Atlantis Invaders – Galaxy Alien Shooter

Author: Spirit Bomb - Arcade Shooting Games

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Atlantis Invaders – Galaxy Alien Shooter – Lead your submarine through hordes of sea monsters and search for Atlantis!

Detailed info

File size: 93M
Update time: September 13, 2021
Current version: 3.2.22
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Spirit Bomb - Arcade Shooting Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

alex smith

The Game was awesome

Jahid Malik


Md Shuhag


Joe Lucia

Don't waste time on lucky wheel. Spinning lucky wheel implies it's random, it's anything but. Frustrating to spend that many gems, or watch that many ads, and end up with 22 bombs I never use, or two energy capsules. You can't use two energy capsules for anything, to play a game it costs five.

Yogesh Tandel

nice game...full tp game?:D

Francisco elegado


Emir Omerovic

nice balanced spaceshooter

chaeril ismed

good game

Kevin Green

Love just need better powerups and upgrades doesn't do much and you basically get the same thing over and over. It's one thing I hate about this game your ships and drones get no stronger no matter what you do and nothing is new no upgrades or bonuses waiting days for drop boxes is insulting. You can get very powerful at least you think and go to lower boards to beat it better and nothing same results with a powerful ship and worthless drones. And they don't respond I guess only if you lie on yo

Dennis Hipps

Good information

Helen Tilley

Absolutely fantastic game ,I can't put it down . You have to try it too believe it 😀

jonathan hines

it's great 👍

Hamlet Thomas


Linda Worner

entertaining and challenging

Wes Perry


Terry Williams

I'm changing my mind on this one. There are a lot of glitches when it comes to the rewards for watching the ads, but it happens in just about all the game apps we have! I think there's something wrong with my phone 📱🤳📱!! I'm having a lot of trouble/problems with it 😠😭😤😢😵😬(our phone). So, I don't think it's this app 🙂🙂🥰🐾!! We'll give them 4 stars 🌟 🌟⭐⭐ for now maybe 5 later when these glitches we have are fixed. It seems like they tried to help us out with some problems 🤠!

Abdu AboBilal

Nice game got all the ships without pay one dollar just play good and be patient 🙂

Boss Dickem

Fun addiction for action cravers the world would love.

Timothy Kelley

Very fun & addicted ever time I played it but so much fun & excitement every time, download it & have some fun yourself.

Mi Raad

Why this app just only have 20👈👈levels???I have finished level20 and after that there is no any levels!!!! Plz give me mor explain???tnx❤️❤️❤️❤️

azzeb khouri

The game is fun to play but once you make it to level 21 the game doesn't allow you to unlock to move over to the next stage. So I'm stuck. I finally beat every level and now I can't go to the next level. This game sucks.

john parcon

Good but I can't enjoy on this device mate 11 Huawei....

Katrina Minter

this game has me addicting

Michael Keller

good game.

Luke Maitland

Finally gave up and bought a ship, you took my money and I got nothing! Really not happy as I was enjoying the game until now. I would like rhis resolved but I don't know how to contact.

Eric Weatherhead

No pause button? 😭

Antonio Avant

very exciting and rich gameplay also easy to pick up and play and it's a upgraded version of your favorite retro game definitely worth the download

Bobby Farmer

great shooting game

Ongar 88


Adam Duck

very good game

Trent Thomas

one of the in game purchase again but very worthy even without paying a cent

Tommy Forth



Ads just pops up after a game. This is even if you choose not to open the ad box.

Ivan Paler

very good game

Raymond Lee

Love 💕 this

Damien Valliant

good game

Nealy Borden


Margarita Villegas


Gary A Padilla

Excellent app

Muhd Shahrizan


Ariel Ruiz

It's way too loose the control of the spaceship I see no way to change that it looks good but it sucks! One star unless y'all change the control of the spaceship then I'll change my one star rating thank you and I look forward for the change!

Roiberad Cnoic

really good game

Joshua Glover

great arcade no ads

Luis R Garcia

Always Appreciated Playing Every Day. Thank You For Sharing Your Experience...

Fabe Ramirez

This game is awesome totally chill.

Carlo Baluyut

Fun game

Alexander Harless

This game it has very good game play it's very fun to play as well very cool

Christopher Taylor


sudip ghosh

love it

Clarence Davis

great action- easy and fast.

