Assault Bots: Multiplayer TPS

Author: Blayze Games, L.L.C.

100K+ install


Assault Bots: Multiplayer robot shooter

Customize your robot vehicle, and play against other players in this third-person online robot vehicle shooter. Choose from wheels, mech legs, helicopter blades, wings (you can fly), and customize your robot in many different ways. Pick the alien Kronon team or human AI team and destroy the other team in online multiplayer. You can use machine guns, lasers, rocket guns, and all different types of weapons and add-ons to make your bot the best.

There is also an offline mode where you can play against bots, in singleplayer.

The game features multiple game modes, including capture the flag, conquest, team deathmatch, free-for-all, etc.

You can rank up your bot to unlock more powerful and unique add-ons and perks, and you can unlock different weapons to use in combat.

The game is fast-paced, similar to FPS (first-person shooter) games, or third-person shooter games.

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 3, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Blayze Games, L.L.C.
Price: Free
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Customer review

datuziyad bacang

Hello blayze games uhm i have some issue some of the maps weren't appear and i can't even select and edit please fixed this :/

Marevca Liney

Can you add legs body and hands for part.

S Karthick

Give robote update

Kirk Escabusa

This game is pretty smooth and cool yowww to my 2gb ram phone that is realme c11 2020 i Dont care to those who say this game crashes even their phones is high specs even my phone has low specs but it works fine and perfect bro nice game devs!!!

David Jones

Cool game but it has to many adds also I'm on my dad's phone 📱

Zel Tax

They rated 1 star cus they use potato phones

Gem Iñigo

The gameplay is great, and this WOULD BE my time killer but after this Recent Update the "JUMP" Button isn't working for me. I hope the developer will fix this problem.


i like this games and cool graphics and add some new map too ✨

Redd medel

love this game

Hollow Man Skydown

After getting a new phone and trying again, I have to say the game is solid. I would suggest better skins but I am not one to care much about that if I'm too occupied trying to win and unlock stuff. The controls are on point, and the graphics are up to date, but the A.I navigation mapping is messed up on alot of arenas when you are playing offline will find them off the map doing nothing. Just camping. And Air units fly off the map and disappear sometimes too. But great Online!

Jai Garais

Very great game. Great graphics and great gameplay.


This is really really great fun. But I'm dealing with too many glitches. Right after the tutorial, which also had lag. When I open the app, I see a dark blue screen that takes long to disappear and sound shows up before the pictures. After that I select a team and spawn point, the glicthing gets so bad that the game kicks me out and slows my phone, on low or high graphic and res. Its a 5-star game but my phone is used to demanding games so this should be playing well. I'm on a Vivo Y19 (2021).


There is a blue screen on after opening game and 2nd time I play it didn't work so please fix it But this game is very very very good please help me this is my favourite game and it doesn't work please fix this problem and it crash after blue screen please help 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Idk what name I should add

Doesn't work, whenever i try to open it, it turns into a blue screen for a while then crashes later.

Amaka Obijiaku

Just downloaded it

Zack Emanuele Francisco


Anthatomical Lake

Not bad has potential.

Suman Pandit

Game crashes alot ...I have to re install every time to play..fix it

Albert Maevrick Paul Magallanes

The game crash if join a match or change the setting please fix the game

Klide Andrei Balmilero

This game Keeps Updating Until Gb and It Waste my storage. Can you stop Updating I am about to Max out my Storages.

Isabelita Orzal

Devs can you add a bomb in the plane please

Chetan Martolia

uneven matching. didn't like it so I uninstalled it.


Hello, Your game is so cool, so great, amazing. My only issue is that the game is crashing. One thing worst is it affects my emtire device as it lags hard and shuts down my phone. Still, the game is playable and no problems if you put it on low quality. Good game, pls don't be demoralized with harsh reviews cuz youd did great and I know how hard it is to make great games.

Blake Tuschen

It is a super fun game. But they took out a map that was one of my favorites. Also, they made it so I can't watch video's to get gold because I don't want to pay for something that is way too expensive. And I have to go and buy everything all over again because it reset my stuff. And I have a account to save all my stuff.

Jovelyn Valzado

Ay can play this my screen all is blue u need fix the bug

Leo Ven Alido

A bug 😡😡😡😡😡

Rizqillah Dzaky Putra Nugroho

Ini game hitut

Nguyễn Võ Hoàng Thông

Really laggy for older phones

Parameshwaran Parameshwaran

Bro this game update give and gun update give Bro robots change and gun change please

Saru Pyakurel


BrENn4 gaming

I Like This Game Beacause Its Vihicle War Game

Francis Ace Colanggo

The game crashes, and the frames always drop Please fix🤍

naomy vesycooler


Jordan Crow

Super fun gameplay so far but a little difficult to get the hang of, wish there were more and better customization options along with more map detailing like props and structures but otherwise an all around fun game love it!

Damíán Garsìdè

I cant play, so take my 1 star

Clarity Deka

This game has nice graphics and good Cars assault bots

Clade Rome

I cant open the game it keeps crashing,

chen Da

ruie822dhd sugu yrurieyeiyyueyruyeueueuurruyryyruruuurrururururururury8wiurururuururururururuuururururururururuuuurururururuuurruururururururuuruuurrururururururururururururururururrrurururururuuuuuuuuuururuururuuuuruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhuhuuhhuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhbhbbbbhhbhbhbhhhhhhhhhhhuhuhuuguuuggghuuuuuhhuhuhhuuhuuuuujuuuhuuu ihhusheg

Jewell John Salaysay


Ivan john Reyes

Only 4 stars because it will be better when there is lan multiplayer and more maps hopefully

Dashmesh Sidhu



couldnt find rooms. is it really empty or an error?

