Baby Tiger Care – My Cute Virtual Pet Friend

Author: TutoTOONS

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Baby Tiger Care – My Cute Virtual Pet Friend – Adopt & raise the sweetest virtual pet – tiny cat Lili! Play & become BFF’s!

Detailed info

File size: 78M
Update time: July 28, 2021
Current version: 4.0.50043
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: TutoTOONS
Price: Free
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Customer review


Soooo cute

Drive Hard Earn Hard


Kitty Girl

AMAZING!!! so cool i love how u can order pizza

David E

The tiger is so cute and I love the places and you can always turn her in to a different tiger 🐅

Koli Islam

রয়েল বেঙ্গ বাঘ🐅

Sarah Sshi

This is the most Cutest game ever!

soma katiki

I downloaded this game now and played it and again deleted it because it is boring because there are less places to visit and there are only 3 dresses and skin colours and ribbions but I love tututoons please give more places to visit and add so many dresses for Kiki and the game would be perfect if you guys add some more pets thank you bye

marife marasigan

i Think Its Nice Pet but i lke it So Cute Every last Nigth Im not Even sleepy Cuz i like It this game She will be my daugether Did You know This Game are getting horor😱😱 Hehe Sorry lts Just game

Camise Yates


KC Louise Tagapia

I like bts but i like baby tiger care so cute But not good for babys



ibrahim pektaş



Wow that is also a good time

F Klein

Love it will I have to say is love it download it now

Shaimaa Hussein


Genelyn Molina


sagar adke

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Lebena B


subhod kumar

It good

Hannah D

I love this game

merlyn sabellano

kimb ly

Preeti Zanvar

Please make make up games I love to play make up games This game was nice...😊😊

Malani Siriwardana

piis kam

Rafael Leano Jr.


Ceferino Bu

WOW hi

Kojek Cool

I like this game for Michael Caine

Beverly Hills

My little sister likes this game thank you so much. Best game ever ☺🤩

Ronika rajabian


Sandy Zeelie




Fitri ardilla

I love baby tigers so i download it and my children like it they dont care about scary things tho they also like tigers but a little they love cats better tho

Fuad Rahmany


Berenika Skawska

This now I just actually installed this now so please Google if you actually turn this to have a little kitty in the game if there is actually no kidding in the game please Google fix this cuz I love cats Google if you actually don't find a way I can help you out cuz I actually use that Google and can you can actually say to the YouTube is that YouTube is actually going to be gone forever because I don't like YouTube and what I do what I love more is a little snuggly my pet cat so adorable 😻😻

Sertan Hassan


Meral Thnebat

My sister loves tigers and she loves this game so much so much 10000000000000000000

Mohd Adil

Good. Game

SHadi Rahimi

Veri good😍

Esmin Maharoof


Shilpi Singh Ayodhya vashi

Why are photos of baby tiger is saved at my phone

Clarence Fayorsey Mante