Ball Sort Puzzle – Color Sorting Games

Author: Spica Game Studio

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Ball Sort Puzzle – Color Sorting Games – Balls Sorting Games Color Puzzle is a fun and addictive game! Sort it to win!

Detailed info

File size: 18M
Update time: September 10, 2021
Current version: 1.6.2
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Spica Game Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Rido Arianggoro

Challenging in level 70> Reach level 199 and instead 4 stack, it became 5 stack ball

Lyneve Pompey

Challenges my WILL to Win! Some Combos are not THAT hard, but takes Problem Solving skills to LEARN how to do BETTER 💪🏾 and WIN!!

Tina Campbell


Sandy Lawrence




Nicolene Smith

I love your game, very challenging for my brain, plus you don't have long ads in-between

Jodie Houghton

Great games and few ads.

Kathryn Michel

Boring too easy

Conlaed O Cearbhallain

If you die in this game you die in real life

sanket patil


Stephanie Ciupka

I've tried a few versions of this game, and this one has the fewest/least obnoxious ads, making it my favorite. Don't change it!

Jyoti Machhi

nice game

Jill Stylianides

Love it . But addictive.

The Legendary Hayden

Some levels are easy, some levels are hard (most are easy) LOL


Very good

Aditya Jaiswal

Zjshdg doctor difficult 👅👅👅👅👅

Hemanth kumar


Damyantiben Patel

Nice game brain strong

Ishwati Devi

Too much adv each adv has 30 seconds. How much add you will give. Not Off Line but On Line. A headach.

Michele Curtis

I am enjoying the app. I know this type of puzzle from computer games and I found myself in the mood to play. I settled on this app and it's been satisfying so far.

Vidus Nat

Mind game...when levels move on it's so challenging!!... 🙂🙂

Kathy Chinn

Fun sorting game. Not timed, no limit on number of moves.

ArshdeepSingh Rohit

VijAy bhkhi

Kevin Scudder

Combs me down...


prince patker

Joe Dee

Better version than most similar games. Fewer ads, slower incline in difficulty etc.

Thomas Muldoon

Fun game but it plays an ad after every single level restart, which can happen dozens of times on harder levels

Dragonfly Heather

Fun game

Jon Arnold

Fun. Nice feature where the game will let you know there are no more possible moves - saves you the trouble.

cs Yadav

Good game

Jayanthi Ramu


costin silviu

Good relaxing


I like this version. It has some challenge to it. Just can't get the bottle skins, though.

Elizabeth Schmitt

Great game

M Rizqo Arifianto

great game, very entertaining


Not too many ads and can be played offline

Oscar Calil Machado

Not too many ads and it's quite entertaining too!

Eddie Ward


John Lawrie

Nice game

Laura Gudaitus

Good progression of difficulty, ads aren't intrusive to the game play, and I like the add a tube option when I get stuck on a level.

Laxmi Gandolkar

The game super cute and the other I love you all for you guys are not to be in the morning and I love❤ you want your result of you want your result is a good time with my friends are not to be a good time with my family is a good time with my friends are not to be on your result in the world and I love you all for you all for you all for you all for you and I have been on the way they are so many times as I am so happy for her birthday party and the other hand and the first time with my friends

Michael Sameh

It is a little too easy Edit: Oh boy was i wrong

Messy Bear

best sorter game ever, doesn't have obnoxious amount of ads

Nirmala Gangoly

Challenging and fun

Racheal Morris

Addictive fun!

ashutosh pareek

Hi I am in level 505 but extra tube is missing no action happened when I click on extra tube button pl sugges how to get extra tube.

Linde Nel


Kathryn Rees

Was fun for a while, but after the last reinstall my ad-free purchase won't restore. Never heard anything back from support, don't even see the ad-free option anymore. The ads make the game a lot more punishing, since you can't easily undo several moves or add a tube... way less relaxing, so I guess that's it for me.

Arish N

Entertaining, puzzling

Jordan Family

Certain levels challenge you and that is what makes me like and enjoy this game.

Pauline Bushnell

It's fun and slightly mind stretching

Yanitsa Georgieva

Great puzzle game, without a bunch of annoying ads.

Karen Doherty

Simple and low ad annoyance

Yamiles Carcamo

This game is awesome 👌


It's fun and mentally challenging.

Alan Gegax

Challenging puzzles, and the ads are reasonable. Maybe every third level has an ad, and some levels take quite a while to complete. Very playable game. And playable offline.

Terrell Brooks

The game is great and lots of fun. Only thing is I got a new phone and can't save progress and starting over again is something that I won't be doing

flint captain

I cant save progress

Yuvarani Arun

Nice game

Dametia Jo Woodruff


Ogunlade Oluwafemi


Sheban Adam

Awesome. One of my best apps BUT how can I store my progress? I've invested so much brain into this thing. Can't just throw away my progress like that. And those ads, wow! A sea of them. Too much.

Danielle Williamson


Sue Hauser

cant get it to download?

Mary Ann Payuran


Nokulunga Onica

Mind game its excellent :-)

Jay Mogal

Very Nice game

David Best

It is exactly what it says it is. It is a ball sorting game. Not an "ad watching" game, a "wake up in the middle of the night to check on your progress" game, or a "How much are you willing to spend" game. There are ads, but not an overwhelming number, and even then, they last the amount of time they say they will last.

Renee Sharp

I enjoy this game 😁!

Anita HK

Nice game to play at short times, small size, no unnecessary graphic.

Catharine Browning

It got too hard for me so I kept going back to the beginning and they got to where they wouldn't let me do it anymore so I had to uninstall it 😭😭😭

Gus Coffinas

Very addictive game !!

simon baker

Have to think a few moves ahead like chess. I love it.

Daka Burka

I like it.

Andrea Merry

This is the best game in the world

sivuyile nkathane


Katrina LaFond

I really like this addictive game. I just really wish I could buy a pro version so I don't have to sit through so many annoying ads just to continue. I would give it 5 stars if I could do that.

Darin Hoover

Edit: the ad experience is becoming more intrusive, removed 1 star. Original: So fun. Easy-going game. Few ads, but occasionally forced, but I like the game enough that I'm willing to overlook that.

Aljay Pags VlogTv

Good apps and i like it on how to play and joy it when comes play this app

Joy Hodge

Having a blast.

Amie Gyn

Game crashes

Anum Shoaib

Best game

TR Stroud

I took back 3 stars rating it only 1 star now. What sadistic jerkoff decided on the rate of ads? The best...I mean shi++iest thing is when you actually sit through a commercial, and then you aren't granted the reward. That's hi-freaking-larious I've got to admit. At least according to the douchbag responsible for it happening in the 1st place. I mean it doesn't happen with any other of the games I've played....ever. My only regret after I uninstall this is that I can't rate this turd less.

Alvan D. Camacho-Torres


Divya Kanojia

Enjoy this game 😄 have a fun 😊

J. Kelly

I have played this game for over 6 months and am at level 749. As of yesterday I can no longer add more tubes or go back more than one time. It's unfortunate.

Manon Lavallee Pratte

Never played a game like this before! I like it.

zeinab khrahimi

It's entertaining

Rikkie Romeo

This game is the best game ever I played it was great

Er. Amit Mukherjee


Sherry Brown

love it

Philippe Trottier

Meh... just an ad media. no way to get rid of them. quite easy too...

xeenat syed



Love it. Not too many ads

richard Phiri

I enjoyed it ,its brilliant

Dos Coasts

Fun game.

Mohammed Kachwala


Jake Johnson

Very fun and simple design, I like the multiple options for ball skins

Nikhil Shingala


Yama Zaki

Just nice 🙂