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Baker Business 3 – Do you like cooking games? In Baker Business 3, you experience running your own bakery! Buying ingredients, cooking many unlocked recipes, upgrading your bakery and serving freshly baked pies to your customers! At the same time, level up to get more surprise recipes and products from your bakery at a nice rate for free!
So many pastries!
Bake and sell a wide variety of bakery products including: cakes, cookies, muffins, doughnuts, cookies, bread, coffee, soda, parfaits, juice and more!
Open, bake and sell what you love!
When you level up, you can choose what recipe class you want to research and decide what kind of bakery you will have. Do you like donuts and cookies? Amazing! Keep discovering new recipes in these categories. Do you want to go “traditional bakery style” and open a bread and cake? You can do it! Do you want to sell as many different baked goods as possible? Then explore all categories and unlock all possible baking recipes. Sell ​​what you want to serve in your bakery and to your customers!
Bake with the right ingredients!
Each recipe requires a certain amount of different real baking ingredients that you can store and bake! As you level up, you can buy ingredients in larger quantities or in bulk to keep up with baking demand.
Keep your customers safe!
Your customers are constantly looking for new products in your bakery, so don’t forget to bake and stock all the new foods you unlock in each level! Your customers will thank you!
Upgrade and expand your bakery!
Your bakery can grow with you as you level up in baking by unlocking and purchasing additional baking ovens, item glasses, bread racks and more!
Baker Business 3 Features:
– Unlock over 90 different baking recipes!
– Bake with over
0 real baking ingredients!
– Unlock various baking upgrades from a drink container to a snack fridge and more!
– Fulfill the various orders of your customers by quickly serving them what they ask for.
– Enjoy a relaxing RPG baking game at a pleasant pace.
– Find various secret interactive items in your bakery.
– easy to play and suitable for all ages!
You can do it! done to determine Bake!!
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