Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle

Author: Boltrend Games

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Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle – The Atelier series comes to mobile, celebrating its 20th anniversary!

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File size: 74M
Update time: August 19, 2021
Current version: 1.0.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Boltrend Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ketoshi Misobami

When it first came out I played because why not. The more I played it the more it lagged and so I stopped playing it for a while until now. During today I reinstalled it because I missed playing it but I couldn't even play it better yet get on it without crashing. I did it a few times until I finally decided that I just give up on the game completely. I wish it wasn't crashing every single time because I really do like the game just can't stand to wait see that the crashing is still happening.

Anne Wong

I just downloaded and started the game but it keeps shutting down.

Oreana Gouto


Hyemin Moon

I installed game, started for the very 1st time, and it crashed and I couldn't play it at all so I had to uninstall the game :( I like atelier series and want to play this game. Hope this issue get fixed soon.


Nothing like the original series. Also pretends to be nice and give you Ryza for free only to demand a fortune (gacha) to level her above lvl 10. Game also drains battery a lot and keeps crashing. If you want to play Atelier just buy any of the original games on your preferred system. 1000x better and you wont have to deal with the worst gacha ever to get something even remotely useful.


This game used to be decent, but now it is completely unplayable for me. Any time I open the app, it crashes trying to load. And the more I open the app, the sooner it crashes. It does not even get me to the game itself--after I click start, the game crashes. I have followed all the tech support advice, and then even the tech support I was messaging quit working. I am done trying to play this game. It isn't worth the frustration.

João Fernandes

apesar da falta de produto estacavel na mochila esse jogo é um amor de se jogar e das minhas lives, possivel de melhorar 1 ou 2 coisas pra otimizar melhor a jogabilidade do usuário mas ainda sim não deixa a desejar(tirando a parte do gaccha que deste jogo é bem ruim)

Sheep Pillow

Very good game, but sometimes it stuck on the loading screen. Especially returning back to town.

Brigitie Medina

I'm really enjoying the game!

money luffy

Loading screen loading loading loading


My old account is gone. I'm not remember my account id, but i know i already bind my account before. When i try to bind now, it start at beginning again. Game freeze more often,i have to clear data again to play.

7 Holes Heart Productions

It's a nice concept but multiple weird choices exist The character doesn't start with the outfit in their picture You spend more delivering than crafting And it feels weird that there's no dedicated screen for the atelier Can't say I'll come back unless it gets a major change up


I enjoyed the game but is lacking. It remained faithful to the original series of collecting materials and alchemy. The main story quests can keep you busy for quite a while. However, there is something about the game that makes the experience unpleasant. For one, engaging in combat with monsters way below your level can't be skipped. Combat in general takes a lot of time to complete. There isn't much holding me to the game. I received Ryza and never touched this since.

ppun ppun

I can't find graphic quality setting after i reset setting and graphic became low

Ika Glublu

Game gak jelas. Baru beberapa menit mainin aja udah membosankan. Karakternya jelek. Suara peppermint nya sok imut banget deh.

Livi Star

It was ful of fun this is the best game ever

SunHyun Yi

I can't get past the login screen. Very irritating. This was a fun game otherwise. :(

potato rose

I love it, I love atelier games. I'm so happy to see this...but the battle is so mobile. I understand it's a mobile app so it makes sense but you can have turn based mechanics in mobile too, it wouldn't be overwhelming. Imma still play it, I'm just missing mana khemia 😅

Sam Gorgas

It was fun before it started crashing every time I tried to open the app. But you know, the frozen loading screen ain't quite as enjoyable as the game itself so I gotta give it a one star.

Edgar Rojas

I can't even get to the play keeps closing on me during the dialog been trying for an hour now

Justin Choate

Been playing snice day 1 and now I can't even get pass the title screen

Scawy Demon

I can't even get through the first cutscene of the game without it crashing.

John Ng

I love atelier series. But this mobile game just keep freezing at the loading page. It is not a 1st day issue and yet nothing is done. Come on... this is what we get for showing support to this game??


Absolutely love this game but like everyone warned me this would get the classic bolt trend treatment they were right. Don't believe me , check above for last updated on above and that tells you all you need to know. If this was more popular they would still support it. It's a shame to see such a fun and unique game kept in maintenance mode .

Skylar M

Just like everyone else is saying it randomly crashes and boots me out of the game I would definitely bump up another star if this were to be fixed.

Cyckill the demon


Alex W.

Daily quest grind, with the addition of materials to gather, but only the right ones, so you need to manage your inventory, and also check that the materials of one particular type that you're saving have the right type of trait that you want to use for crafting, and the material might be used for more than one recipe, and you want different traits for each recipe... and so on...

