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Backpackerâ„¢ – 🧳 Travel light, Taste a delight, Uncover every sight. 🗺️

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File size: 99M
Update time: August 11, 2021
Current version: 1.9.6
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Qiiwi Games AB
Price: Free
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Customer review

Sarah Loveless

Trivia games have a tendency to become repetitive and boring after a while or the ads drive you away. Not this one. Mini games keep it fresh and the visuals are so lovely. The quests are a little dull with no mini games to do but that's my only complaint. Hi I'm back with a little suggestion: Make it so this game can be played offline!!! I have lost a lot of diplomas because the internet flickered in quality while playing. It really sucks the fun out of it if the game doesn't function

Brigitte Walker

This game is so fun. I really like the trivia.

Maria Mouchantaf




Sophie-dee Coles


Melody Miller

It's ok Definitely educational. Haven't played it enough to really decide if I like it. At the moment I'm half and half. Will reevaluate it after I've played more.

Antonio Sosa



Not a bad game. Some typos and awkward english, occasional crashing, and a lot of questions that are moreso designed for trivia experts than the average person

Nettie Potgieter

High quality game to expand your general knowledge.

Sharon May

The game is great and not boring at all some of the trivia questions could be a lot better why is it that all the question for the city or country are not specific to that region just a thought

Donna Hardman

It's ok

Kalla Barnes

Really fun n educational


Ads ads, so many ads


Downloaded and won't move past blue rolling screen

Kris Turner

Very fun to play. Challenges ur knowledge of many different things.

Michael Mccann

Very educational. Love it.

Raj Hayer

Good 👍 game 🎮

Fairy Rittberg

I enjoy the game in general, but I'm frustrated. Much of my inventory is filled with scratch cards and pepper sprays. When I try to use a scratch card - the game crashes. When I try to sleep in the streets - the game crashes. When I try to sell a scratch card or a pepper spray - the game crashes. At least sometimes the sale goes through first. I wish it were possible at least to sell more than one at a time to free up my inventory. Super annoying and ruining an otherwise great game!

Shaunette Babb

Time for me to stop playing now. It was fun for a while. Lately, the sites demand more tickets. And suddenly the ads only reduce the wait my 15 minutes instead of 30? So I'm supposed to watch twice as many of the same ads? I even see some gift shop items require tickets to buy. This is how developers chase off their fans. Every fun game turns into 'pay to play'. I'd much rather buy a game upfront and outright. I'm not wasting any more time on this one.

OliverGames 08

Great quiz

Shakira Cox

Good game

Cool Person

I buy lots of apps and your price is just stupid.... never going to happen - My phone subscription cost less. Netflix is less. Get real!

Ghazlan Firmansyah

The game is great and educational. But the questions are repetitive and needs updating. Also, can you bring back the trains?

Lance Fourie


Christopher Reickert

Some the questions are so complicated.

Steven Milligan

It's really hard to find a mobile app that pulls me in; however, Backpacker is that app and more. It's kinda like Carmen Sandiego mashed with Amazing Race, without the timed contest. :D

Nan Pawanda

Best game ever!

Tracy Lee

It's a good game, however, asking random questions is redundant. Perhaps have something written as a reference, like at the information desk, have a pamphlet about the city with information relevant to the city. So we can actually learn something instead of guessing randomly repeatedly. Some questions and diplomas are really outdated... Not for target audience.

Jen Rhodes

Surprisingly good. I don't feel as pressured or as ripped off by the in game buying as I do in many similar games and it's really educational. It is a bit USA centric. Particularly with some of the sport questions.

Chandan Jena


Benji Ritchie

No ads I love it

Sally Pickles63 (Dorkfish21)

It's pretty cool

Brenda Croghan

educational and fun!

Padraic O'Hare

Why are cartoon characters wearing masks? Stupid.

Madhuli Konar

Kind of fun

Christine Sauddin

Really like this game. Very educational and fun. Graphics are pretty good too.

Kristina kostic

How can I add friends in the game?

H Sh

This game is one of a kind and really fun! If you love both travel and trivia, this is perfect and just what you are looking for! Graphics may not be too great, but otherwise it's a good game. First of its kind.


Questions are not variety. Too "american". Cannot play without internet is a downside. Sometimes the ads are stuck and unresponsive, force me to close the apps and restart. Result to lost progress and energy.

Makayla Whittingham

This game is great! I've recently taken an interest in trivia and geography, and Backpacker is perfect if you share those interests, too! It's actually fun and educational - a rare combo. I'd highly recommend you check it out! XD

Dave Rudd

Enjoyable, wish there was more energy available.

Jade Nutton

Best app I've downloaded in ages love the themes and trivia.


Totally useless game. Boring because every time it shows you correct answer before you get to chose one my yourself. There is no point to play. Only if you want just learn something new facts, but it's not a quiz game at all

Sami C

I like this game. The concept is neat & the trivia/interactive questions are always a good bit of fun. Like most, I do struggle with the strongly American-centred questions & getting stuck farming for tickets really takes the fun out of the game (I know it's intentional to make you buy them). The real world wait times when traveling by the cheaper options can also ruin the enjoyment

Amit Merckado

What's the point of highlighting the answers?

