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Great remake of a classic MMORPG!nFully-rendered 3D characters offer impressive detail down to their elegant costumes.nEnjoy the satisfying MMO gameplay and stunning graphics on your mobile device! nEmbark on new adventure to the world Ramayan and screenshot every step of your journey.nSummon Eidolons, establish tactics for party battles, and most of all… create YOUR legend as a Hero.nnâ–  DYNAMIC COMBAT SYSTEM â– n4 unique classes to choose from.nEnjoy fast-action gameplay at your fingertips and easy-to-use touch control with beautiful animations!nConquer epic raid dungeons with players from all around the world.nnâ–  REAL VAST OPEN-WORLD â– nStroll down the beautiful streets of the Medieval Times and witness abundant creatures. nListen to the tales of those who live amongst them and learn of the story behind “Ramayan”.nSet out with your friends on an unforgettable adventure!nnâ–  COLLECT POWERFUL EIDOLONS â– nCombined with Card Game playstyle!nMeet over 40 Eidolons on your journey and Collect ‘Em All! nCultivate and form inseparable bonds with your partners — Design a team exclusive to you. nUtilize your Eidolon’s powerful ultimate skill and have them battle alongside younnâ–  UNLOCK SECRETS OF MONSTERS â– nRamayan consists of plains, forests, wetlands, and rainforests — Which are also the natural habitat of multitudinous creatures nDiscover where they inhabit, what they like or dislike, and everything else about them. nUnlock every monster in this fantasy world and complete the “Book of Ramayan”. nnâ–  CUSTOMIZE YOUR ACCESSORIES â– nYour accessories will no longer be identical to anyone else’s.nAdjust its size, angle, and even where it’s placed.n- Cat ears on your forehead? n- Spectacles hanging from your chin? n- Wings growing out from your bum? nThe only limit is your imagination! All of these are made possible for someone creative like you — Play around all you want!

Detailed info

File size: 1.4G
Update time: August 11, 2021
Current version: 14.7.1
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Price: Free
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Customer review

billy ramos

love the gameplay

Hlua Zeedeey

Its an amazing game, nice characters too. But there is so much lagging and also I can't watch the ad the get free diamonds, fix this and I'll rate 5-star

Roy Robin

Error Code 2. Only works on Wifi. Otherwise good game.

Blake Demi_

i fell in love at first sight, the game has a great way of teaching you, the eidolons are spicy looking, the combat has awesome animations and the folklore music is just the best.


fairly good

soldier X aman

What kind of game is this this is totally garbage every time I fight PvP or hero tower and dungeon my character didn't move until my health reduced to more than half and if it moves it moves very slow are you targeting me your game is worst you did not even care for your users ever time I click on repair files It does not work say clearly if you don't want me to enjoy game I will uninstall it

Madz Doria

Make Aurakingdom NFT it will be a boom for sure crypto, on a anime mmorpg, think about it developers

xaomi redmi10


Chandra Clestopia

Great RPG!!!!!

Samrat Singh



Overall rating: 1/5 /// Graphics: 1/5 --- Music: 1/5 --- Gameplay: 1/5 --- Content: 1/5 --- Micro-transactions: 1/5

loreal wright

not the best backstory or most interesting but i rlly like it!

Stevie Bullock

I do not really know how to play but so far it is good

Noor al Haya



Bad game, promotes bullying, promotes cheat. Game moderator not doing a proper job and abusing powers. Game promotes BUG ABUSE and no permanent ban, only 1-8days ban over 1month worth of abused resources. X-Legend is a garbage taiwan company who openly allow hackers to play the game and they disapprove fairness. Trash game

MD. Sobuj Islam

Nics Game

Blue diamond Rapid

Tottaly loving this game i can get comfused sometimes😅

Maz Jones

Dog water

Sakthi Vel


Zoe Buen

The game has auto, which ruins my experience. And it's very p2w. Wouldn't recommend.

Magnus Von Dalgue

It would be better if you could bring Eden Eternal on mobile. Honestly, I really love that game... All those years of memories with my friends were now put to nothing as you guys needed to shutdown everything. It was my first mmorpg I've ever played and now I missed my guild so much..

Rei Chwan

3 stars for the good graphics. But the gameplay is not so great.

Aditya gupta

It very nice game so good game it very best game for fun and time pass

Andrea Burton

Not able to play. Keyboard function doesn't have a back option after creating a characters name. The randomize name function doesn't let me pick a random name due to all the randomised names being used by other players. Fix this bug.

Sanjay R

Good story but the delay between attacks are soooooooo annoying


Dead game

Nayrd Dadinirt

Bobo gumawa n2 maitenace

awdad awdawdad

A satisfying one

Lil Woowoo

Great game!


It's amazing all the way up to lvl 28 so I was doing a task and I abandoned it when I did it again it says you can't do 2 commission quests at a time please fix it then my review will shoot much higher Honestly everything else is amazing ty

Boba Squid

It's an ok game. My biggest complaint is the small text. Ive been trying to play this on a 6.1 inch phone and it is frustrating how small every text is to read. I played AK 1 in the past I don't remember text being this micro. Other mmos have the same issue. So much detail jammed and crammed on screen, it's aggravating trying to make out details, stats and lettering, etc. Maybe I will try it on a tablet later on down the road. Thank you.

Bella _chan

It is a very fun game, the story line is great and I have a lot of fun with friends on it. Reccomend playing the game.

kanlayanee Thasret

They deleted bad reviews. Best company ever!

Jonathan Kim

Good job fixing the problems dev team 👏 brining it back to 4/5 stars

Nestle Roxas

Panda: MY CHILDHOOD!!!!!!!!

zeina zidan


Justin Seward

Suspending players for their own mistake. Dumb game, don't bother with this one. Devs took away my 240 accesory set, trophies, etc for THEIR MISTAKE.

S S Supreme

False advertisement - > banning players - > deleting their items - > not giving back their purchases.... Awesome!! ✨

Pandora's Actor

It's a good game but sadly get destroyed by pay to win(p2w) system. The balance between free to play(f2p)players and pay to win(p2w) players need to be fix so much. Its way so unfair for lv 100 f2p players get beaten by lv 60 p2w players. Hope they to fix this problem because the rating is already bad now because of it, just hope it doesn't get worse anymore just because this issue.

Maltisha Brummett