Auto Grow Castle: Tower Defense

Author: Double Times

100,000+ install


Auto Grow Castle: Tower Defense – Defend your castle against the invasion of enemies with hero archer

Detailed info

File size: 81M
Update time: August 27, 2021
Current version: 0.2.3
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Double Times
Price: Free
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Bhoj Karki

Op game we play all


Quảng cáo quá nhiều

joshua fang

its kinda good

faisal habib

A little hard and boring

Shara Akter

This game I really love but this game upgrade fighters we need to much money this because we saw ads in game this because I give 3sters

Amy Stevens

Love it

Kirstie Dyson

Fee sent

Mike Ward

There is no game play here. Click a button to start the round. It plays itself. Then click a button to upgrade - you are not able to choose what you upgrade. Then click a button to start next round. Over and over. No choices to make, nothing. ZERO stars for this one.

Huawei Honor


Paul Okselenko

settings don't opena

Giuseppe Vurro

Amazing game cannot stop it's amazing because you can like fight everything if you want you've dragons towers even midnight you can level up it's amazing I cannot stop I played for like 3 years right now and it's amazing please download this game it's amazing

Sebastian Melnicki

Kasa jaki koleś kasa. Tak achhhavaahhv....

Rucha Bapat

Yakshit is pro king

Jakhi McNair

It's so good

Koni Cruz

Good si for game.


I like stick Archer war tower attack it is have a update

Anh Võ


Hano Matogi

The best experience I ever had with this game cause I evoled Everything 😁

Sk Yong

Why i like this game is because it's fun to play and upgrade that why i give 5 star so yeah

tamiraa erdenechuluun

nice game

Ramon Ruiz

To much ads😑

Sharif Ershad

Good but to many adds

Dustin Stiltner

Great game

beky mooneyham

No just no worst game ever. Really they fake wats out on the photo. Really!?.like wat the..... they also have lots of ads pls fix this game or not try to play this game I wanted this for years and I know it's the worst game!!!! 😢 do not try this game!!!!

Alexis Martinez

This game is filled with adds only ten times whenever a enemy dies the die effect is kinda annoying this is not a game

A Google user



Its ok I guess. Pretty bland though, some features don't work at all. I think this is the first game i've ever seen where you can't even access the settings. I see tons of complaints about ads here but none loaded for me.

Nermin Maslak

nise game

Drazx No

Malware for ads! There is nothing here but ads.

โป๊ป 2


Grunt Gaming

Cool game

Thu Ya


Kevin Morgan

Just a vehicle for ads. Game is not compelling at all


Game seru Menyenangkan bisa di upgrade towernya sama naganya dan yang berdiri di bangunannya hebat 😉😉

Anjana Krishna



What this games are litterly bad or good

Arem Jhei

Good game Rate 5/5

Simon Gabriel Ursu

One of the worst excuses for spamming ads, this is not even a game, it's something made in half an hour, in lunch break.

Myat Phone pyae

Dude talk about adds later i can't even download this game!!! If you are onwer or admin and read my review fix this i deleat all my apps but it doesn't work

Chowdary Manju

It is so nice

greatness within

SO many ads


This is so stupid ads ads ads Smh for the game

Ma.Cristina Palana

No evolution

bobitzki sarmiento

Ad generator


Forced ad generator

Ryan Yami

Would be decent with far less ads


Did a "watch an ad for a bonus" after the first round. It made me watch 3 in a row! 30sec each. So I tried to not do them next round, and it played them anyway.