Peter Riello

Well, it's a fine game but I find it utterly stupid that a lot of the answers are highlighted for you, which another reviewer already stated. Other than that, it's really seems very childish but I have a feeling that the target audience is older. Hmm...

Cyberwizard Productions

You don't get a chance to think - the game gives you the answers soon as it asks a question.

Silvia Bryant

Stupid because it highlights the answers, so there is no guessing th right answer, since it's obvious what the right answer is. So not really a trivia game and hence not fun.

Shahrukh Khan

Amazing game with interactive and informative gameplay!

Francisca Aprilia


Brandon Powe

Some of the questions I didn't know about London were very interesting to me I've never been there but I would love to go.

Shelley Yeates

Love it

Elizabeth Ann Lewis

Love this game!

judith bessey

It's fun playing

Piunik Amiri

I love this game. It's fun and educational I learned so much about different countries just by playing.

Gil Watson

App has great potential but there is a lot of work to be done. Sooo slow at loading and sometimes the pics for questions don't load at all. The world map when you travel is so amateurish and stupid. Some of the question categories are absurd, e.g. sportscasters, brokers. You aren't told what to do or what things are for, takes a while to figure it all out. If they can fix all this then a great game.

Shan Lum Malang

Shan Lum Malang 💞 Nan Nanmarip

Heather Trimm


Thomas Fritz

Horrible intro where she is wearing a mask for covid. I play games to escape reality and don't need to be reminded of what I see at work every day.

Amani Shaikh

The sights are too hard to finish and should be easier - apart from that the game is great

Maki Kamada

Like the concept but too many of the questions are focussed on US

Sara Van Atta Hall

This very fun and educational.

I no Expert

Slow, very slow, not my cup of tea sweet hearts. I'm off back packing for a better experiance.

Brenda Colmore

I've enjoyed this game but I am stuck in a city . I want to leave but it costs to o much cash to move to another city

Carole Gubler

It's fun, a lot of reading, but I enjoy it

Haley Humenik

Kept freezing but fun

Chaila Bantacht

Very fun and educational game. I rarely have any ads except when you go to the movies or sleep on the streets which doesn't bother me. I liked it alot but it's telling me that I have no internet connection but I checked and I do, and it won't stop loading. 🤔 Also, you could add a few more countries such as, Ireland, etc. Great game overall though. Thanks!

jimmy powell

Love it

Chris Bonney

Great fun at first, but the questions become more obscure verging on irrelevant. The in game cost of sight seeing becomes ridiculous along with the requirements to complete the sight seeing. Very frustrating thereafter.

Adolph Boles


Laura McVey

Backpacker is really addictive and enjoyable to play really good for geography knowledge

Jason Stevenson

Good game i enjoy the variety of subjects. I hope they continue to expand the game

Fatima Campbell


Kizz Okennedy

Good game. Easy to play

daniel ellington gayle


shabnam shyam sunder

Unable to load the game. Stuck at 0%

Humaira Gilani

Its a very interesting game but it needs time and knowlage without these things you can not play this game ...............

Sakshi Bhandari


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Fatma Tebai

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IamMe WhoYoube

didn't like how the first set of questions had the answers highlighted- if you want to provide a tutorial, either give me the option to select whether I'd like one, or at least notify me that this is a tutorial... I can answer questions on my own, spoiled it right away for me... uninstalled

Alex Burghardt

The game won't download

Jinet Olimba

Very informative.


Would be nice if the distances etc were in metrics

Johanna Hambley


Fanie Engelbrecht


Janette Duke

Great game learned a lot of history and no adverts makes it a brilliant game

Ghazala ali ghazala

Nice game 👍

Brianna Hendricks

amazing game!!!

Mikey Henshaw

Love it

Guia Degala

I Ioved the game but suddenly all the pictures are not loading even though my network connection is okay. Please do something about it. I can't play the game anymore.

Olivia Jones

Fun, addictive. Like the trivia.

Kristelle Mae Santos

Awesome! ☺️

Astha Dhyani

How am i supposed to play this game????? Just blue screen appears and nothing else

Kayleigh Gaughan

I love this game, however, I went to play it and it kept crashing on me, once I finally was able to get on the game had completely wiped what I had done and started me from the beginning. I am really disheartened as I had got quite far and had took me a while to get where I was!

Jason Sutton

Really fun game

Stephany Vanhorn

Challenging game, fun, very addictive. You can learn new things about places from this game.

Tee Lovely

I've played this game since 2017. I got frustrated and uninstalled it after getting robbed while sleeping on the street for almost $7000, and I had protection. I wouldnt have done it had i not had protection! That is really maddening when it takes such a long time to grind for money AND tickets in this game if you can avoid buying it. It just isn't worth my time anymore

Tracy Miller

Love the game.just wish tickets were easier to come buy

Vee Ramage

Questions are too hard.