Darren Rowat

not bad for when boredom sets in

Keith Ertel

exciting game enjoy it a lot

BroTra BoyLoy


Work Work

Best avoid this game as it Constantly crashes when watching an adds, This causes loss of all progress, The game is also a clone of sky champ with different graphics

Anna Fair

I just like to play it reminds me of Cetapede wen I was younger lol

Sakholu Ezung

Very Very best game in the world

VAPE AND CHILL Shamim Bhatti

Absolutely 💯% brilliant

Lisabeth Dixon

LisabethDixon Save

Abhi Ghorui


Tadic Srdjan

Retroshoot is best space ship game,this one is second.

Daniel Starkey


Michael Williams

I played a similar game by this developers, creature's instead of spacecraft.excellent game


Found an exploit in the game that game me unlimited gold and gems. Upgraded my ship 60+ levels which cost millions of gold. Tried a world 9 lvl I was currently at and still had to work at it to beat. This just shows even at pay to win you would have to dump insane amount of money into it. Not worth continuing when even with cheats it's still a time suck and grind.


I wanted to like this game as it looks interesting but it refuses to load on my Google Pixel 5a. I hope I will have a chance to try it sometime.

Shawn Lung


Frank Sunildutra

Really addictive. Love the graphics and gameplay.

Ramona Jarrells

this is a great game but it takes practice

Dialyne Parker

fast and fun

Cherie Starnes

love it so far and it's not got a lot of ads I need a game that doesn't make me spend real money

Jerry Alsobrooks

So far so good 👍👍👍👍👍👍

Jim Connell

it's fun track

Darren King

Adverts are zoomed meaning you have to force quit after each level. This in turn means you lose your progress. So I can only play offline

Carter Watkins

the soundtrack goes so unnecessarily hard for a mobile game and i am HERE for it 110% the gameplay is probably good i think but i was too busy rocking out to the music to notice

Rhey Atacador

Smooth game tnx

Daniel Curry

These games are somewhat similar to one of the starting games of my youth, Space Invaders. It and other games in these days are much improved and the variations made are innovative and well appreciated!

Sharod Gray

😎💭Nice! Sçr8 Up🔥! ,Hopefully it'll stay that way. ....I'mma find out ....Becuz atm I really have no complaints.

craig lee


Warren Austin

it's not bad he's a little bit more work better than that very good game

Mac Dayanan

When I use and play this Apps. I'm amazed. This is what I'm looking for. The graphics is awesome. Hoping to get the updates for the equipment. 🙂👍👍


it's a nice game for fun

Caesar Dela Cruz

enjoyable and challenging

Deepak Singh

nice game

Chester Corsino

nice addictive

Jerald paul Lautengco

nice game

Marc Lavigne

You can't even hit x when an add is done.

Trickmags Maghanoy

a very nice game

Hailes Harris

I like it but if i give this a high score. And started to act like it want to Have glitches in the game but then I'm going to know why because 4 good reason 1. The developer then put a ransomware in it ][2. The corporation didn't pay enough money for it and they know they can make money off of it to the developer.][3.Or another developer don't win in trying to look at the developer program off in it the the schematics of the program and the tamper with it. And have to go and get debugging our

Joel Watts

Great game 🎮

Thomas Brosnahan

5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Mehtab ali khan

nice 👍

Hacker Gamer

It's an entertaining, enjoyable, exciting game even at my old age 70yrs old. How mych more for the young who are adventurous and full of jest; surely they will find it so amusing.

Shaun Carter

After a couple of minutes in the game getting asked if I want to spend £18 to buy another ship. What planet do you live on?

Mike Stewart

Great game but I already finished it I'm at the end can't go any further too bad I was really enjoying the game I hope you make more games like this one and sky champ

Enrique Medina

love these game

Roslyn Bowens

This is game

Clinton Geer

I wish this game had a help menu of some sort. It seems like it uses elements, but only water, fire and wood. Seeing as how I am not Asian I can't figure out what beats what. I searched google and couldn't find what I was looking for as it pertains to this game.

Thomas Robinson

Good game

Anthony Newens


Donamhaye Magtanong

Nice Game 👍👍👍

Brother Earl Cassidy

The ads are obnoxious. Too many ads.