Allison Matherne

Game crashes immediately in start up or a few moments in. Can't start playing at all:(


This game is fun to play with adventuring, collecting and synthesis with alchemy; but the requirements materials are hard to get and the drop aren't very high which more time-consuming. Also even though I obtained Ryza, there aren't any Limit Candies for Ryza breakthrough! It would be best if there a shop which use Ether as payment or convert it into Coins as there not much to spend it on synthesis. Please make Ether possible to buy materials and Limit Candies as this game get stuck in progress.

Devi Kirana

Thank you for giving me rorona,, *bow* anyway please improve the load management because i found it hanged/stopped all the time everytime i am going back to Academy.

Aiko Silos

Wanted to try out the game. But after downloading, opening the app, seeing the credit screen, it stays at the black screen with golden decorative borders for a very long time. So uninstall


Haven't been able to login for over a week now on any devices. The game freezes and crashes every time I do.

raptor slayer

Great gameplay, remind of atelier series. Butcan you please add some otherway to collect gacha heroes candy ? At least make it easier to get the one we already got. Since it was so hard to get character from gacha.. Please add some in character story or at least make some event to get em.. Stuck at lvl 30 make it hard..

Mingyun Flux

Reading reviews and even in 2022 the freezing and crashing still hasn't been fixed.

Michael Fang

Playing on my tablet, it lags a bit. I still play it often. The gacha pulls, well, if you got someone you want really bad, you gotta save A LOT OF COLES. The battle system feels like a shallow version of Ryza games battle system. This game still need patches for it to run smoothly. I like the gathering and the mini exploration and dungeons, but this is definitely not near a finish product of a mobile game.

Heilok Cheng

3.5/5. Played daily for 1.5 months. Good time to quit as the JP server is closing. Pros: cute art, gameplay loop of gathering, crafting and battles. Early game is fun & exploratory! Gatcha rate: rarely used paid currency; you are unlikely to get your fave characters to usable fight levels. Cons: towards later chapters, it's clear the game has exhausted its content & becomes a grind for materials and battle items - starting at Golem in Undersea Shrine. Stop here. It's joyless w no progression.

Wahyu Is

Its a great game


always stuck if u level up a character 😐

Berrie bun

The crafting system is a utter disappointment. The ONE thing that makes a atelier game a atelier game and it's on flash game 2006 level. A utter let down. Not a real atelier game no matter the title or trademarks. A complete failure. Of course there is a cookie cutter response. Go outside and touch grass. It's a good ingredient for beginner healing salves in real atelier games.


after playing for 4 days, the app suddenly doesnt start. It crashes even before the starting menu.

Charmaine Quito

Absolutely love the Alchemist series but I do have issues returning to Academy using the Map option. It will get stuck on loading screen, then it will never load in.

Tracey Karpas

This game is beautiful. :D I have been playing games since the 1st console game pong in the 70s. 40+ years experience. Advice: iron out any errors reported and make the game run smooth as possible. This will ensure the happiness of the players and the longevity of your beautiful game. ^-^

Trev Dew

Game is ending service later this year for no real reason. DO NOT SPEND.

Rio Firmansyah

broken ui

Probably Vanilia

It is a nice game however when I try to submit an error it doesnt let me, nor it lets me try to breakthrough my character/lvl up... The screen just freezes and doesnt let me play further

Lain zerofool

Every time JP games come to global they never do as good. they end up shutting down the server for the game so either try to fix it or just give up and shut it down and work on your skills as a developer for global and get better at it, im sorry for being rude but it's true.

Kate McClintock

two thumbs, worst game ever

Marie Christine Verret

Need to fix some bugs to make run smoother

Christopher Vergara

The game is buggy as hell


Constant freezing during battle

Emily Davies


Adrian Anthony De Guia

Its okay as an atelier game for mobile but the ones for consoles are just superior.

Martin Hornyák

I was waiting for the global version since I first played the Japanese version. Thank you so much to give this game a global version.

Aven Alister

Trying to enjoy the game as a new player, but it's impossible when the game freezes after 2 minutes of playtime. What's worse, this seems to be an issue the developers don't care to fix. Translates to little customer service, and trying to squeeze what ever dollar amount out of you that we can before we pull plug.


It feels like a simplified Atelier game for mobile; HOWEVER, the quality assurance and details are where this game falls apart. The gacha is the worst I've ever seen having played over 30, the dialogue is painful, obvious to spot and easy to fix mistakes are rampant. My Coles even started disappearing randomly! No care or love was put into this game, and I cannot recommend it. I love Atelier and would quickly purchase a mobile game for the series, but this is only worth playing if you play free.

