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Backpacker™ – 🧳 Travel light, Taste a delight, Uncover every sight. 🗺️

Detailed info

File size: 90M
Update time: May 12, 2021
Current version: 1.9.3
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Qiiwi Games AB
Price: Free
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Customer review

Laura McVey

Backpacker is really addictive and enjoyable to play really good for geography knowledge

Jason Stevenson

Good game i enjoy the variety of subjects. I hope they continue to expand the game



Kizz Okennedy

Good game. Easy to play

daniel ellington gayle


shabnam shyam sunder

Unable to load the game. Stuck at 0%

Humaira Gilani

Its a very interesting game but it needs time and knowlage without these things you can not play this game ...............

Sakshi Bhandari


DEV Devkang

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Fatma Tebai

عجبتني هذه اللعبة

IamMe WhoYoube

didn't like how the first set of questions had the answers highlighted- if you want to provide a tutorial, either give me the option to select whether I'd like one, or at least notify me that this is a tutorial... I can answer questions on my own, spoiled it right away for me... uninstalled

Alex Burghardt

The game won't download

Jinet Olimba

Very informative.


Would be nice if the distances etc were in metrics

Johanna Hambley


Fanie Engelbrecht


Janette Duke

Great game learned a lot of history and no adverts makes it a brilliant game

Barbie Rafa

Very disappointing. I used to love this game. 😔

Ghazala ali ghazala

Nice game 👍

Brianna Hendricks

amazing game!!!

Mikey Henshaw

Love it

Guia Degala

I Ioved the game but suddenly all the pictures are not loading even though my network connection is okay. Please do something about it. I can't play the game anymore.

Olivia Jones

Fun, addictive. Like the trivia.

Kristelle Mae Santos

Awesome! ☺️

Astha Dhyani

How am i supposed to play this game????? Just blue screen appears and nothing else

Kayleigh Gaughan

I love this game, however, I went to play it and it kept crashing on me, once I finally was able to get on the game had completely wiped what I had done and started me from the beginning. I am really disheartened as I had got quite far and had took me a while to get where I was!

Jason Sutton

Really fun game

Stephany Vanhorn

Challenging game, fun, very addictive. You can learn new things about places from this game.

Tee Lovely

I've played this game since 2017. I got frustrated and uninstalled it after getting robbed while sleeping on the street for almost $7000, and I had protection. I wouldnt have done it had i not had protection! That is really maddening when it takes such a long time to grind for money AND tickets in this game if you can avoid buying it. It just isn't worth my time anymore

Tracy Miller

Love the game.just wish tickets were easier to come buy

Vee Ramage

Questions are too hard.

Jessica Colthirst


Rachel Miller

Have been playing for almost a year now and really appreciate this game still. Got my mom in to it too. Great trivia game with a geographical twist.

Jean-Pierre Jordaan

Best travel trivia game imo. Love the fact that you get to "travel the world" and learn about other cities. Awesome to collect souvenirs. I've only got a few cities left. Hopefully the devs add another city soon. Great game.

Jacqueline Delatte

Fun game but has been crashing quite alot

Dee Prastiningtyas

Hey, i just started this game. I love the concept!! Turns out, I didn't know much about Rome. Hahaha. I think this game is good for kids as well, so long you guys dont mess about with too much ads etc. Good job!! I'll keep playing for now

Synth wave 095 Cool kid


Solanki Suryakant

Good for me khoti the same way

Dennis Hendrikx

I'd like to find the answer myself, you don't have to light up the right answer. Unbelievable.

Ben Cramp

Very fun game with a good range of questions