!!

Brett Gill

Keeps your brain in trim

Nancy Nielsen

I can't tell you how many times I've had to start over ... You just gotta be smarter than the balloons! Lol.

Victoria Budd

It's awesome download now!!

Nakka Raju


Susan Miska

Interesting and colorful

Sridevi Bammidi

I like you 😊😊😊

Deborah Clark

Nicenice relaxing

A Google user

Love this it is relaxing and there are not a lot of annoying adds

Nicole Bucuanan

Fun to got think

elmer Brave hawk

It's okay game awesome

Cherylanne Huish

Fun, colourful and challenging, whats not to love!!

roozbe nikmaram

most of the time super easy but fun and addictive

Aseneth Parker

Fun. Time flies playing this game

June Sadowsky

Good fun, works well, and a reasonable challenge. There are more ads than I like, but they're pretty short so I can put up with them for now.

Kunal Roy


David C Akemann

Very nice game.

Laura Coyle

There are a fair few ads but they're not too intrusive. The game is fun regardless.

Charini Hettiarachchy

A really good game that I have downloaded for my 4 year old but the ads inbetween are really trashy and not what I want a 4 year old to be seeing. (Games about how women change different aspects about themselves to attract a man) This game indicates that the ads can be changed /disabled but that button doesn't seem to work? Help please because the 4 year old loves the game and is on level 47 and would love to keep playing.

Elaine Yarker

Good game works well would recommend it

H Marsh


Anwar ali

This game is very easy and difficult and super game for brain

er.nirmit Bhavsar



Tried a bunch of this type of puzzle sorter and stuck with this one. Pieces move quickly, least ads of all the ones I tried, and app works great.

T Scuse

Progressively challenging. Cute game. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Jared Specht

good way to pass some time

Vickie Riggs

Okay so far, Thanks! V. L.

Edwin Rosario


biduprava deo

My mom favorite game

Yashraj Kandekar

Yash kandekar 1209



Akshat Jain

Nyc experience

Kanishka Dhiman. Dhiman

Lovely game I love game. All should play this game.