Frayya S.

Update 11/25/2021. Playing for a month after last update game more frozen and map not moving have to re-log every 5-10 minutes. Can't see friends on the map. Hopefully next update solve the problems. I like this game put a bit annoying to do the commission (Gain part) one by one have to back out and back in to receive another one when you can synthesize many of them. Synthesize one by one also. Hope there will be some changes in the future to be easier.

Akeda Laevateinn

The story is fun and cute but the game plays like the devs just wanted to make a quick buck off the series (Same devs as the Disgaea Online game). The gacha mechanic is a good example of this. Most games seperate equip and char rolls, but in this game they merged the two to dilute the chances of getting a character. 1 char or 3 pieces of gear. For an Atelier game there's very little and quite limited synthesis. What little there is is horribly unbalanced.

Ng Yiwen

Cute art. A little annoyed with the bgm. Super annoyed with the loading for this whole game. Every time you click something it needs to load like opening map, opening quest, opening party, etc... It's difficult to level up characters. Don't understand why farming level up materials are locked behind event that requires tickets to do the event. It'd be great if UI is clear or can filter out only traits you possess in your inventory. Someone pls tell me where is the rate for each gacha banner??


Wonderful and fun


okay yea. the gacha system is too much. and sometimes things just cease to load for some reason (even when connection's fast). but my issue is mostly on the gacha thing. you can't level up a character anymore once you run out of their gacha-exclusive material? this game isn't f2p-friendly. the concept overall is really nice, though. I've always loved the atelier series (and just mostly anything from Gust) so it was super exciting to have it on mobile.

Anette Solis

Editing because the game is basically unplayable now and it's been over a week. The only update we have on this is probably fixed next patch. This could be months. Save yourself the saddness, don't play this game. It's clear it's being allowed to die. ....I love this game and play it every day, but I can't give it a high rating. The characters and story are fun. The events pretty good.

Richard Sabino

Disapointment: The Game


I should not put 1gb+ file on playstore to download cause sometimes they're download fail when 1gb+ file and restarted from 0% that's why I'll put 1*


Don't expect anything you would from an atelier game. Combat has very little skill involved, crafting is locked to specific ingredients instead of classes of ingredients, so don't think you'll get to actually discover anything. This app is a direct insult to the Atelier series.

Zach Lohman

As far as mobile games and gacha games go, this is fine, but that's it. I got past the third region before realizing my disappointment. Any normal game progression has been dumbed down to fit common gacha mechanics, with recipes no longer having any flexibility. There are no longer any item categories, there's no bestiary or item dictionary, the storage/bag balance is all out of wack, and on top of all that it's buggy and poorly translated. A real Atelier game will blow you away.

Jordan Holloman

Very fun to play.


I've been waiting a long time for an Atelier game for mobile! Thank you for putting so much thought into it to make it like the PS games. I do miss having control over the battles, but no big deal. Excellent game!

Ghost Rat

Don't bother, and don't spend money. I honestly wish I could get a refund. There is a reason this game was abandoned in Japan. My biggest gripe is the translation, it's terrible. The dialog is cringey, nothing flows, and there are a lot of grammar mistakes. Nothing you can buy is worth the money. And then there is the fact that there is no where near enough space to store items. Oh, and forget ever getting a character. You won't. If you miraculously do, you'll never be able to upgrade them.

Bradly Parks

I love the game and enjoy the original characters. However, I would love to see some characters from my favorite entry in the series: Atelier Iris. I'm not a fan of the exceedingly limited gacha system. You got hold of a gacha character and want to increase their level past 10? Better not get your hopes up, 'cause getting limit candies for gacha characters is extremely time-consuming and/or expensive.

Chris Williams

Love the game and characters!


I love this game the story is fun an cute, an I love the fact the alchemy is very important . Always pick up everything an I love the fact you can hold alot of things in your bag!

Jessica Jessica

I really love this game. The pace isn't that fast and it suits me. I can play and talk to other people here. It's so fun! But now i have to change my rating from 5 to 3 because there's no information about the storyline and we can't see what will we get on the upcoming update. It will be better to give people the event/gacha news 3 days - 24 hours before the update.

Gumilang Ajie

Good game. But its so hard to get coin for gacha and the rate for getting character is so low. After got the character, they just sitting there cause its so hard to get materials for limit break. Not only that, the quality for monster dropped item is the same for lv10 or lv 40 monster. Also the loading between changing area is too long and often freeze.


