Auto Puzzle Defense : PVP Match 3 Random Defense

Author: ekkorr

50,000+ install


Auto Puzzle Defense : PVP Match 3 Random Defense – Leave the Hard Puzzles to AIs and Manage your Luck~

● How to Play
#1. Summon a Block. Let the Auto Puzzle start.
#2. Check the Blocks’ Role. Respective Skills are activated upon Puzzle Match.
( Dealer · Debuffer · Growth · Buffer · Interference )
#3. Merge the Blocks with the same types and numbers. They will Evolve with higher Levels.
#4. Manage the Randomness. Choose which one to be left and to be Merged.
#5. Survive Longer by keeping up with the targeted Combination and Ratio!

▶ Create your own Deck with a Variety of Unique Ninja Blocks~

● Characteristics of Auto Puzzle Defense

【 Cool~ Puzzle Amplification!! 】
Burst the Puzzles at once with Item Blocks (Bomb, Paint, Magnet, etc.)!
More Blocks you Burst at once, More Amplified the Effects are!

【 Unlock the Potential to Rediscover Blocks!! 】
Unlock the Potentials and Evolve them to the Brand New Blocks.
Make them Class 10 to Unlock the Potentials~

【 Legend Block Chance~ 】
You can achieve respective Legend Blocks from Battle and Party Pass. (Seasonal Reward)
Don’t Miss your 2 Legend Blocks every 2 weeks~

【 Automatically Stacking Idle Box. Wonder Cube~ 】
Special Rewards continue to accumulate in [Wonder Cube] without playing, even when Offline.
Just check your [Wonder Cube] out if you’re busy~

Detailed info

File size: 92M
Update time: April 9, 2021
Current version: 1.1.12
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: ekkorr
Price: Free
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Customer review

Taylor Gaming

Great game. Would add an overall damage bonus for block level though and a friend request option.

Pharaoh Omeganaise


Colton Lee

Very unique feel, great variation of this type of pvp strategy game

Theugly PUPPET

Game is clearly a pay to win game. Devs have a legendary block. But there are legendaries that are insanely rare and 10 times more value. (If you get a chance to buy 1 of these. It is valued at 70 us dollars... for just 1 copy. To upgrade to a point when you can unlock potential you need at least 3 of them. And the rewards given by devs are lacking. Once you finally manage to get to unlock the potential of any block. You need to BUY the stones to upgrade them. 100 percent p2w. With no rewards

Total darkness

Im totally addicted

Rusu Cosmin

Welldone on evolving the ideea further i really hope this one will live on longer

Thomas Jeriko


Chase Brodie

Prefect balance of skill, luck, competition and growth. No need to pay to win but the option is there to move further forward. Also no energy or anything limiting you so you can play all day which is lovely

rivian excel

Rly fun

Brian Peterkin


Sugar Puss

Great game for those looking for a different type of strategy TD game. I'd like to see a slider for the bgm and sfx instead of just muting. I've also noticed that the refresh with an ad often ends with an error code. **Update: Thanks for the sliders for sounds! Great job 👍

Clinton Peterson

A simply approach to the random tower defnse but still fun and excitedly engaging.

Bret Lautzenheizer

Early review, game seems good. Nothing absurdly wrong with it, but a $50 pass option leaves me thinking pay to win later on.

Md Wazien Mohd

Menyulam Kasih Zul Fadli NA Talking Imoof Eletree Johnny English Strike again Kota Kinabalu Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre In Watch YouTube "Ibu dan anak dilanggar ketika isi minyak di Miri."

Alexander N

Great potential but flawed. First of all the prices in the store for both in-game currency and real money is insane. There are two passes which costs more than full games do. Every time you play a game you need at least 3 second before you can claim rewards. Watching ads often results in error.

Victor Westphal

Instructions and descriptions are unclear because of the bad grammar. Up until rank 10, most enemies seem to be bots, and out of 40-ish opponents, four or five "knew" how to play. Also, there were a few rigged rounds that resulted in inexplicable losses, where my opponent had underleveled blocks, with inferior tactics and used no linking at all.


Game is nice, cute & quite f2p friendly. If anyone is having a "(app name) keeps stopping" issue and thinks it's this app that is the cause(I had this issue after I press a free prize notification for this game), you actually have 1 of 3 ways to know of the issue. 1) WiFi/Data not stable, 2) Not enough storage or 3) Android System WebView, I vote on 3rd. After uninstalling it, you won't have your affected apps(mine was a few apps that started to have issue as if a virus spread) issue again.

Logan Scott

I honestly love the game and it's really fun.


퍼즐게임인데 디펜스게임도 있어 신나요

Mihai Ciolac

Don't even waste your time on this ceao gane. Game play (battle mode) it is unfair and not calculated right!!! If you have a +3 level against, there is no chance to win, you will loose every single time! The only change to win, is if -3 level against you. Waste of time. Not worth spending money.


I wish we can play offline.

Michael Smtih

This is very similar to some other games and Ekkorr's attempt is pretty fun. Unfortunately the amount of micro transactions and ads shoved in your face is pretty wild compared to their other games. Also, the ads don't give the refresh/pass fairly often, with no ad free purchase.. I'd say it's not worth it if you are f2p or a low spender.

Doom Clasher

Edit 5: I was able to get a few matches in before the game crashed. The game also lagged a little during that time. I'm not changing my 5 star review, and am still going to play the game

Truman Walls

After the patch, the game worked for a bit. But started crashing again after a few matches. For the most part though, an interesting game. Unique, I like the clash of genres. Can be a little annoying trying to see which blocks can merge when your finger is on top of them, but not a game breaker.

jordan bailey

Giant cash grab, worst of the worst. Premium passes for everything, chances of legendary blocks are 0-1%. Terrible game

I eat Cereal with Water and I pour the Water first

So far, the game UI is a bit clunky, there needs to be some optimisation done and sometimes it doesn't let me quit the game. This is a new game so I won't rate it low but as long as this isn't fixed, it'll be very difficult for me to continue playing it.

Joe Durepos

Seems okay. Only played for a minute. Not my cup of tea.

Stephen Weddig

Incomprehensible. Also, for some reason, the nickname "booboo" is not allowed.

Oliver Richards

Fun little tower defense kinda game.

Derick Lee

This is a decent game, tho its a copy of many others with a new twist to it. The probability of getting items to merg in battle are very low & needs to be improved. starting off with enough mana for 3 tanks is one other issue as it takes a little time to build back up the mama to buy more. Its not a major issue, but it can get fustrating to new people of the concept of the game. i actually thought we would work the match 3 board, yet its stilll a nice twist overall. Waiting for more like RPG.

Dickie Preston


Johan Shadzli

The first I see a game with 5 stars and I see why it's so much fun!!!

HY Lee

A Nice Game. quite fun and it makes me keep joining the game everyday 😀