James Cook

Does not work, it freezes soon as i hit Deploy

Charles Lazaro

I'm done on visual and weopon and online but why is the skeleton head so big? Can you make it for smaller so when I'm in third person I can see my enemy better because I only have this 1 skin and can you make mini gun better the damage is not really good can you buff it

Sithija Lahiru

Great mechanics,awesome graphics!! This is the game i've been looking for....try it y'all it's awesome. Just one small problem: we need asian servers(south asian) ping is always above 1000.definetely worth 5 stars if this problem solved. Keep up the good work devs!!

Winstone Irungu

The game doesn't run in a Galaxy Note 9


Fun rate1000000

Genesis Liquigan

B. O. T

Khertg Garde

So fun ....but how to earn gold?


Love this game i don't know why developers don't make fast paced games they are so underrated but this games lags in my phone only when the game start not the laoding screen or the main menu homescreen......

Juan 1van

I like it but I can't play it I need to delete ultramen legend but I'm not It took forever to get good high score in ultramen legend

Frederick Echon

The game is very chaotic and fun but everyone is so fast that its kinda ruin thr gameplat if you could just reduce the speed a but it will improve the gameplag

Rye Galvez

Very good game especially the multiplayer so many people and then they're trying to kill me so hard they're mad at me because im too good 😂😂😂😂


I'm playing this on PC

baby boy Melecio

I dudu e

Dylan Gil Cervantes

Game is trash now because there is only a play button and no sandbox option! Reply to me ASAP before i delete the game.

Erika Louraine Rubiano

this is have good graphics but while I'm playing this game is so lagi and everytime I click it's crashing



Jane Galanay

This is a good game thanks

Ben Rasheed

It's not working to me :(

Adrian Mirasol

I like this game because there are offline and online modes and the graphics are 🔥

bagged malk

Good but the enemies are hard to see, make them a shade brighter please, also the minigun has ridiculous bullet spread for something that deals little damage (and you're supposed to shoot down air targets with them?)

Benjamin Grimson

It was gayyyyyyuyyyyyy

Gibson Wanjau


Faheem Unissa

This game is soo cool game

Joey jo Doysabas

I like this game but some ads pls fix

Muhammad Adib

Why this game is so lag

Afterhunger27 Sushi

THIS IS THE BEST GAME I EVER HAD, THE GRAPHICS ARE SO GOOD, THE PHYSICS, AND THE GAMEPLAY, but this is what i dont like...there's so many bugs and i cannot enjoy my self because it's so lag, pls fix the bugs for the game because it's so fun.

Zephyr Jhon Bernardo

it's sa hard to aim and when im flying i died so fast and i can't even aim at enemies and they notice me always even im in air so i hatethis game and i rate it 0

Reyden Dimatatac


Emman Jr. Liwanag

Hey could you fix the blue screen's, i've restart,uninstall and install the game a lot of time's and still give's me the blue screen, i pressed allow too when something pop up, i just wanna play the game since i've just installed it.. Pls fix it so i could play. :(

James Perez

I would love to try it but it would nit would not play on my Galaxy ultra 20 Only shows logo then blank screen

Shama Farheen

Best game ever

rani barua

I love like the game!!!this is cool graphic robot fights!!! this is the best game on Android!!but a problem 😐😐I uninstall this game because I can't play online anymore. why are there saying create a account???this is horrible!!! please fix this problem. don't worry I will install this game right now!please fix this problem. you don't I will uninstall again!! please fix this problem!! 😋😋😋

Mikeal Robison


Michelle Maceda

This is 400 mb i cant even lod 1. Game!!!!!!!

Michael Borres

Update it and add philippines

dionne deaton

To many lags and you can't even play the game, one star.

Priyanka Sarkar

Worst game ever!don't play this game do you know why my high end gaming phone just stopped working! IT WAS A HIGH END GAMING PHONE!and I have to repair it with $90 !I recommend don't play this game guys🤬🤬🤬

Darryl Caumpoy

Wow cool game

Admin Dept

Very fun game but when I uninstalled and reinstalled it saved my account but I lost all money pls fix.

Maizie Clarke


Ashwin kumar Mohanty

Game not running

myles haliday

Amazing it is one of the best ofline mobile games alive

Rauf Shaikh

So beautiful game 🎯I have not seen such a good game till date, I liked the game very much in the play store


Why I can't play?

Cloud Kraven Amoy

nice 👍

Gareth Giangan

i cant even play offline and online when it loads it doesn't let me in it refresh my recent task so annoying i did it many times

Noorhadi Jailani

This game can play in computer to, but no download in pc because you can in google to and search crazy games, its free games

Jean Abagat

I will give it two stars because the game when i play the game is backing

Infinity Storm

Crashes and dosent work and it chrashes when i click play

Ryan Persaud

It's the best but cna you just make it more realistic please that's all but it's great I recommend playing this game!

Obed Adjei

This is a very good game I has good graphics and it was fun to play

Enjay Dela cruz

Hi Dev this game is good ,but I have some problem when I play the game I can't see the body of my bot please help me to fix this also your game is super duper awesome I like your all game like, forward assault,bullet force and bot assault.👍👍😁😁

Richard Merciales

Good work stay strong 🤟👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👍👌🤟👍👌🤟👍👌🤟👍👌🤟👍👌🤟👍👌

EF Akula

The game just work perfectly, only things i hate in this game is the sound bug, like the sound is always dragging forever when entering battlefield so pls fix it ASAP

Quo Vadis

Lags too much, unplayable


The game is good but when i start a game its always lag and lags for 5mins

sama jam


Aiku Xok

Keep the great work and pls update the game