Not sure why but am unable to go past the start screen

Paul Butterfield

The game itself is great. I really want to play more. I'm hitting a bug at chapter 4 when I try to go through the fairy ring into fairyland. The game freezes on this loadscreen and I cannot progress further. It's not my device as I have the S20+ which runs the game like butter. Please look into this bug as I do really enjoy it so far. The asthetics and voicing are nice. Character design 👌.

Thomas LeBlanc

Very fun feels like a console rpg

ramon sanchez

Game is great, story is entertaining but the loading screen and constant disconnections is causing me to wanting to stop and I'm barely at scene 14...

Bibble Bottle

Idk why but i really enjoy this game.

Frank C

I like it, but i work 50-60 hours a week so it hard to play it as intended ive spent some money on launch as a support but personally in most cases if i cant earn it i aint 100% feeling it. Atleast it not limited time bs so i assume everything comes full circle again it just takes time which is fine. I love their games but gachas N battle passes seem chore-ish to me and last thing i wanna do is that when i get home i get content and player retention events but if the game solid than it dnt ne

C dupuis

Perfect. My favourite atelier game was always Iris 3, this brings back all the glorious feelings involved. It easy to forget your playing a mobile game.

in love with a ghost

Amazing! This is a amazing game, as F2P player I'm really impressive cuz this game don't need energy/stamina! u can get itens/tickets/coins/costumes/characters just playing! The music of this game is calm and relaxing, the quests, voice, history is really nice! To me this is a 5 stars game! good job guys!

Dennis Pratamaputra

this is a very good game, we can see how intent the developer is to make a game that in my opinion is very similar to consoles, especially in terms of story. but I have a loading bug problem when changing areas, please fix it

Mark Anthony Buenaventura

I liked the exploration and crafting part. Quests are fun too. Major downside is the leveling of characters with slim odds of pulling dupes and good gears, requiring you to spend lots. A good game doesn't force you to spend, it makes you love the game to the point of spending to support it.

Betty Lai

Hang whenever enter to map area. New update, I have to reinstall again n again

Lexs Az

Need more coles for f2p

NOVA 470

Overall really great game only complaint is the multifunction continues to fail which in turn doesn't allow side quest to be finished,but still highly recommend Great game to kill time on

amir syahmi baihaki

Please fix it because I cannot play this game

Ratna Saja

My Goodness, the graphics looked like it was developed 20 years ago. I don't mind the Gacha, but at least make it prettier, duh?

Awan Zafrul

Crash on first part of the story. Restart the app and i get unknown error

Yanori FF

I wish I could enjoy it. On my iphone, the app crashes so I was excited to play it on my new samsung, but the screen becomes unresponsive for certain buttons instead.. Maybe I will return after they work out the technical issues.

David Carlo J

Am new in the game their are still bug in the game i cannot do the cultivate always missing in my left side if i do level up and stats points always missing and freeze my phone

Rumi R. Hood

Not even a single 10 pull for new players? i realized the reviews are talkin about the game gridiness but after give it a shot myself : it cant get any worse than not giving a free beginner pulls

Gorn Gorn


Matthew hollow

Just a another bad open world mobile game with the most boring story ever to be told. The gameplay is bad.

Alvin A

I've been a fans of atelier for a long time. Sadly, this one falls below my expectations although the main story itself is good but the game has many issues such as the constant freezing in loading screen, the limited time gacha that combine the limited character & their equipment in one banner making it really hard to get what you want, not to mention it's very hard to obtain coles & limit candy shard in game so please add more coles as reward in event & add more way to obtain the shards.

Lei Yee

I don't know is it just me? The controller is not working for me. Tap millions to get. Kind of sad

Lupin Hex

I love all atelier games. This ones new to me, being online and has gacha, BGM as always is awesome, the story looks really good has a nice ambiance/enviroment, Animation is cute. But the gaming experience is kinda not good because sometimes the loading gets stuck, found a solution to that no need to restart game just off ur wifi turn it on then click cancel instead of confirm. But there is another bug that gets you stuck its not "loading" and u need to restart game.

cier ii

not recomend if u are f2p this game heavily P2W Reward are suck accept the gacha really hard to get limitbreak candy if u dont have fat wallet better play other game im done with this game im quitt

peachie pao

Drop rates are among the worst I've ever encountered in a gacha game. Even if you spend real money, you may get absolutely nothing, so I really don't recommend spending a penny on this game. That being said, I am a huge Atelier fan and this game is actually really fun. Nice to see so many alchemists come together and interact with each other. It's cute!

Diana Chow

i love it, character are all cute and have personality, customization are great, stories are great, and it is not P2W at all in my opinion, though for such greaf game i would not mind pinching here and there to support the devs